Facts to know about ACT to SAT Conversion

SAT-1 (1)You’ve prepped  for the ACT, dedicated a Saturday to taking the test, and received your score report. Now you’re wondering how you would have scored on the SAT instead. Do SAT and ACT scores convert?

ACT vs. SAT Scores

First, here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of how the ACT and SAT tests are scored.

ACT SAT (as of March 2016)
Sections English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, Math
Max Section Score 36/section 800/section
Max Overall Score 36 (avg. of section scores) 1600 (sum of section scores)
Optional Essay Score* 1–36 2–8

*NOTE: Both the ACT and SAT essays are optional.

ACT to SAT Conversion Table

In March 2016, The College Board (creator of the SAT) released concordance tables to help schools compare SAT and act21 (1)ACT scores during the admission process. Find your ACT score on Table 15 to see the corresponding New SAT score. Or convert SAT to ACT scores using Table 7.

If you took the SAT, you can also convert your scores online using the SAT Score Converter. This tool compares scores on the new SAT, the old SAT (before the March 2016 redesign) and the ACT.

Concorded Scores ≠ Equivalent Scores

Spoiler alert! Because the SAT and ACT are different tests, one-to-one equivalent scores do not exist.

Concorded scores share the same percentile rank . For example, an ACT score of 30 is concorded with an SAT score of 1400 because the percentage of a group of test-takers earning each score is the same. But that doesn’t necessarily predict how well a particular student will do on either test. The best way to see how YOU could perform on the other exam is to take a full-length practice test.

Man Hand writing What's your Score? with black marker on visual screen.So, which scores should I submit?

We know from working with colleges and counselors year after year that admissions officers do not favor one test over the other. It all comes down to which test you are better at. Check out SAT vs ACT for an overview of the differences between the exams or take our handy SAT or ACT QUIZ. If you’re not sure which test to take, take both!

Want to explore the SAT or ACT? We offer practice tests under the same testing conditions as the actual exams. Our awesome test prep experts will help you review your personalized score report and make a plan  for getting the score you want.

Source: The Princeton Review






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