How To Select The Best GMAT Section Order?


The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is for the applicants searching for admissions to nearly all MBA programs. The GMAT score is important for your application process because of two reasons:

a) The admissions committees can use this score to objectively compare candidates.
b) It is one of the few controllable aspects of your application. This means you can improve your score with practice and hard work.

The four sections tested on the GMAT are:

• Analytical Writing Assessment
• Integrated Reasoning
• Math
• Verbal

New GMAT Allows You To Choose Order

Option 1 (Original Order):  Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal

Option 2: Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment

Option 3: Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment

As the student sits for the exam, they will be presented with the three selection orders right before the beginning of the exam and after the instructions are given. The candidate will be given two minutes to select the section order in which they want to attempt their GMAT exam.

How To Choose The Best GMAT Section Order For You?

Choosing the order of your GMAT sections must be done only based on your own strengths and weaknesses. If you are someone who is terrified of Quant, you may want to go with Option 3, as you would want to get it out of the way as quickly as possible, so that you can focus on the other sections. On the other hand, someone who is comfortable with the verbal section may want to choose Option 2 as they would want to set a good tone for the rest of the exam.

The best way to select your GMAT section order is by trying all three options while attempting practice tests before the exam. You will be able to see a pattern in your performance based on all the selection orders you choose. If you consistently do well while choosing a particular section order, then continue your practice tests with that option. On the exam day, you must come prepared with the section order in which you want to attempt the exam.

Since the GMAT is a 3 hour 45 min exam, it can be quite stressful for students, but with this new selection order choice, students have the freedom to write the exam based on their strengths and competencies. Since the decision is left completely upon the student, they can feel completely self-assured on the test day. But of course, navigating from one section to another will still be the key to succeeding on the GMAT, no matter which section order you choose.

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