MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany

Are you a study abroad aspirant? Are you aiming to pursue a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from abroad? Are you confused about the best option in terms of study destination?  If your answer to all the above questions is yes, then look no further than Germany. High standards of education, low tuition fee, compelling job market, a bounty of scholarships, research and job opportunities fostered by ties between universities and industry leaders, and programs taught in English are some of the reasons that make Germany the ideal destination for you.


Speaking of MS in Mechanical Engineering, German Universities offer various attractive specializations:


Automotive Systems

If you have a deep interest in automobiles, then this is the program for you. You get to learn about the mathematical and physical concepts of vehicle dynamics, and power trains and related concepts to increase environmental sustainability. You will be qualified to be able to design controllers and integrate them in automobiles. You will also be able to design safe and secure software for embedded and communication systems.


Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures

A program with growing popularity, it is the best choice for research aspirants. Engineering Mechanics, Mathematics, and Computer Science are the main streams here which will teach you designing and analyzing high-tech engineering systems and materials. There is immense exposure to research and qualifies one for top-level positions in research institutions.


Computer-Aided Design and Production in Mechanical Engineering

With immense research opportunities, this program trains students on advanced engineering problems using modelling techniques, software implementation, experimental verification, and case study investigation. The coursework will help you build a strong foundation in high-tech engineering design for a wide range of applications. After graduating, you will be qualified to become a consultant/manager in various industries or take up a research job.


Energy Systems

Another program of growing popularity, this program gives students an in-depth knowledge of the sources of energy. While Sustainable Energy is ruling the charts with increasing popularity, fossil fuels are also up close in the race. These programs basically teach how energy efficiency issues should be dealt with by reducing energy loads and increasing system efficiency. After graduating, students usually choose to take up research, either academic or industrial. Some students also opt for designing, manufacturing, and sales of energy efficient systems while some others go for planning and development of alternative uses of energy resources.


Industrial Engineering

A combination of economics and engineering, this program helps you develop a good understanding of Economics and Engineering Sciences along with honing up your skills in argumentation and decision-making. Such training and erudition would help you land jobs at management-level positions in project design and management, product development, acquisitions and logistics, sales and in the controlling of industrial companies.


Manufacturing Technology

This program deals with the analysis of advanced manufacturing problems and focuses on scientific theoretical courses in experimental industrial setups. You will be able to practically apply theoretical knowledge of the manufacturing process in the industry and compare them with new developments in industries. Additionally, you will be able to analyze and optimize existing manufacturing processes, evaluate existing production systems, and design new techniques. The versatility of the program qualifies you to work across industries.



This inter-disciplinary program that brings together mechanics, electronics, computer science, and control engineering will give you a

broad view of the contemporary methods. With rising demand for intelligent automation and control, this program is becoming increasingly popular. After graduating, you can employ yourself in various industries such as aviation, automotive systems, shipbuilding, biomedical devices, and electronic entertainment.


Production Systems Engineering

If you want to become a Production Engineer, then this is the program for you. It will equip you with the skills required to perform constant analysis, improvement, and design of production systems, along with designing, directing, optimizing, and monitoring the production processes. You will also learn mathematical modelling of serial production lines and assembly systems in the manufacturing process, identify the process bottlenecks, and develop adequate innovative production machines and assembly systems for the manufacturing planning. There is no dearth of opportunities for Production Systems Engineers as they find work at companies such as Rolls Royce, Kautex, Volkswagen, or more such automotive companies.


The top ten popular Universities in Germany offering MS in Mechanical Engineering are:


  1. RWTH Aachen
  2. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
  3. Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt
  4. FH Aachen – University of Applied Sciences
  5. University of Stuttgart
  6. TU Bergakademie Freiburg University
  7. Hamburg University of Technology
  8. TU Kaiserslautern
  9. TU Dortmund
  10. TU Munich


Therefore, if you are planning for a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, then why wait?; Germany is waiting for you to give wings to your career. After all, it is the flight of German Engineering!

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