The 10 Best Cities to Study Abroad in Europe in 2023


Studying abroad, yet being near home, is a dream come true for any student. US, Australia and New Zealand are popular destinations for students wanting to study in international universities however the competition is high there and these destinations are expensive too. Europe is fast emerging as an alternate study abroad destination for Indian students who wish to pursue higher studies abroad. There are several European countries and cities that offer world class higher education and are cost effective too.

Indian students prefer Europe not only for the quality of education it has to offer but also for the fact that it is closer home. There are many reasonably affordable cities in Europe that offer the best of education in the world along with lucrative employment opportunities post studies. At a glance it may seem that all these cities are similar, however, each city has something unique to offer in terms of its culture, history and standard of living.

Here is our list of the top 10 best cities to study abroad in Europe in 2022:


Berlin, Germany


Germany’s capital city Berlin is as modern as it can be with a rich historical past. It is Germany’s largest and Europe’s second largest cosmopolitan city with roughly 3.4 million inhabitants. It is home to a large student population. About 150,000 students study in Berlin annually, of which 15% are from abroad.

In Western Europe, Berlin is one of the cheaper cities to live in with a high standard of living. Compared to other big cities like London low cost of living makes Berlin a very attractive city for international students and has also helped Berlin turn into one of Europe’s major hot spots for start-ups. This has created a whole lot of new job opportunities for fresh graduates in Berlin. Many successful IT companies that were formed in Berlin over the past decade are doing well today. These companies readily absorb fresh graduates giving them an opportunity to earn and learn immediately after completing their higher education.

There are several study programs and universities to choose from if you want to study here. There are over 40 public and private universities offering Bachelor’s and Master’s programs for students to study programs of their choice. Public universities in Berlin have a high reputation world over especially for Ph.D. programs in fields of science and technology. Private universities too have been able to create their mark in the field oh higher education by offering a world class educational infrastructure, high academic standards, and reputed faculty on campus.

Top Universities in Berlin

  1. Free University of Berlin
  2. Humboldt University of Berlin
  3. Technical University of Berlin

There are about 30,000 students in each of these universities. Some of the private universities that hold a good track record are the Hertie School of Governance, specializing in public policy, and the European School of Management and Technology.


London, United Kingdom


After the US, United Kingdom ranks as the 2nd most popular study abroad destination for Indian students. UK has a long history of high ranking educational institutes in the world. Some of the best universities in the world are in the UK and many of them are in the capital city of London. London is the largest city in Europe with a truly international vibe. People from across the globe work and reside here which makes it a culturally diverse city. It is home to international brands and companies across industries making it a lucrative marketplace to find jobs after studies for students.

London is an old city that dates back to the pre-Roman period and thus is rich in history and culture. There are plenty of places to explore like Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Tower of London, The London Eye, Buckingham Place, London Dungeon, Sea Life London and more. Nightlife in London is one of the best in Europe and there is no dearth of city events, for students to participate and enjoy. Often students get a good deal at restaurants, grocery stores and public transport making it a student friendly city. Such services make it comfortable for international students to manage their daily expenses better while still studying at college.

Top Universities in London

  1. The University of Oxford
  2. University of Cambridge
  3. London Business School


Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city and has centuries old universities as well as modern colleges that offer specialised programs across various fields. Some of Europe’s top ranking universities are in Barcelona. Architecture, Art History, Business, International Relations, Creative Writing Liberal Arts, Political Science, Social Sciences, Biology, Philosophy, Fashion and Luxury marketing are some of the popular streams and disciplines to study from Universities in Barcelona.

Being the capital of Catalonia, an autonomous region in Spain, Barcelona is one of the most active economic hotspots in Spain. This year alone, more than 1,300 start-ups have already been created here. According to the latest MWCapital Report ranked Barcelona as the sixth top start-up hub in Europe. It also has some of the world’s largest multinational companies such as Amazon, Facebook and the Siemens Innovation Centre.

Located on the Iberian Peninsula and bordered by France and Portugal, Spain is a popular tourist spot. The country has a number of semi-autonomous regions that have their distinct culture and sometimes even have their own local languages. Barcelona is home to nearly 300,000 foreigners (17,8% of the city’s total population). It is also the third most visited city in Europe where English is widely spoken, making it a popular study abroad destination. Although compared to other Spanish cities cost of living in Barcelona is higher but it is cheaper than in New York or London.

Top Universities in Barcelona

  1. EU Business School
  2. University of Barcelona (UB)
  3. University Pompeu Fabra (UPF)


Dublin, Ireland


It has been named the 6th friendliest city in the world and third in Europe) by Big 7 Travel in recent years. It is an international city as more than 20% of its residents are non-nationals. Dublin has committed to a “One City One People” campaign, which states “Dublin is an open city, which respects and embraces difference, is accessible, safe, and equal, and does not accept racism and discrimination. This makes Dublin a desirable study abroad destination for international students. It is a city that welcomes people from different parts of the world.

Over 25,000 international students study at publicly-funded colleges in Ireland every year. Dublin the capital city is an established higher education hub not just in Europe but the world over. Dublin being the English speaking capital of the Eurozone has helped it emerge as an important hotspot for not just higher education but also as a major commercial hub in Europe. Dublin’s leading universities offer an array of higher education programs for students from Bachelor’s degrees to Ph.D. programs. Focus on providing quality education has made the education sector a major contributor to the economic development of the country.

Apart from major contributions to the world of literature and music by well-known personalities like Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, WB Yeats and many more, Dublin has made important contributions to the field of IT and science too. Ex-Trinity College Dublin student Ernest Walton and his colleague John Cockcroft became the first people to artificially split the atom, which ushered the nuclear age. Dublin provides plenty of employment opportunities for students as all major multinationals have their European headquarters there namely- LinkedIn, PayPal, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Dublin has an advantage due to its location too. It is centrally located in Europe and is often referred to as the base camp for Europe. Flying out of Dublin to major European cities like Paris, London, Berlin is surprisingly cheap and convenient. It acts as a perfect base camp for those wanting to explore Europe. The city is abuzz with cultural events all through the year and has a rich history of its own for students to take interest in and know more about. Dublin was first referenced as far back as AD 140. The Celts were believed to arrive around 700 BC, and it was around 841 that the Vikings settled here to make it one of their most successful commercial settlements in Europe.

Top Universities in Dublin

  1. Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
  2. University College Dublin (UCD)
  3. Dublin Business School


Prague, Czech Republic


Czech Republic is known to provide the best of both Eastern and Western Europe. It is a beautiful country with old medieval towns, impressive architecture and landscapes. It has produced artistic geniuses like Alphonse Mucha, Franz Kafka, Jaroslav Seifert, and Antonín Dvořák. Prague, the capital city has fast emerged as a popular study abroad destination for international students wanting to study in Europe. Compared to other major European it cheaper for students to live in Prague.

There are more than 60 higher education institutions in the country that offer quality education to international students. Roughly 45,000 international students seek admission in leading Czech Republic universities annually. There are several programs that are offered exclusively in English making it a lucrative place for international students to pursue their higher education in Europe. All seven universities in Prague offer a wide selection of courses in English in subjects like medicine, international business, social sciences, environment protection, chemistry, physics, mathematics, food, agriculture, film directing, architecture, informatics, journalism and more.

Top Universities in Prague

  1. Charles University
  2. Czech Technical University in Prague
  3. Brno University of Technology

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Warsaw, Poland


Poland is one of the strongest growing economies in Europe. More than 1 million students study in Poland in almost 400 universities. Higher education programs are offered in both the Polish and English language in humanities, science, technology and literature. In Europe, Universities in Poland offer one of the best internationally recognised business programs in Finance. Being a strong economy, there are several multinational brands in Poland who prefer to absorb graduates from Polish universities as they are known to offer quality education. Alongside established businesses, the government is supportive of start-ups fostering innovation and creativity in the field of business. The focus has helped create a flourishing job market for university graduates.

Warsaw has consistently ranked one of the most student friendly cities in Europe. It is known not just for world class education but also as an extremely affordable city in Europe for international students. Dormitories start from €60 a month per student, cinema ticket starts from €2.50, and lunch in the cafeteria starts from €2. No wonder Warsaw is the most affordable European student city. International students can study at both public and private universities for the degree as well as vocational programs.

Top Universities in Warsaw

  1. University of Warsaw
  2. Jagiellonian University
  3. Warsaw University of Technology


Amsterdam, Netherlands


The capital of the Netherlands is a popular study abroad destination for students aspiring to study in Europe. Amsterdam is known for its scenic beauty and is often referred to as the “Venice of North” as it has many bridges and canals. Being the capital city, Amsterdam is the financial centre of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is one of the ancient cities of Europe. Its oldest university dates back to the 17th century. These universities even today are counted as top universities in Europe and attract a lot of international students too. Culturally rich Amsterdam also has a glorious past that today offers a lot for international tourists and students to explore. During the “Dutch Golden Age” Amsterdam was known to be one of the most important commercial and political hubs of Europe. There are several architectural marvels and museums in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has well-connected public transportation that offers bicycles, metros, buses, ferries and trains to help commuters get around the city and beyond.

There are many public and private universities in Amsterdam. Non-EEA citizens annually could pay between 8,000 and 32,000 euros as tuition fee depending on the program and university they choose to study. Compared to other European cities Amsterdam is reasonably cheaper for international students. A monthly expense of 800 to 1200 Euros will be sufficient to live in the city including rent, food and leisure activities. As Amsterdam is a hugely popular destination, Hotel Management courses are one of the best graduate programs offered by Universities here. However, there is a lot of focus on technology related programs too. According to an employment report by LinkedIn, 2019- Data Protection, Growth Hacking and Data Privacy are the three areas that are rapidly seeing an increase in the technology sector in Netherlands and companies are constantly on the lookout for talent from universities.

Top Universities in Amsterdam

  1. University of Amsterdam – UvA – Universiteit van Amsterdam
  2. VU University Amsterdam – Vrije Universiteit
  3. University of Groningen


Stockholm, Sweden


The capital city of Sweden is the largest city in the whole of Scandinavia. Stockholm universities are world-renowned and they offer more than 100 Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs in English making it easier for international students to study in a European country. Stockholm universities are known to offer a high standard of education with a special focus on technical, engineering and business courses.

Stockholm is a commercial and financially one of the most important cities in the world. Staying in Stockholm can be expensive for international students. It is a busy city with a strong public transportation service and four airports around the city. There are many international organizations and many Swedish companies have their headquarters in Stockholm. Stockholm is home to a large expat population and language courses are offered free of charge to them.

Top Universities in Stockholm

  1. Sockholm University
  2. KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  3. Stockholm School of Economics


Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki is the capital of Finland. Universities in Helsinki have about 60,000 students and a large share is of international students. Helsinki is frequently ranked among the most liveable cities in the world. It has a safe country to live in and is well connected with other parts of Europe. Students who wish to stay in Finland post their studies have to learn Finnish. Considered one of the most difficult languages in the world, it is a must for employment in the country.

Helsinki is an old European city established in the 16th century. Today it is a modern city but has preserved its rich historical past and has many museums for tourists to see along with beautiful buildings like rock carved churches, well designed train stations and chapels. From traditional covered markets to modern restaurants Helsinki offers Finnish flavours for international tourists and immigrants to enjoy all around the year.

There are several universities and polytechnics in Helsinki that offer programs in English as a medium of training. As an international student, you can apply at these universities for Bachelor’s, Master’s Ph.D. programs and also study as an exchange student. As far as general expenses are concerned as an international non-EU student one may have to spend at least 560 € every month. In addition to the tuition fee, 6720 € per year is roughly required to stay in Helsinki.

Top University of Helsinki

  1. University of Helsinki,
  2. Aalto University
  3. University of the Arts Helsinki


Copenhagen, Denmark


København or Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. It is a vibrant city and hence popular among students as it has a world class education to offer along with plenty of employment opportunities and an array of leisure activities in and around the city. Being a coastal region Copenhagen is surrounded by water and has a lot of green areas. It is known to have one of the lowest crime rates in Europe making it a safe city for international students to stay and study in.

There are many historical places and beautiful amusement parks in Copenhagen. Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park is almost 100 years old and is still one of the major tourist attractions of the city. Other attractions include Langelinie pier: The Little Mermaid statue, Kronborg Castle and more.

Copenhagen has a considerable student population. Approximately 40000 students enrol every year in city universities. Along with local languages, the majority of the study programs are offered in English across all streams and disciplines.

Copenhagen is a student friendly city and provides a highly creative academic environment for aspiring students. There are specialised educational institutions known for their customized programs especially in the field of Finance and Arts. Copenhagen has one of the most secure and flexible labour markets in Europe. Combining flexibility and security, Denmark’s flexicurity model gives students an excellent opportunity to pursue their career in Denmark post completion of their studies.

Copenhagen as a city is multicultural and urban. There are plenty of coffee shops, waterfront restaurants that offer great food and good deals to students for discounted meals.

Top Universities in Copenhagen

  1. University of Copenhagen (KU)
  2. Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
  3. University College UCC


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