Employment Opportunities in Spain for International Students


If you are planning to work in a foreign city then making a decision to work in Spain can be an equitable decision as few sectors of the Spanish economy are currently facing skill shortages. Speaking of working in Spain, one should know that Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world. Working in Spain will eventually expand your knowledge of Spain’s culture, history, arts, literature, religion, and architecture.

Most cities in Spain have a very less cost of living as compared to its other neighboring countries. Because of Spain’s interesting lifestyle and culture Spain is a prominent destination to work for foreigner. Living in Spain is not only limited to a great working environment but studying in Spain will also provide you excellent quality of life, Interesting history and culture, great hospitality and great opportunities.

Before making your decision to work in Spain one should know that most of the job opportunities in Spain will be favorable to candidates who have good control of the Spanish language.


Two Factors that Make Spain an Equitable Destination to Work

Spain an Equitable Destination to Work

  • Security

As far as safety is concerned for Foreigners working in Spain one should know that according to the 2020 Global Peace Index Spain stands at 38th rank out of 163 countries this is much higher if we compare it with the US and UK. Violent crimes are minimal. In Spain a person would have to go through a very difficult procedure in order to own a gun, this ensures safety for foreigners working in Spain as well as international students studying in Spain.

  • Culture

If you are planning to work in Spain then you should know that Spain is one of the most visited place in the European Country. Spain has a very interesting and beautiful culture and history.

While working in Spain you will get an opportunity to work in a very comfortable work environment along with a feeling of working and living in a great holiday destination. Working in Spain will enable you to experience Spain’s rich heritage and history of the Spanish kingdom in major or small cities. Both national and international Spanish populations are welcoming and easy to mix up with. The great hospitality and welcoming environment make Spain an equitable place to work.


How to Find Jobs in Spain

How to Find Jobs in Spain

There are many job opportunities in Spain for Indians as well as other non-EU candidates. As mentioned above there is currently a skill shortage in a few sectors of the Spanish economy this situation can lead to employment opportunities in Spain. After making a decision to work in Spain you should first go through Spain’s job shortage list This list will provide you with a detail about the sectors where there are job requirements.

Generally, there is a job requirement in the following sectors.

  • IT
  • Sales
  • Teaching
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Shipping

Here are some of the commonly used websites that will surely help you find employment opportunities in Spain.

  • Infoempleo
  • Infojobs
  • Mil Anuncios

You can also find jobs on commonly used global sites like LinkedIn, glassdoor, or indeed. You should also look for jobs in companies that have branches in your country as well as in Spain. This will help you build a good network in that company which will eventually provide you with employment opportunities in Spain.


Various Job Opportunities in Spain

Various Job Opportunities in Spain

As mentioned above few sectors of the Spanish economy are currently facing skill shortage this means there are job opportunities in Spain for foreigners.

Tourism and teaching English are the most common jobs in Spain for Indians and foreigners these two sectors provide major employment opportunities in Spain. Other than this there are a number of job requirements for candidates who have proper qualifications in the sectors which include Mechanical engineering, IT, and healthcare.

Here are some top employment opportunities:

  • Teaching Spain

If you want to earn good money from your English speaking skills then you can apply for jobs in Spain as there is a huge demand for English tutors. For teaching English in Spain you need TEFL or TESOL qualifications. Teaching English in Spain is one of the most famous and good employment sources. You can teach as a private tutor or in any university as per your skills.

  • Hospitality and Tourism Jobs

Hospitality and tourism is again prominent and famous source of employment opportunity in Spain for Indians as well as other foreigners who can speak English and can communicate in the basic Spanish language. You can work as a travel guide for tourists coming to major tourist destinations in Spain.

  • Mechanical Engineers

If you have proper qualifications in mechanical engineering and can speak basic Spanish then you should definitely try working in Spain because there is a very high demand for skilled mechanical engineers in Spain. Mechanical engineers are paid a very good amount of money in Spain.

  • IT Jobs

Having good coding, software development, or any other IT-related skills then there are a number of jobs waiting for you in Spain. Spain is a country that will provide you with good work pay if you have the IT skills that are required for the job. Jobs in IT include – software development, android developer, IOS developer, coding, and other related jobs.

  • Medical and Healthcare Jobs

If you have good medical knowledge and Spanish speaking skills then you will definitely be welcome in Spain.

  • Finance

There are good jobs available in the Finance sector of Spain where you can work as an international financial director, consultant or collection manager.


Spain’s Leading Industry Employers

Spain’s Leading Industry Employers

Here is the list of leading Industries in Spain:

  • Banco Santander (finance)
  • Telefonica (telecommunications)
  • Repsol (energy)
  • ACS (construction)
  • Iberdrola (energy)
  • BBVA (Finance)
  • Inditex (clothing retail)
  • IAG (air travel)

If you’re finding difficulties in finding jobs in Spain Then you should know about the following opportunities.

Summer Jobs

You can find summer jobs on the following websites:

  • Season Workers
  • ThinkSPAIN


You can find internship placement opportunities in Spain on the following sites.

  • AIESEC UK- Here you can look for placement opportunities if you are a student or a recent graduate.
  • IAESTE UK- Here you can look for placement opportunities in the sector that includes technology and engineering.
  • The Intern Group- Here you can look for placement opportunities in Madrid City.


Requirements for Working in Spain

Requirements for Working in Spain

To work in Spain you should have a proper qualification degree in the field you want to get a job in. Your chances of getting selected in the company will increase if you know how to speak the Spanish language this is simply because speaking Spanish will make it easy for the existing employers to mix up with you and communication will become smoother if you know how to speak the Spanish language. You should not have any criminal record and must be living in Spain legally.


Work-life in Spain

Work-life in Spain

An average working hour in Spain is 40 hours for any full-time job with long lunch breaks. Usually, you will finish your work by 8 pm. The monthly minimum wage is €1,108. There are 9 public holidays in Spain.


Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Your chances of getting selected will be high if you’ll practice speaking Spanish properly before your interview it will portray your confidence and will show your commitment towards the job. Wear formal and dress well as your first impression will be your last impression. Make sure you reach on time this will put a good impression on the interviewer.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What are the best jobs in Spain for international citizens?

There are a good amount of jobs in Spain for international citizens in the following sectors.

  • Tourism and hospitality
  • English teaching
  • IT
  • Sales
  • Teaching
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Shipping

Q2. Which jobs in Spain are in high demand?

The jobs that are in high demand in Spain are

  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Finance

Q3. Is living in Spain cheaper than in India?

No, living in India is 63% cheaper than living in Spain. But living in Spain is affordable as compared to the other neighboring cities.


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