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An MBA program fetches you both knowledge and expertise. Many consider it the ultimate ticket to get a high-paying job. Apart from regular MBA in Marketing, MBA in Finance, and MBA in Human Resource, you can pursue an MBA degree in other unique specializations like Hospital Management for medical professionals or Petroleum Management for people interested in the Petroleum sector. There are certainly important differences between an Indian MBA degree and a foreign one. The Indian education system helps prepare conceptually strong managers with solid basics; the schools abroad focus on practical aspects and offer much broader exposure and perspective. The main benefits of a foreign MBA are its broader scope, practical learning, a strong peer group, better self-assessment and the creation of a global network.

All companies looking to expand their business are happy to appoint an MBA degree holder from a foreign university as the individual has been in a foreign country and learned international standards of conducting business and improving profit. Thus, a degree in Business Administration, from abroad, is of tremendous significance in India. Students interested in attending a postgraduate business course often find themselves in a dilemma on whether to pursue it in India or abroad. The points to consider are whether you have international career aspirations or wish to settle abroad and whether you are looking for a better pay packet. Also, it is no secret that colleges abroad have better facilities and infrastructure than Indian ones. Lastly, it is a one year course, compared to the two-year programs in India.


Some top B-Schools abroad are:

·         London Business School

·         Wharton Business school

·         Harvard Business School

·         Stanford Graduate School of Business

·         Insead, France/Singapore

·         Columbia Business School

·         IE Business School, Spain

·         MIT Sloan School of Management

·         Booth School of Business, Chicago

·         Hong Kong UST Business School



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