Challenge the GRE Fear Factor- Get the Fear Out!

Say the word ‘test’ and the quintessential response is one of anxiety. Why should the response to GRE ‘test’ be anyTest-5 different? We all fall prey to the fear of failure and the pain the trial would cause. We do not realize that the outcome of hard work will never be futile. We often forget that victory is defined not by the result of the venture, but by the earnest efforts. How are we to overcome this predicament of anxiety that we’ve faced from our childhood? Especially, anxiety to face the questions asked on the GRE.

The answer to the question lies in understanding the strategy of war; know your enemy! Taking even small steps towards overcoming the foe is enough to propel you into a ‘Zen’ zone of peace, calm and hope.

knowledgeTherefore, let’s start with the knowledge of the foe and plow through solutions to fend them off. Listed below are the common faux pas you might have committed;


….have a wrong attitude “have to vs. want to”

…spend too much time cribbing about the GRE with your peer group or on Facebook.

…have not prepared and procrastinated preparation till the last minute.

…do not eat properly.

Learning…spend too much time on one question, on the test

…try to stay awake without taking proper rest

…are habituated to lethargy in terms of both, body and mind

…have no clarity on what to do on the day of the test

…hurry through the tests during practice.

…have decided just to take some tests and not analyze them

…try to be a perfectionist

…start learning everything at the same time

…have compared your scores with others

…are a pessimist

If you have fallen prey to some or most of the aforementioned transgressions in GRE prep, do not worry! The self-realization itself will save you! The solution lies within the problem. All you have to do is undo the peccadillo and trace your steps back to right path.

Mistakes and pressures are inevitable. The secret to getting past them is to keep calm and preparing right for the GRE.

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