Study in France – Cost and Scholarships for Indian Students


The low cost of master’s degrees in France is the main factor influencing Indian students’ decision to seek higher education abroad. International students can enroll in a master’s degree in France for between 243 and 260 euros per year, depending on the curriculum. It is important to pursue higher education from a reputable university, which is why France has long been the best option.


Why Study in France from India

  1. MS, MBA, MSc, law, and engineering are just a few of the popular specializations offered by universities in France. Law, IT, and engineering degrees have a lot of potential in France, and receiving a degree from a French university is considered an honor.
  2. The French government provides postgraduate students from India with both partial and full financing opportunities. Scholarships are available based on merit and need. There are programs with 100% scholarships that cover the entire tuition cost as well as some financial aid to help with living expenses.
  3. A significant role in research and development is played in the French educational system. Therefore, STEM programs are well-liked by foreign students in the nation.
  4.  French postgraduate degrees are popular among Indian students because of the wonderful student culture there. Numerous conferences, seminars, outdoor activities, internships, and artistic pursuits are undertaken by students.
  5.  Every year more foreign students come to France to pursue their higher education. Simply said, it’s because French colleges are among the best in the world.
  6.  France has a wide variety of cultures. Given that France dedicates more than 6% of its GDP to education, it is a popular option for students.
  7.  France is a secure country. Both the numbers of crimes and ragging incidents on campus are low.


Available Courses for Indian Students to Study in France

After graduating, Indian students chose to pursue some of the most searched postgraduate degrees in France. There are postgraduate courses for students with a variety of backgrounds and specialties. Graduation programs focused on law, management, information technology, MS, engineering, and finance are some of the most well-liked PG courses.

Some of the courses that Indian students can enroll in while studying in France are listed below:

  • MBA: The MBA is a well-liked professional path for individuals from all educational levels. Even though the majority of French business schools favor applicants with work experience, certain schools also admit students based on their merit and performance on the entrance exam. A regular MBA program or a specialized MBA program both are available at French universities (Finance, HR, Marketing, and others). In France, an MBA is typically a 24-month full-time program.
  • Engineering: In French universities, engineering graduates have many opportunities. Computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering all offer master’s degrees in engineering. The final year of a postgraduate engineering course, which lasts 24 months in total, is dedicated to research and an internship.
  •  Master in Science: One of the most common study options is a master’s degree in science, which is a postgraduate degree in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The course lasts for two years. In France, there are countless opportunities to pursue an MS because there are so many specializations available at reasonable tuition rates. Furthermore, France offers an excessive number of excellent opportunities for research and development. Architecture, international business, computer science, engineering, human resource, artificial intelligence, data science, and finance are some of the most popular master’s in science specialties in France.
  •  Law: Law graduates with an LLB from an authorized institution or university may pursue an LLM at a reputable French university. Law programs at French universities with excellent job prospects are frequently preferred by Indian students. The final year of the 24-month program is devoted to legal practice and internship training.


Cost of Studying Masters in France for International Students

The cost of a master’s degree in France is based on the university and program of choice for international students. For any MS program selected in France, the majority of French colleges charge national tuition for Indian students.

Here is a summary of the Masters in France tuition costs:

University Tuition Fees (INR)
University of Strasbourg ●     50,935 INR/year (Engineering)

●     21,376 INR/year

University de Paris 20,290 INR/year + 7,682 EUR
Dauphine University Paris PSL 20,290 INR/year
Institut Polytechnique de Paris 10,85,432 – 17,36,691 INR/year (Master of science and technology )
Ecoles des Ponts ParisTech 12,52,845 INR/year (MS in science)
Sciences Po 12,52,485 – 20,86,859 INR/year
University PSL 20,290 INR
ESPC Business School ●     18,94,840 INR/year (Master in Management)

●     39,23,237 INR/year (MBA in International Management)

Rennes Business School 11,06,070 – 15,19,281 INR/year
Toulouse School of Management ●     23,87,580 INR/year (Master in Management)

●     14,19,190 – 15,44,398 INR/year (Master in science in any business related programs)


Universities de Lorraine ●     21,371 INR/year (Master in Science)

●     3,14,723 INR/year (Engineering Program)


Pre Arrival Cost for MS in France for Indian Students

There are additional charges associated with getting a master’s degree in France in addition to the MS fees. Pre-arrival and post-arrival costs are the two divisions of these costs.

  1. Entrance Exams: Exams must be passed in order for international students to apply for master’s degrees in France. The following lists the common tests and their associated costs:
  • IELTS                                        240 EUR
  • IELTS Life skills                     175 EUR
  •  TOEFL ibt                               245 EUR
  •  GMAT                                      258 EUR
  •  GRE                                         185 EUR

2. University Application fees: The majority of French universities demand applicants from outside France to pay an application fee. The application fee is in the region of 60 to 180 euros.

3. Registration Fees: Additionally, registration fees must be paid by international students. The registration costs range from 290 to 360 euros.

4. Health Insurance: Before entering France, foreign students must have health insurance. The general security system will provide health insurance for international students.

5. Airfare: The cost of the airfare varies depending on where you are flying from. The cost of a flight for Indian students traveling from various states ranges from 29,000 INR to 85,000 INR one-way.

6. Visa Fees: In order to obtain their visas, international students must pay various fees, including

  • Medical Insurance 30,000 EUR
  •  Administration Fees 58 EUR
  •  Short-stay visa application 60 EUR
  •  Long-stay visa application 50 – 99 EUR


Post Arrival Cost for MS in France for Indian Students

While planning MS in France, post-arrival costs like lodging, travel, meals, and other expenses should be taken into account. We’ve put up an extensive list of living costs in France for Indian students because knowing these costs will help you budget more effectively.

International students must budget between 600 and 800 euros per month to cover all necessary expenses, including housing, transportation, and food. However, these costs may go up depending on your lifestyle decisions and the region of France you reside in.

The cost of living in several French cities is shown in the table below:

Types of Expenses Cost
Rent ●     300 – 500 EUR/month (Studio Apartment)

●     800 – 1200 EUR/month (1 bedroom)

Transport 1-year pass – 33.90 EUR
Phone/Internet/Electricity 130 EUR/month
Food 40 – 50 EUR/month


Scholarship to Study in France for International Students

Indians students can apply for scholarships programs based on their merit and test results. Programs offering full scholarships provide a full waiver of the tuition charge as well as financial aid to cover living expenses. The following is a list of some of the significant scholarships opportunities for Indian students to study in France:

  1. Charpak Scholarship
  2.  Raman-Charpak Fellowship
  3.  EIT International Excellence Scholarship
  4.  Technical Fellowship-UICC
  5.  The Erasmus Scholarship
  6.  The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant


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Is France Good for Masters?

Yes, France is a great choice for pursuing a master’s degree because of its well-regarded educational system, reasonable MS in France costs, a wide variety of programs, etc.

Are Masters in France Taught in English?

Yes, International students can pursue the English language master’s degree in France. The value is not based on the MS in France cost for English.

How do I Apply for Master’s in France?

In order to apply for master’s in France you have to submit all official transcripts of prior coursework, achieve a passing score on all necessary exams, such as GMAT, GRE, or ELP, and submit all required paperwork by the application deadline.

Which Masters is Best in France?

The greatest business schools in the nation are located in France. Students who want to attend the greatest business schools should put France at the top of their list. The cost of an MS in France for Indian students is decided by the curriculum you choose.

Are Masters in France Affordable for International Students?

It is affordable to pursue masters in France. Tuition at most universities costs between 243 to 256 euros per year. Depending on the program chosen, the tuition costs vary.

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