10 Reasons Why You Should Study in Netherlands


One of the main reasons that you should choose to study in the Netherlands is that it is, come on, in the Netherlands and what more a student could ever ask for that they receive the best education along with the affordable housing and education cost. Hundreds of international students every year come to experience what the Netherlands has to offer in scenic beauty and education. The quality of education in the Netherlands is among the best in the world and its other factors like affordable housing facilities, opportunities for permanent residency, rich culture, amazing food, scholarships, and many more things make it more and more attractive for international students to choose it as their desired location for study abroad. One of the main reasons is that you won’t have to learn a foreign language as they use and understand English very well so that’s another plus point for students wanting to apply to study in the Netherlands.

So, let’s get on with the top 10 reasons that why you should study in the Netherlands.


1. Top Universities

Top Universities

The universities in Netherland are among the top universities in the world for international students and is the oldest and one of the most esteemed education systems in the world. Many of the universities in the Netherland are placed higher in the global rankings. These universities also offer very pocket-friendly education for international students which is never a bad thing. With so many universities at the top students can easily find their desired course in the heart of Europe.


2. Easy Placement

Easy Placement

After studying in the Netherlands it is highly unlikely anyone would ever want to go back and to not to go back they would have to get a job there which is very possible as the Netherlands have a very competitive economy that goes in the favour of students as it makes finding a job much easier. The Dutch government not only help students get jobs but also issue visas to foreigners that can help their economy with their talent and creativity.


3. Familiar Language

Familiar Language

Though Dutch is the national language it is not the only language Dutch people know. The English language is spoken very well over there and you can fit right in without having to learn a foreign language which does sound amazing but can be tiresome. With English being spoken there as well as their first language you won’t be having any problem conversing and finding your way around the country.


4. Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Another amazing benefit that you get while studying in the Netherlands is the wide range of bike lanes and plenty of places to store your bike and lock it it makes transportation very convenient and cheap while giving you a good workout. With the amazing food, the dutch is ranked among the healthiest in the world so you might find yourself getting health conscious too while studying there which again is never a bad thing. The Dutch education not only focuses on studies but also on sports so students interested in sports can find themselves joining teams or groups.


5. Amazing Food

Amazing Food

Another amazing reason one should choose the Netherlands as their desired location to study abroad is the food. With mouthwatering pastries, stroopwafels, pancakes, tarts, and many more desserts you will never find yourself craving for anything else and not only the desserts but the amazing cheese, meat, butter, bread you can never get your mindful.

6. Scenic Beauty

Scenic Beauty

International students can enjoy visiting some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Not only in the Netherlands but students can roam across all Europe and everyone knows what a delight it can be. As it is located in the heart of Europe going to different countries in Europe is no problem at all and only takes a small flight to visit some amazing beauties like Paris, Santorini, Athens, Madrid, and so many more amazing places to discover.


7. Cheap and Affordable Education

Cheap and Affordable Education

Studying here is not that expensive as it might be in other countries but it doesn’t compromise the quality of education you will receive. The education system in the Netherlands is one of the oldest and among the greats education systems and is very affordable. And with jobs easily available you can further decrease your tuition fees.


8. Affordable Accommodation

Affordable Accommodation

The dutch compared to other locations in Europe provides very affordable housing. With housing being the main necessity for students studying abroad this is a box they can tick right of as it won’t be a problem finding good affordable homes as it is for many international students in other countries. There are even websites which help students find a place with their own preference and with cheap transportation available mobility won’t be an issue to reach your university.


9. Internationally Recognized Degrees

Internationally Recognized Degrees

The Netherlands has one of the richest study traditions and very well-known universities. There are many universities in the Netherlands that are ranked very high on the global rankings making it a good place for students aiming to study at top universities like the University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, Maastricht University, and many more. It also gives a wide range of courses for the international students to choose from and they won’t have a problem finding their dream course and their desired university.


10. Open Minded and Inclusive

Open Minded and Inclusive

The Dutch people are very open-minded people and are very inclusive of the international population. So international students won’t have a problem in blending in and getting accepted the way they are and they can be what they want to be without worrying about being judged and excluded. With such a diverse population you yourself can find yourself and become more open-minded by living among them.


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