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How early should I start preparing for SAT?

SAT-course-book..We are all aware of the proverb an early bird catches the worm and we can vouch for the veracity of this adage in myriad small ways such as rising early and getting to catch the local on time, or prepping early for our assignments and being able to meet the deadline comfortably while the late comers are caught up in the web of procuring research books that are loaned out in the library, or last minute health issues that crop up ominously just before the deadline.

When it comes to taking the SAT, the proverb works very efficiently. Let’s see how this happens:

The 9th grader has an enviable edge that stays with him!

Students, who took the SAT in the 9th grade, just for fun, as they termed it, were better poised to take the SAT in the 11th grade in terms of preparation, approach and collective wisdom gained from the earlier attempt.  The 9th grader takes the SAT with an open mind and without any clue of what the exam requires in terms of preparation. But after taking the test, he becomes acquainted with SAT standardized testing patterns, which are so diametrically opposed to the testing patterns of school academia. This first brush with the SAT opens up a new world of learning and preparation that children need to possess to do well on such tests. With proper coaching either on their own or with the help of a private tutor, students notice measurable improvement and they do extremely well on their second and perhaps final attempt.

Multiple attempts on the SAT-Works to your advantage always!

Taking the SAT several times is a boon, not a bane. With the College Board option of Score Choice, SAT-Preprationyou can decide which score you want to project to the colleges you are seeking admission. Or if you want colleges to look at the upward graph of scores in all sections of all the tests you have taken, then opt for those colleges who accept super scoring, which means they will consider your highest section scores across multiple test dates.

Know the academic learning early:

High school math and English is fine as school goes, but SAT math and English is a different ball game. Children in their 9th 10 grade read a lot of literature and are good at appreciating the nuances of the prose piece in their non-detailed text. But SAT English requires a different approach to reading or understanding trends in graphs in the Evidence based Reading and Writing section of the SAT test. It is better for students to get their hands on such reading trends and likewise on the quirky ways of testing algebra and arithmetic problems that are so typically SAT. Even if the test makes no sense the first time, it is sure to be conquered in the second or final attempt, provided the ways to crack the test ha ve been learned under the able guidance of tutors.


  • Take the SAT in class 9 and attain a head start
  • Take the SAT at least twice if not thrice
  • Don’t be left out –start SAT preparation in 9th grade or even earlier if you wish.
  • Be familiar with SAT MATH and ENGLISH-They are not the same as school curriculum.
  • Be informed of College Board Score Choice and super scoring guidelines.

For more information on Score choice read:



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