How Long Does It Take to Send SAT Scores?


There might be one question that strikes your mind whenever you think of the SAT exam how long it might take to send the scores to the universities? Of course, this is a very important topic of concern after the worries related to the SAT test itself.

Many more questions such as whether I’ll be able to send my scores within the stipulated time to colleges. When do I have to take the SAT so that my scores reach their destination within the prescribed time? All of your queries are going to be answered here. Just explore this article till the end.


How Long Does It Take to Send SAT Scores?

How Long Does It Take to Send SAT Scores

It is a common question that keeps pesters us quite frequently. Well, it takes somewhere 7-14 days to reach your score to your target colleges. The time varies because the university may not receive the scores immediately after your official scores are released; it takes some time.

It also depends on the discretion of the college as they have the choice to select the mode by which they would like to receive the scores. Besides colleges also decide how frequently they would get the scores. Some colleges may prefer to obtain the scores through an electronic medium, generally, it employs software that keeps the record of your other documents along with your SAT scores. Many times colleges choose to download the score reports which are released lately. They do this generally once a week to once a day.


Free Score Report: Is It Faster?

Another common query that grips our mind is how effective is the free score report. Every time you register for the SAT, you get an option to send your scores to four colleges. Nine days after your test you can change the colleges or add new colleges to the list. Now the question arises whether this free score reporting is effective. In other words, is it faster?

The answer is YES. When your official test scores are released, the scores are usually sent to universities within 2 weeks.

Nevertheless, as stated earlier, the colleges are entitled to select how frequently they would download the latest scores. Hence, they might not receive the scores immediately.

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Rushed Score Report: Is It Faster?

Often, we find ourselves clueless regarding this particular question. There is another option to send your score reports even faster. That can be availed by opting for rush my score reports which expedites your test reporting process. You need to incur a fee of $31 for this. By doing this, you get an assurance that your score reports will be sent within 1 to 4 business days excluding the holidays and weekends. So, if you opt for it, you will be able to send your reports within 7 to 10 days.

Otherwise, your score will be reported within 7-14 days. Now the ball is in your court whether to go for it or not.


When to Send Your Scores

When to Send Your Scores

Remember there is a golden rule for this- the sooner, the better. This old adage even applies here. If you have taken the SAT and you are content with your score (this is to say that you are not planning to take reattempt), you should send your scores without further ado.

However, if you intend to wait till the college deadline appears, that is also fine. But ensure that you send your scores at least 3 weeks prior to your deadline. For further information regarding the college deadline, you can turn to the university website.


Timeline: When to Take the SAT and Send Your Score

Timeline-When to Take the SAT and Send Your Score

To give a clear picture of the timeframe that would take to reach your scores to their desired place a timeline has been designed. Let’s have a look at the tentative timeline that would give you an idea to plan your test. Well, this can be divided into three categories. The below-mentioned timeline is indicative of how much time it would take to reach scores to the final destination. However, the actual day may be subjected to variation due to the factors mentioned earlier.

The timeline would appear something like this if you opt for sending free SAT score reports.

Day 1 Appear for SAT
Day 1-9 Opt for a free score report
Day 22 Official scores released
Day 22-32 College Board send the score report to the university
Day 32-39 University receives score

The timeline would appear something like this if you opt to wait for your scores before sending

Day 1 Appear for SAT
Day 22 Official scores released
Day 27-34 College Board send the score report to the university
Day 34-43 University receives score


The timeline would appear something like this if you opt for a rush score report after waiting for your scores.

Day 1 Appear for SAT
Day 22 Official scores released
Day 23-26 College Board send the score report to the university
Day 30-39 University receives score

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When Do You Need to Take the SAT?

Now since all our questions have been put to rest, let’s see the last yet important concern. Keeping the college deadline into consideration, it is wise to appear for the test at least 1.5 months before to avail of the free SAT score reports. The deadline can be obtained by visiting the university website.

Many times, we intend to see our scores before we send them to the university, just in case you fell short of the desired score. That can also be done. In that case, it is advisable to take the test at least 2 months prior to the college deadline. Sometimes we opt for a rushed fee to accelerate the score sending process. However, a word of caution should be kept in mind that rushed fee sometimes does not do the needful. Put it another way, they not necessarily send the scores faster. To sum it up, do not wait till the last minute to take your test. Start your preparation ahead so that you could take the test having enough time in hand for college deadlines. All the very best for your SAT preparation!


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