Can I Opt for an MBA Programme Abroad without prior work experience?

This is one of the most pertinent questions of all the MBA aspirants, who are planning to pursue the degree abroad. People looking for business-ready opportunities or aiming to hone their managerial acumen are keen to take up Masters in Business Administration.

As per the study-abroad industry experts, it is believed that the acceptance in MBA programme does require prior work experience. It adds significant value to the MBA classroom, and students with professional work experience can grasp the MBA curriculum with greater ease. They are capable of sharing more substantial and productive thoughts when it comes to project handling and working in a team. This is the reason why B schools emphasize a wide range of diverse professional experiences before a student steps in the module based classroom exchange environment.

However, there are a few B-schools, in both the US and the UK, who accept students without any prior work experience for admission in MBA programme. Thought the options are limited; if you have a good profile with the required edge to your personality, you stand a chance of getting admitted to the same.

The schools in the USA that accept students without prior work experience include MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia Business Schools, and Chicago Booth. Apart from these top-notch B-schools, there are other schools too in the USA who accept novice MBA applications. They are UC Davis Graduate School of Management, Carroll School of Management – Boston College, Marshall School of Business, and Boston University School of Management.

Some of the UK universities that accept an application from fresher MBA aspirants include University of East London, Leeds Beckett University, Swansea University, and Anglia Ruskin University.

It is advisable that after completion of your Bachelors/Masters you should work somewhere and gain hands-on experience for a certain duration and only then go for the degree to have the most fulfilling experience of the 2-year course.

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