Job-oriented courses in Australia for Indian students

Australia today has emerged as one of the top destinations worldwide for overseas education. Every year lakhs of students from India and the rest of the world apply for courses at Australian universities, primarily due to their world-class education, top-ranked universities, multicultural environment, and post-study work options.

Australia also provides you the opportunity to stay and work in the country after studying by making use of the ‘485 Skilled Graduate Temporary Visa’, thus allowing you to stay in the country for 18 months and gain work experience post-graduation; and the ‘402 Training and Research Visa’, providing you the opportunity to better your work skills for up to 12 months while being sponsored by your employer.

Top 6 Job-oriented Courses To Study In Australia For An Indian Student

  1. Architecture/Civil Engineering
  2. Agro Sciences
  3. Accountancy
  4. Actuarial Sciences
  5. Data Analytics and IT
  6. Healthcare

In January 2018, the Government of Australia made a few changes in the visa rules in the Skilled Occupation List and as a result, there are a few jobs that have better prospects than others, which are enlisted below:

1. Architecture/Civil Engineering

The continent of Australia has the second-lowest human habitation in the world (after Antartica). As such, since most of the continent is sparsely populated and most of the population resides in urban areas, there is a lot of scope for expansion. Hence good architects/civil engineers are always in demand there. 

2. Agro Sciences

There is also vast scope for agriculture in Australia as it has a high amount of untapped natural resources, forests, and land in the country. Cereals being one of the top producers in the country, agricultural consultants, agronomists, agricultural scientists, and forestry consultants are highly sought, In fact, agricultural jobs fall into the Skilled Occupation List, meaning that individuals having the requisite qualifications and experience can immigrate and work in Australia coming directly from overseas. Obviously, if you get the degree from Australia itself, the demand is even higher. 

3. Accountancy

Accountants have a high demand in this country. There is a huge scope for core accountancy and professional accountants (Tax and Management accountants) in Australia. Also, for students who have completed their Masters in Professional Accounting, there are plenty of job opportunities in 2019 and 2020.

4. Actuarial Sciences

This field deals with the assessment of risks associated with finance, insurance, and investments has seen a steep rise in demand for employees in Australia. This interdisciplinary field involving mathematics, statistics and economics also has a lot of job prospects in Australia.

5. Data Analytics and IT

Software Engineering and other IT jobs are also in great demand in Australia today. Data Analytics is growing very fast across the country and many good colleges are offering related courses. Business Analysts too are highly sought after in Australia and there are many well-paying jobs for them.

6. Healthcare

The healthcare industry in Australia provides several lucrative career options for Doctors, nurses, and medical professionals, who are therefore perennially in demand.

Therefore, with the right education, there is no dearth of proper jobs in Australia.

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Check out! Your course is listed in the best 7 PR courses offered in Australia

  • IT (Information & Technology)
  • Teaching in Education
  • Automotive Industry
  • Nursing Course
  • Social & Cultural
  • Medical
  • Engineering

Other than this, if you want to know about the PR courses that offer in Australia then here is the list of Permanent Residency Courses offered in Australia are as follows:


IT (Information & Technology)

Australia is one of the huge HubSpot for IT jobs in the world. According to the G2 summit, Australia ranks between 23 and 27 positions in the world. And Melbourne is the IT central attraction for Information Technology professionals and innovation. The best colleges are Hobart, Canberra & Sydney for Information Technology studies.

The top Companies in the IT sector in Australia are as follows:

  • CSL
  • Atlassian Corporation
  • REA group
  • ComputerShare
  • WiseTech Global


Teaching in Education

Australia is also reputed for its education quality. Usually, millions of students applied to Australian universities to get admission. Doing a job as a teacher will be a great experience for the aspirants. PR applications and opportunities offered in teaching are like Vocational Education teacher, primary teacher & secondary teacher, or even a University teacher.


Automotive Industry

There are high in-demand jobs for automotive engineers. Jobs like Motorcycle Mechanic, Automotive Electrician, and Motor Diesel Motor Mechanic can get you a Permanent Residency offer in Australia.


Nursing course

In a survey, it’s estimated that by the fall of 2030, Australia will need 123000 nurses for health care support. This means this sector is one of the best-growing jobs available currently in Australia, plus it offers Permanent Residency to the aspirants. Australia is also the top destination for nursing professionals.



Social & Cultural

Australia is the continent of some of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Therefore, Australia often attracts the attention of aspirants around the world to learn more about Social & Cultural activities. They offer PR in Health and Welfare Services, Psychology, Psychiatry, etc.



This is one of the highest paying jobs in Australia. Becoming a medical professional is one of the highest demanded jobs in Australia. Hence, getting PR in the sector is the best opportunity for an Indian student.



You already had an idea about engineering in Australia. There is heavy demand in the engineering sector and this job is also a high-paying job as well as a PR-facilitated course. The jobs that are offered in Agricultural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, etc.



The article mentioned some of the best courses which offer jobs as well as the best courses which offer even PR (permanent residency) in Australia for the Indian students for study. Check out the list that your course is listed or not, or even you can have an idea of which job-Oriented course is best for you to study abroad in Australia as an Indian student.

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What is the best course to study in Australia for PR?

The best course is architectural & Civil Engineering to study in Australia for PR. Other than that, IT (Information and Technology), Social & cultural, Medial, Etc. are some of the best courses to study in Australia for PR.

Which course is the highest demanding course in Australia?

Nursing course is the highest demanding course in Australia currently. It’s estimated that by the fall of 2030, Australia will be needed 123000 nurses for health care support.

Which course is easy to get a job in Australia?

Engineering is an easy course to get a job in Australia. It is a 4-year-long course that also offers PR facilities.

The best course after the 12th in Australia?

Bachelor in arts & history is the best course after the 12th in Australia.

2022 popular courses that are in demand in Australia?

The best 2022 popular 10 courses that are in demand in Australia are as follows:

  1. Architecture/Civil Engineering
  2. Agro Sciences
  3. Accountancy
  4. Actuarial Sciences
  5. Data Analytics and IT
  6. Healthcare
  7. Medical
  8. Nursing course
  9. Teaching in Education
  10. Automotive Industry

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