7 Things You Need to Know Before Taking the GMAT Online Exam


The GMAT Online exam is an interim version of the original GMAT exam at a test center that allows students to take the GMAT exam from the comfort of their homes. What’s more! Students can also send their score reports to the programs of their choice with a single click!

Doesn’t all this sound good? Yet, here are a few very crucial points to ponder before you make a decision to opt for the GMAT Online.


1. What’s Changing in the GMAT Online?

1. What's Changing in the GMAT Online?

The GMAT test remains the same in almost all aspects as that of the center-delivered version. The only differences are:

  • The test needs to be taken on a student’s computer at home
  • Either a physical whiteboard or an online whiteboard can be used for scratch paperwork
  • Appointments are available 24 X 7
  • Score reports can be sent within 48 hours of receiving the score report

Before you decide to take the GMAT Online exam, do remember to be aware of the changes made to this version of the test.


2. Similarities: GMAT vs. GMAT Online

2. Similarities: GMAT vs. GMAT Online

The good news is that both the versions of the GMAT exam remain the same in terms of the number of sections, the number of questions in each section, question types tested, and scores. These similarities would make you feel comfortable while you practice the questions.


3. Decide Your Kinda Whiteboard

3. Decide Your Kinda Whiteboard

This is the foremost decision to make while you jump into registering for the GMAT Online test. In the interim online version, you have the option to choose either a physical whiteboard or an online whiteboard. The physical whiteboard must meet the requirements of GMAC in terms of size/measurements, number of markers, etc. You need to purchase the physical whiteboard and a few erasable markers yourself, so allow some time to receive the physical whiteboard when you plan your exam date. Also, remember to read the requirements for a physical whiteboard on mba.com that would help you decide better. GMAC recommends that you use its online whiteboard practice tool as well to finalize the one you are comfortable with.

Whichever version of the whiteboard you decide to use, ensure that you use that type of scratch paper while you practice and take mock tests too; this would allow you to get used to your choice of the whiteboard on the day of the exam. There are several GMAT online test series that now offer an online whiteboard with similar features to help you adapt yourself to this format too.


4. Check-in Procedure

4. Check-in Procedure

The GMAT Online exam is also proctored: a human proctor monitors your test, your responses, your scratch paperwork, etc. using AI technology. The check-in formalities that you need to be exposed to are also the same as the procedure you would undergo at a test center. The bottom line is to spare some time for completing these steps for GMAT Online exam too before you start writing the test at the scheduled time. You will be asked to login about 30 minutes before the scheduled time to complete the check-in procedure. Ensure that you are aware of the steps that would entail these formalities so that you aren’t in for any last-minute surprises.


5. Most Productive Hour of the Day

5. Most Productive Hour of the Day

Besides all these decisions, it’s also very crucial to judge that time of the day when you are at your best. If you are surprised, then this is for you: the time of the exam plays a significant role in deciding your performance. Some students might feel mentally fresh early in the morning while others might be brightest in the afternoon or evening. While you take regular GMAT online practice tests, you could also think of how your scores vary depending on the time when you take each mock test. If you are aiming for a score above 710, then this is definitely a point to ponder.


6. Your Order, Please

6. Your Order, Please

Once you have checked these on your list of to-do for GMAT Online preparation, the next step is to decide the order in which you wish to attempt the sections. Since 2017, GMAC has allowed students to decide the order in which they wish to attempt the sections.

The classic or original order was GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) ->  GMAT Integrated Reasoning (IR) -> GMAT Quantitative reasoning -> GMAT Verbal reasoning.

There are two additional options:

Verbal reasoning -> Quantitative reasoning -> IR -> AWA

Quantitative reasoning -> Verbal reasoning -> IR -> AWA

While the choice of order is left to you, you can consider a few things before you make a decision: for instance, you could check whether you would earn a high score if you begin the test with the Verbal section or whether you wish to finish the sections that you’re most comfortable with and end with the trickier sections. One way to check this would be to try out all the orders while you take your GMAT online mock tests. Manya – The Princeton Review gives you ten full-length tests to work on as you prepare for the GMAT Online.


7. Jump With Your Eyes Wide Open

7. Jump With Your Eyes Wide Open

Whatever decision you take regarding the GMAT Online exam, be sure that you know what you’re getting into. You could check out mba.com for any details regarding the GMAT Online exam. Making sure that you are well-equipped with the requirements and test format would allow you to make the right choice.

Besides these, there are a few other points you could add to your checklist:

  • Which are the books or materials that would help you prepare for the GMAT Online exam? There are a plethora of sources to prepare, but you just need to make certain that the books or materials are authentic and would warrant your dream score.
  • Considering taking a tutor? This would be a very effective way to track your progress. Your tutor would be able to point out your areas of strength and your areas of focus. Getting regular feedback for the practice tests would be a great way to monitor your progress. Manya – The Princeton Review has several customized GMAT online coaching that would aid you in your preparation.
  • Prepare a study plan. Study plans or timetables are productive ways to practice as a study plan would help you work in bite-sized pieces.
  • Finally, for GMAT Online test, you might need to prep your environment at home too. You cannot afford to be distracted by any phone calls, doorbell ringing, or social media notifications. Your system needs to meet the requirements outlined by GMAC; do remember to read the system requirements on mba.com to check if you are computer-ready for the test in terms of internet connection, operating system, webcam, microphone, etc. It would be useful to prepare your test-taking environment well in advance and take the practice tests in that setting so that you would not feel strange on the day of the test.
  • Test availability: you could plan your test date for GMAT Online keeping in mind your college application deadlines and your own level of preparedness for the test. Setting deadlines would motivate you to work faster and more efficiently. Exam dates are available 24 x 7, but this should not make you keep deferring the preparation.

Remembering the requirements for GMAT Online and equipping yourself accordingly would definitely make you ready to race for your dream score.




Ques.1 Will I be able to score 720/+ in the GMAT Online exam?

Absolutely! There is no change in the scoring or evaluation of the GMAT Online version.

Ques.2 Will I be able to convert GMAT Online test registration to GMAT test center version?

This option may be unavailable right now, so reading the requirements carefully would help you plan right.

Ques.3 Is additional testing time allowed for GMAT Online?

Yes. This feature is available for the GMAT Online version too. You merely need to provide sufficient evidence while asking for additional testing time.


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