A 7 Step Process to Get into Harvard Business School


We all know that Harvard Business School has one of the most prestigious MBA programs in the world and every MBA aspirant dreams to get into Harvard. And being one of the most renowned b-schools, getting into Harvard MBA takes a lot of effort right from the application process to preparing for the GMAT. Especially when it comes to a competitive exam like GMAT you have to dedicate yourself fully to the preparation.

To help you understand the admission process and what the admission committee expects from the applicant, here is the 7 step process to get into Harvard Business School.


1. Begin an Early Research

1. Begin an Early Research

You need to start your research at least one year in advance before you plan to apply. For the latest incoming MBA class in Harvard Business School, a GMAT score of 730 is required. Hence it is very important to score above the median score of 730 if you successfully want to pursue MBA from one of the prestigious b-schools in the world. Starting your research early will give you an edge over others to prepare for the GMAT.


2. Start with External Research

2. Start with External Research

You should first start with thorough research of Harvard Business School’s Website and learn about the program you are planning to apply for. Look for facts and figures about their MBA program to know the Harvard MBA eligibility, and learn about the alumni along with their campus and culture. Take insights into the school’s class profile and employment reports to know about the future prospects.

You should take your research to LinkedIn also. Review the profile of individuals who made it to Harvard and you might as well connect with them. They will not only be a valuable source of information but will also be a valuable inspiration for you.


3. Work on the Research of Internal Factors

3. Work on the Research of Internal Factors

After external research comes the internal factors. And the internal research is nothing but self-analysis. Once you have completed your external research, you will have enough perspectives to compare yourself with. You can self-analyse your profile based on your early research on Harvard Business School.

To know your own story clearly and to know where you exactly stand, every day for a few minutes keep on listing the smallest of your leadership positions you took along with your achievements. In his famous Stanford Graduation Speech, Steve Jobs said “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.” Doing so will help you make sense of your unique story. Therefore, introspect!!


4. Think like an Admission Committee of Harvard Business School

4. Think like an Admission Committee of Harvard Business School

If you start thinking like an adcom, it will help you analyse your gaps in application in a better manner. In case you are wondering how to get into Harvard Business School or any other top business school, then you should understand the different perspectives considered in the application, what is the most important factor that has an edge over every factor in the application, then analyse what all factors are under your control and start working on those points. Getting answers to all of these facts will automatically answer your question about how to get into a top business school and how to build a strong profile for it.

Adding extracurricular activities on top of your exceptional work experience can make your resume accurate. Join an NGO to help build a weak community, this will highlight your leadership skills. You can also take some other leadership skills of your interest that will have a positive impact on your profile.

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5. Analyse & Work on the Gaps in Your Application

5. Analyse & Work on the Gaps in Your Application

Several criteria such as your GPA, in the application, may not be under your control right now, but parameters like GMAT score, essay, recommendation letters & interviews which cover 56% of the application are still within your immediate control and you should focus on putting your best foot forward.


6. Prepare & Excel on Your GMAT

6. Prepare & Excel on Your GMAT

You need to target 20+ more than the average GMAT score of the incoming batch of business schools you wish to apply for. The average score of last year’s batch was 731, hence for the upcoming batch you should target 750.

Scoring 750 on GMAT is not an easy task hence starting early and months in advance is an ideal approach for GMAT prep. Remember the exam plays a pivotal deciding role in your admissions so, work hard & don’t take it lightly.


7. Put an Application to Harvard Business School

7. Put an Application to Harvard Business School

Take care of the following things to apply for the MBA program

Written Application

  • College Transcripts
  • GMAT/GRE Score
  • Resume
  • Acceptance of policies
  • Application Fee of US $250



After the submission of a written application, it will be reviewed, and accordingly, you may be invited for an interview.

At the end of the day, it’s your hard work, focus, and dedication that is going to help you get into Harvard Business school or any other top business school of your choice. There is no one sure-shot way to get into Harvard Business School, but give yourself the best possible chance by following the steps outlined above.

So, if you are an aspirant aspiring to get into one of the most prestigious business schools then don’t wait and start your preparation from Step1 because a thorough, detailed, and planned research will help you a lot in your journey. Check out the Harvard MBA requirements & start working on your gaps followed by other important steps.


Frequently Asked Questions


Ques.1 What is an ideal GMAT score for Harvard?

To get into a renowned business school like Harvard, a score of 750 and above is an ideal score.

Ques.2 What are the most in demand MBA Programs?

General Management, International Management, Strategy, Consulting, Finance Leadership, Entrepreneurship are some of the most in demand MBA programs.

Ques.3 What is the deadline to apply?

The Round 1 deadline is usually in mid-September and the Round 2 deadline is normally at the beginning of January.

Ques.4 What GPA do you need for Harvard Business School?

An average GPA of 3.7 has to be maintained to get into Harvard

Ques.5 Can a fresher get into Harvard Business School?

As long as you are in your final undergraduate study, you can apply to Harvard Business School through a 2+2 program.

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