Popular Courses to Study Abroad for Indian Students


With the rise of Indian students studying abroad arises a wonderful phenomenon that goes beyond academic interests.

Studying abroad is a gateway to a huge array of academic experiences. It covers several unique study abroad courses. From business and engineering to arts and humanities, universities around the world have specialized programs for Indian students.

They can dig through the latest technological breakthroughs in the labs, dissect classic literature in seminars, or get an internship at multinational companies. Students experience state-of-the-art education, mentorship, and resources that fuel their intellectual development and career advancement.

Firstly, it offers the vital resource of global perspectives that help students explore various cultures, communities, and mindsets of the world. Whether starting a business, researching, studying humanities, or taking up a social science course, students are provided with multiple choices that are tailored to their personal goals.

In this article, we are discussing the best courses to study abroad after 12th. Let us delve into the top picks as per the latest trend.

Business and Management

Business and Management

Business and management courses have always been popular among Indian students who wish to study abroad.

With a global economy, students find it interesting to know more about the international business field and cross-cultural management. Whether it is doing an MBA or a specialized master’s, famous universities in the USA, the UK, and Australia provide tailored study programs in addition to practical on-the-job training.

Students can utilize internships, case studies, as well as networking opportunities to develop the skills and perspectives that are necessary in dealing with the intricacies of the current business world.

Computer Science and Information Technology:

Presently, Computer Science and Information Technology courses have been very widely preferred by Indian students dreaming of global positions in technology.

In countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia, institutions offer the most advanced programs in the fields of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, software engineering, and data science.

Students get an opportunity to learn in a world-class environment, with great faculty, and modern research facilities. This increases their chance of industry partnerships.

They can work at the leading tech companies and be part of global assignments. Students develop important competencies and understand the world of technology which is rapidly changing every day.

Engineering and Technology

Engineering has been a domain of high preference among Indian students for a long time. The major focus is on looking into the future through AI, renewable energy, and biotechnology. Institutions in Germany, Canada, and Singapore are leading the sectors in research and development.

Whether it is a degree in the field of aerospace engineering or computer science, the students benefit from the world-class facilities abroad. They also collaborate with the industries and enjoy a favourable environment for practical applications.

Medicine and Healthcare

Medicine and Healthcare

Studying medicine or health sciences overseas comes from the desire to receive exceptional training and exposure to the medical sector. The United States and the United Kingdom are famous for their academic standards, clinical training facilities, and research opportunities in this sector.

Studying abroad provides a cross-cultural understanding and a global outlook necessary for managing healthcare issues. From electives to public health projects, students engage in immersive opportunities that provide them with knowledge and experience for taking up different career options in healthcare.

Arts and Humanities

The territory of art and humanities in nations such as France, Italy, and Japan provide an extensive collection of academic areas of study, ranging from literature and philosophy to arts and cultural studies, and so on.

Students coming from diverse backgrounds engage themselves to learn more about the society and art in different countries. Students cultivate and improve their creative abilities through internships, field trips, and artistic collaborations, impacting their personal and work goals positively.

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism

The sector of tourism and hospitality provides varied job options to those students who are interested in travel, hospitality, and event management sectors.

Nations such as Switzerland, Singapore, and New Zealand are well known for offering special curricula on hospitality education that cover a variety of academic subjects with the presence of practical training.

Studying overseas encourages students to be a part of various cultural settings, get hands-on experiences through culinary apprenticeships, and build up an international network.

Language and Culture Studies

Linguistic and cultural studies offer an exciting opportunity to delve into the wonders of multilingual diversity and sentiments worldwide. 

Besides the language, they also explore topics related to social culture, historical backgrounds, and current modern trends globally. 

Students will develop intercultural competence and empathy during lab work. The cultural visits will help them make meaningful contacts with people from diverse cultures.

Law and Legal Studies

The study of law and legal systems has developed interest among students who aspire to become lawyers, judges, and legal consultants.

Students are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of the rule of law, the judiciary in the front row of political decision-making, and the services rendered by legal professionals.

Nations such as the USA, UK, and Canada provide programs that are comprehensive in nature and cover fields like international law, human rights law, corporate law, and intellectual property law.

Moot court competitions, and working at law firms, and legal clinics are some of many examples of experiential learning opportunities students can use to develop skills for successful careers in law.

Social Sciences and Public Policy

The courses in social sciences and public policy are among the most popular ones among students. These are for those who are passionate about addressing the major social issues of our society and facilitating social change.

United States, United Kingdom, and Australia have interdisciplinary programs that comprise dimensions like sociology, political sciences, economics, and administration of the public.

Students develop themselves through course lectures, research projects, and various individual and group work with public institutions and international organizations.

With practical exposure, students can refine teamwork skills, analytical thinking capacities, and leadership development to actively contribute to public service projects.

Environmental Science and Sustainability

With increased concerns regarding climate change and the ecological problem, more and more students are interested in sustainable development and environmental science studies abroad.

Sweden, the Netherlands, and New Zealand are at the forefront of sustainable development initiatives and propose inclusive programs.

With a diverse array of interdisciplinary courses and hands-on field experience, students are equipped with the technical know-how and leadership abilities to contribute to sustainable development.


To wrap up, studying abroad is a journey of transformation that leads to new opportunities, and self-development.

For Indian students who are undergoing this journey, the choice of course is very crucial in defining their academic pattern as well as their future goals.

Top courses include business and management, engineering and technology, medicine and healthcare, arts, and humanities, hospitality and tourism, language and culture studies, computer science and information technology, or environmental science and sustainability.

Each of these courses has a different mixture of academic challenge, cultural immersion, and professional experience.

This blog therefore is a reference to shortlist your preferred courses and decide on the right choice as per your profile.

In this process, our expert advisors at Manya – The Princeton Review are an excellent source for you to fall back upon. We will assist your profile and help you choose among the best courses to study abroad after 12th.

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What are the advantages for Indian students in studying abroad?

  • Through studying abroad, Indian students are given a chance to acquire global perspectives.
  • They get access to first-rate education, cross-cultural skills, and language proficiency.
  • They can also utilize growing opportunities in their career and personal development.

Why are courses of the Indian students abroad so popular and what is the reason behind it?

The main courses that Indian students pursue abroad are focused on business and management, engineering and technology, medicine and healthcare, arts and humanities, hospitality and tourism, language and culture studies, computer science and information technology, which provide a combination of academic prowess, job prospect, and global appeal.

What unique difficulties might Indian students encounter while pursuing their undergraduate degrees outside India in courses of their interest?

Indian students who are studying abroad could find it difficult in classes when there are different methods of teaching, cultural differences, language barriers, academic competition, academic load, and discipline. 

Contrary to this, universities will typically have services made specifically for international students aimed at assisting them with these challenges.

What is the best way for Indian students to select a course abroad that will steer them toward their career objectives?

Indian students can ensure that they select the course that is more aligned with their career goals by doing extensive research. 

They should find out the elements of the course curriculum, faculty expertise, industry connections, alumni networks, internship opportunities, and post-graduation employment prospects. 

Along with this, the advisors in academics, alumni members, and career counselors as well could also provide useful insights.

What are the career prospects for Indian students in their home country when they return from studying abroad?

Indian graduates can utilize their abroad studies for their professional growth in their home country. 

They can use their international education, multicultural skills, language fluency, academic success, and research projects. 

Along with that, internship experiences, and international outlook in their resumes, job interviews, and professional networking can provide them with development opportunities.

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