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Students may come in different forms and different coverage levels depending on how much you are willing to pay and the home insurance company you choose to insure your household items with. In general, there are two types of home insurance in Germany. See them below.

Home Insurance in Germany

In Germany, home insurance usually refers to one of two things: home contents insurance or building insurance. These policy types are frequently – but not always – combined in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. We explain the various types of home insurance policies you may require as a landlord, homeowner, or renter in Germany for your apartment or house.

Let us look at the three types of home insurance in Germany:

  1. Building/homeowners insurance– It includes fixed structures including walls, floors, ceilings, and built-in furniture
  2. Home contents insurance– It includes moveable items like furniture, clothing, jewelry, and equipment
  3. Homeowners liability insurance– It covers any mishaps that occur in your house and harm or damage third parties’ property.


Building Insurance in Germany

In Germany, building insurance is frequently referred to as homeowners insurance or residential building insurance. Although it is frequently included with contents (and occasionally liabilities) in a house insurance package, several providers sell this as a solo policy. This insurance covers the building’s exterior structural components, such as the walls, roof, floors, ceilings, garages, and sheds. Glass window panes and heating systems are two examples of supplementary coverage that is typically available for an additional fee. You must purchase combination insurance that includes contents coverage if you wish to protect any furnishings.

Storm, fire, water leak, and explosion damage are all covered by standard plans. For damage brought on by negligence (such as unrepaired architectural flaws or overloaded electrical plugs) or natural disasters like earthquakes, and terrorist attacks, you typically have to pay more.

In the event of a serious disaster, you should confirm that your insurance coverage covers the costs of a complete rebuild. A maximum payment cap may be present in some policies. Get an expert estimate of the costs to reconstruct your home if you are unsure. Numerous extended policies additionally cover the expense of temporary housing, storage, and clean-up.


How will The Cost of Building Insurance be Determined in Germany?

Building insurance in Germany is dependent on several property variables like its kind, age, size, condition, materials used, and the cost of a rebuild. Location and the homeowner’s insurance profile are further considerations. Basic coverage for smaller homes can be purchased for between €120 and €150 per year in premiums. If you live in a larger family home, you probably pay between €250 and €300 a year. It will be more for costly residences in upscale neighborhoods’.


Home Contents Insurance in Germany?

Your moveable possessions kept in your home are covered by home contents insurance. In Germany, the majority of common contents insurance policies will normally cover pets, clothing, jewelry, sporting goods, and carpets in addition to furniture. A more comprehensive all-inclusive policy that covers bicycles, garden equipment, and rental equipment is typically available. Fitted kitchen and bathroom units fall under separate building insurance, whereas contents used for commercial or professional purposes require a specific business insurance policy. Car insurance is necessary for motor vehicles.

Standard plans often provide coverage for theft, vandalism, severe storm damage, water damage from burst pipes, and fire. If you wish to protect your possessions from occurrences that result in loss or damage to items taken outside the house, accidents caused by pets or visitors, or damage caused by negligence, you will typically need supplementary coverage. Policies won’t offer protection from intentional harm or everyday wear and tear.

The majority of businesses reimburse customers for the cost of lost or damaged goods, albeit the maximum reimbursement may be constrained by common policies. Some businesses base their maximum payout on the square footage of the property multiplied by a predetermined amount (often between €500 and €600). With extended insurance, you can also cover other expenses like clean-up fees or the cost of replacing locks in the event of a break-in. You will be required to inform your insurer in case you are away for more than 60 days.


How will The Cost of Home Contents Insurance be Calculated in Germany?

Home contents insurance premiums in Germany are influenced by many variables, such as your insurance profile, your claim history, the value of your property and goods, your neighborhood, the security features on your home like alarm systems, and the level of coverage you are purchasing. Costs for basic contents insurance packages range from €20 to €25 annually. For about €50–$60 each year, you may have coverage up to about €200,000.


Homeowners Liability Insurance in Germany

In Germany, a lot of people get liability insurance as a precaution. This essentially protects you from liability if you are involved in an incident that injures others, damages their property, or causes them financial harm.

Individual liability insurance comes in two varieties in Germany:

  • Liability protection insurance
  • Liability insurance for homeowners

Private liability insurance covers occurrences involving you both inside and outside the home, whereas homeowners’ liability insurance only covers accidents that happen in your home. For instance, if you accidentally cause harm to someone else’s property while within their home. If you already have a strong liability policy, you might not need to worry about this when purchasing home insurance since private liability insurance typically covers the majority of what you need in terms of occurrences in your home. To ensure you don’t overlook anything, though, be sure you know what is and isn’t covered.

Homeowners’ liability insurance is a smart option if you purchase property to rent out since it will protect you if tenants are hurt or their belongings are damaged due to a problem with the property. Numerous businesses provide extended liability plans that cover accidents brought on by pets, household staff like cleaners, or members of the entire family.


How will The Cost of Homeowners Insurance be Determined in Germany?

The cost of liability insurance in Germany mostly depends on the kind of liability coverage you get, the extent of the policy, and your risk profile, including any prior claims. Basic insurance is available for as little as €20 per year. You will pay about €120 a year for comprehensive coverage that protects you against damages up to €100 million.


Is there something like Combined Home Insurance in Germany?

Yes, companies frequently provide combination insurance packages for sale, usually at a little lower cost than purchasing separate policies. These offers may differ between insurance. One company might sell building plus contents, while another might sell contents plus liabilities. Additionally, bumper packages with all three contents, building, and liability are available. Depending on the combination you select, costs vary substantially. German home insurance premiums will cost an average of €214 in 2021.


How Can I Apply for Home Insurance in Germany?

You may normally apply for insurance in Germany online or by phone once you’ve decided on your insurance provider. Some insurers also have physical locations on prominent streets where you can submit an application. You probably need to present identification, proof of address, and bank information (if paying by a direct debit plan). You will often receive the insurance policy and related paperwork electronically within 24 hours of submitting an online application.

Although certain policies can be set up for longer durations, such as three to five years, they normally run for a year. Many insurers offer anytime cancellation plans, but some policies prohibit early cancellations without a valid justification. If you don’t provide some firms with at least 30 days’ notice that you want to cancel, they may renew your policy on an automatic basis.


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Is home insurance necessary in Germany?

In Germany, neither homeowners nor renters are required to get home contents insurance. Insurance is an additional factor to cover all the unpredicted risks. 


How do I submit a German home insurance application?

Provide supporting documentation, including your ID, bank account information, and proof of residence, and respond to a series of questions about your home or apartment. A single policy’s lifetime might range from 12 months to 5 years, and you frequently need a pretty excellent cause to switch policies—that is, to end your contract early. Thus, one has to submit particular documents to get German home insurance.

How can I cancel my homeowner’s insurance policy?

In Germany, cancellations of house insurance policies must often be made in writing. Either through email or letter. Many insurance providers will need you to give a compelling justification for ending the contract. (relocating, selling the home or apartment, etc.) However, depending on the insurance provider. You could have little trouble terminating your agreement given that some providers allow cancellation at any time.


What does German liability home insurance entail?

Another necessary insurance that may be very helpful to those who are insured is liability insurance (haftpflichtversicherung). Basically, you are covered by this sort of insurance if you hurt someone else or damage their property.


How to File an Insurance Claim for a German Home?

Online or over-the-phone claims can be filed for house insurance in Germany. You must be as specific as possible when filing your claim, including information on any losses or damages. You will also be required to include the police records in the claim in the event of a break-in.

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