PSAT Score Report

 PSAT  results are usually declared in December.  You can use this score report to identify your strengths and weaknesses to prepare for the SAT. The score report includes answer keys for each section of the PSAT. The key lists out-

  • The correct answer
  • Your answer
  • The level of difficulty of each question (easy, medium or hard).

On the Math section, the key will also tell you whether the concept tested was from algebra, geometry, data analysis, or numbers and operations. You will also receive your test booklet back with your score report, so you can figure out your performance on the PSAT. This is a great way to kick start your SAT preparation!

Finally, the score report includes a percentile that allows you to see how you did in relation to other students in your grade. If your percentile is 60%, that means you scored higher than 60% of students in your grade.

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