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I scored 740 in GMAT with a split of 50 and 40 in Quant and Verbal respectively and a complete 8 in IR.I thank Manya-The Princeton Review for helping me achieve my dream score.
Thank You
Chinmaya Srivastava

Manya - The Princeton Review has been instrumental in my preparation for the SAT. Their instructions aided me in understanding how to approach SAT problems in a systematic manner and tackle them accordingly. The specific techniques have helped me to achieve 2300 score on SAT. I highly recommend the institution for all SAT aspirants.
Thank You
Aditya Dwivedi

Princeton Review was very helpful in my preparation for the SAT, in which I scored 2350. My essays prior to these classes were mediocre, but the feedback I got during the mock tests allowed me to lift my essay ...
Thank You
Sriram Baireddy

Thanks a lot! By the way, there is no question as to how I feel. I'm elated but I feel I could have scored a few more marks in the Quants part as all of the practice tests I had taken indicated the same. Anywa... Thank You

The Princeton Review is a best way there is to get a GMAT score; I say this because of my personal experience with Princeton Review, Tambaram. One can very well go through the normal process of self preparation...
Thank You
Narendrasivam K

I took my GRE exam today (with my course completing last weekend) and obtained an overall score of 333 (166 in Verbal and 167 in Quantitative) . I started with a score of only 142 on the Verbal and 151 on the Q...
Thank You

I am very pleased with what Princeton Review achieved with my daughter Priyanka. At the outset before Priyanka was introduced to your program she was a little apprehensive about her approach to the SAT exam. Mr...
Thank You
Priyanka Sethy

I, Sunny Modi, appeared for my General Revised GRE and got 166 (94percentile) in Quantitative Reasoning and 164(94 percentile in Verbal). I thought of taking GRE near about in the month of April, I had started...
Thank You
Sunny Modi

Hello Friends! I began the GMAT journey back in August 2011, when one fine day, after going through the websites of the Harvard and Stanford business schools as well as our very own ISB, I decided that it h...
Thank You
Jai Gandhi

My decision to enroll for Admissions Counseling Services from Princeton Review has been a complete value for money. I got admits from all the universities I applied to (from dream to reach) and it would not hav...
Thank You
Suvigya Muchhal

I am a student at PESIT pursuing my Bachelor’s degree. As most of the students, even I gave a lot of thought about whether I should attend coaching classes and if yes, which one. When I met one of the sta...
Thank You
Apoorva Beedu

Dear Ma'am,
I am truly thankful to Princeton's online self-prep program and  for your unrelenting support ‎in my journey to achieving the GMAT score I desired...
Thank You
Trisha Suri

It was a great leaning experience get coaching from Princeton review. Faculty here in Princeton is really innovative and always enthusiastic to teach there students. The teaching method of both Dee...
Thank You

At last I am in a position to write a few lines about the dedication and help you have given to my profile that resulted in my dream selection to the prestigious Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg. A big THA...
Thank You
Parth Mishra

About Exam Experience: Initially I was quite nervous about GRE fearing that “would I be able to give my 100%?” but when we entered the Prometric center we felt a little relax...
Thank You
Damanjeet Singh

My experience at The Princeton Review’s Admissions Counseling Service (ACS) has been amazing. It is normal that a random person will find the U.S...
Thank You

Thank you" word will be an understatement for the efforts and support provided by you and your team. Your timely response was one of the support i had banked on. the list of colleges provided, after ...
Thank You
Abishek Munshi

When I first joined the institute I hardly had any idea about GRE and its scoring pattern. Princeton review helped me understand the pattern of the exam thoroughly. The faculty at Princeton Review...
Thank You
Karan Joshi

Hi, My name is Aditya Jindal and I have been admitted to London Business School's Masters in Management programme class of 2015. It is like a dream come true for and words are not e...
Thank You
Aditya Jindal

Princeton Review Helped me hone my skills of expressing myself to admissions committee about myself and why I am a good fit for the school. Megha initially helped me shorlist the universitites and I must ...
Thank You
Tallam Avinash

I just wanted to send you a thank you letter so you truly know how appreciative I am for everything youhave done for me. First, thank you for believing in me. Sometimes I had lost my faith in myself but your co...
Thank You
Prudhvi raju

Hi, I joined The Princeton Review with a confused mind perplexed on how to take on the daunting task of securing a good score. The Princeton Review helped me to achieve this with use ...
Thank You

I would Thank Princeton and attribute Princeton’s Regular Classroom Teaching and ACS Services for my Successful entrance into ISB. The Princeton’s Faculties and Counsellors have...
Thank You
Sahil Singla

Hello, When I first joined Manya group I wasn't sure whether I had it in me to succeed in that level and go forward. I already had taken one...
Thank You
Pratik Goon

I enrolled at Princeton Review Chandigarh in end June. The course ensued for 10 weeks, till approximately 15th September once it was over I decided to take 3 weeks off for self study and additiona...
Thank You
Ruvneet Kang

I joined Princeton for both GMAT coaching and ACS services, both of which were were extremely good, I specially cherish my conversations with Megha, my counsellor, who...
Thank You

Hi Jitender, Its been a wonderful journey with you from the starting of my association with the Manya Group. You have been an excellent councellor. After getting a low score in...
Thank You
Mridul Agarwal

Anushka ma’am, you are the best counsellor I could get to guide me through the admission process for the universities in the US. You made the application procedures look so easy that I could smoothly comp...
Thank You
Rohan Sharma

If you want your career to be proceeded as you dreamed, I would recommend Princeton Review. I joined here at Velachery Branch, Chennai with lot of hopes and dreams and I was delivered with the complete support ...
Thank You
Santhosh Srinivasan

I am extremely happy to share my experience about my GRE & TOEFL preparation.I enrolled myself for the online course of GRE & TOEFL.The online materials for GRE and the books & CDs provided fo...
Thank You
Prashast Kumar

My experience at TPR was really good. Despite my having had many engagements apart from my AP exam I had to take time out for Princeton and I believe that it was really helpful. Another really helpful asp...
Thank You
Pulkit Jain

We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us. One of the best decisions I made was joining TPR for my AP Calculus BC course. The staff there was very cooperative. I was really moved by ...
Thank You
Vivaswat Poddar

When I first joined the AP program, I thought it was going to be difficult,  with time it became easier however it is to be noted that a lot of practice is needed to succeed in the AP exams. At Princeton, ...
Thank You
Anwesha Saha

My experience with the Princeton Review, Kolkata has been extremely beneficial to take the GRE. Being a professional in the Biopharmaceutical industry in the United States, I had been away from high school math...
Thank You
Kaushiki Mahapatra

I would like to recommend The Princeton Review to everyone who is concerned about their future. It provides you with the best direction and guidance to clear your standardized tests like the GMAT. I had a wonde...
Thank You
Ananya Khemka

The Princeton Review ACS has helped me to take my life into a better world.  Starting with my counselor, Renu Khandelwal, and then my editor, Nithya Kalyani, everyone has shown great responsibility towards...
Thank You
Pinakshi Gogoi

Princeton Review has been a wonderful experience.It actually made me realise my true potential. People here are so supportive and ever-ready to extend help even for the minutest of problems that it is really en...
Thank You
Amrita Raja

The time and effort that the people at Princeton Review, Guwahati, invest in their students is admirable. They want us to succeed! And I believe their guidance and methodical training that I received played a h...
Thank You
Abhinab Baruah

I recently took my GMAT exam and I scored 760 (Q51 V42). I would like to thank the team of trainers at Princeton Review for helping me achieve that score on the GMAT. The online tests available at the Student P...
Thank You
Antra Chowdhury

I started my GMAT journey on a rather positive note – a 700 on GMAT Prep. But it quickly became clear to me that this is not something I could do consistently. I was looking for a quality GMAT coaching pr...
Thank You
Rohit K Maskara

After doing well at the GMATPrep tests (710-720 48/39) but only getting a 640 (48/32 on the first attempt at the GMAT, I joined Princeton Review's excelerator program to understand what could have gone wrong an...
Thank You
Shiva Shanker

When I started the GRE preparation before a month the chances of scoring anywhere near 300 seemed worse than none. But with the aid of the amazing faculty that was Miss.Shantha and Lakshmi, I was able to score ...
Thank You
Jeevan Sanjay

I am pursuing my undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from R.V.C.E, Bangalore. I am particularly passionate about VLSI Design and processor architecture. A Master’s degree wil...
Thank You
Nikhil Ravi Shankar

I’m a student of PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore, studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering and was in the JNR 127 batch of GRE training at Princeton Review. Going through this training reall...
Thank You
Brinda Mohan

When I first took the diagnostic test in June, I got an abysmal 470 so I was really skeptical whether I could pull off a decent score with just 4 months of prep. And today finally, when I do have a score in han...
Thank You
Nimisha Sharma

The optimistic environment along with a realistic approach at Manya – The Princeton Review made me opt for their SAT, TOEFL & Admission Counseling Services. My counselor considered the financial restrictions of my family, yet never compromised on the rankings of the shortlisted universities. My editor was a perfect fit for a procrastinator like me as she never allowed me to slack off, and encouraged me to finish my documents before the deadlines. My experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Manya- The Princeton Review’s services are excellence personified, for they deliver results.
Thank You
Pallak Bhandari

The whole Manya – The Princeton Review team worked very hard for my admission, from university selection to financial documentation support, and always responded immediately to my queries. The Sutradhar mail account and timely phone calls gave me a feeling that my application process was done right next to my office desk. As a result, I got offers from University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon University for Masters.
Thank You
Siva Penke

My counselor went into comprehensive details about my background for my university selection, application and admission process. Whether it was about the complex questions regarding the selection process of a specific business school or the most basic criterion of selecting universities, my counselor gave sound feedback even at odd times. This personalized support motivates me to recommend Manya- The Princeton review’s Admission Counseling Services to anyone who decides to go through the arduous process of joining a reputed business school.
Thank You
Zohair Khan



  • Shreeya Arora
    Manya ID: STX1415A00027E110001
    Indiana University Bloomington
    Fall 2015
  • Shreeya Aggarwal
    Manya ID: MDP1415A00009E100001
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Fall 2015
  • Avais Sait
    Manya ID: ANR1415A00012E070003
    Ohio State University
    Fall 2015
  • Chinmay Sehgal
    Manya ID: LCK1415A00012E060001
    College of William and Mary
    Fall 2015
  • Pratyoy Mukhopadhyay
    Manya ID: LCK1415A00012E060001
    Arizona state Univesity
    Fall 2015
  • Ajay Singhvi
    Manya ID: JNR1314A00001E020001
    Stanford Universityt
    Fall 2015


  • Venkat Chaitanya | GMAT Score 770/800 | Manya ID TNR1415P00045E090001
  • Nandini Taneja | GMAT Score 760/800 | Manya ID STX1314S00032E020003
  • Rohit Maskara | GMAT Score 760/800 | Manya ID STX1415S00032E080002
  • Shobhit Khandelwal | GMAT Score 760/800 | Manya ID JNR1213G00005E030004
  • Kartikeya Kaul | GMAT Score 750/800 | Manya ID STX1415S00032E090001
  • Midushi Jaiswal | GMAT Score 750/800 | Manya ID STX1415S00067E010003
  • Rajith Kalkuli | GMAT Score 750/800 | Manya ID MVM1516G00005E040001
  • Pulkit Gupta | GRE Score 338/340 | Manya ID INR1213N00002E010008
  • Bezzam Varun | GRE Score 338/340 | Manya ID ANR1415N00005E060004
  • Deepak Ravindran | GRE Score 337/340 | Manya ID ADR1314N00002E020041
  • Joel Varghese | GRE Score 336/340 | Manya ID NCS1314A00034E080001
  • Abhinav RaiI | GRE Score 335/340 | Manya ID MDP1314B00001E030002
  • Aditya Sharma | GRE Score 334/340 | Manya ID MVM1314N00002E020033
  • Arita Bhaduri | GRE Score 334/340 | Manya ID SBR1314N00002E040013
  • Utkarsh Singh | GRE Score 334/340 | Manya ID STX1213N00002E030004
  • Swastik Basui | GRE Score 334/340 | Manya ID SBR1213N00002E030005
  • Kanupriyaa Choudhary | SAT Score 2390/2400 | Manya ID STX1314S00150E110005
  • Priyanka Sethi | SAT Score 2390/2400 | Manya ID VVR1112S00001E100001
  • Pradyumna Shome | SAT Score 2360/2400 | Manya ID INR1516S00005E040004
  • Arnav Aggarwal | SAT Score 2360/2400 | Manya ID STX1415S00001E110002
  • Sriram Baireddy | SAT Score 2350/2400 | Manya ID MDP1213S00005E030009
  • Madhav Dutt | SAT Score 2340/2400 | Manya ID STX1213S00001E050008
  • Rachana | SAT Score 2340/2400 | Manya ID H-I1314S00005E080003
  • Vrshank | SAT Score 2310/2400 | Manya ID ADR1213S00005E120003
  • Jeevan Priya | SAT Score 2310/2400 | Manya ID HNR1112A00010E110002
  • Joyeeta Bhattacharya | TOEFL Score 119/120 | Manya ID HNR1112A00010E110002
  • Jennifer Jesuraj | TOEFL Score 118/120 | Manya ID TNR1314N00002E010018
  • Krishna Nambiar | TOEFL Score 118/120 | Manya ID ADR1314N00002E020017
  • Shreyashi Piplai | IELTS Score 9/9 | Manya ID ADR1314N00002E010012
  • Bezzam Varun | IELTS Score 8.5/9 | Manya ID ADR1415N00005E060004
  • Vennila MP | IELTS Score 8.5/9 | Manya ID PRR1314C00001E010002
  • Lahari Muvva | IELTS Score 8.5/9 | Manya ID MDP1314C00001E030008
  • Aakash Mehta | ACT Score 35/36 | Manya ID STX1415A00009E090006
  • Nirvaan Sawhney | ACT Score 35/36 | Manya ID STX1415A00038E10D001