PSAT Score Report

PSAT results are usually declared in December. The PSAT score report gives you a detailed account of how you have performed on the PSAT, how prepared you are for the SAT and how ready you are for college

The PSAT score report can help you in the following ways:
1.  Answer keys for each section of the PSAT which gives the correct answer, your answer and the level of difficulty of the exam.
2.  The Math section contains a key that tells you whether the concept tested was from algebra, data analysis, or numbers and operations.
3.  The PSAT score can be used to start preparing for the SAT. Go to to create and link your College Board and Khan Academy accounts to get started. Your PSAT score gets imported into Khan Academy and you get a personalized SAT STUDY PLAN to help you practice on those areas you need to work most.
4.  Access to the AP Potential™ tool to pinpoint students who are likely to succeed in more challenging courses. This section tells you which AP classes would work best for you.
5.  The NMSC Index section of the score report lets you know if your score meets the entry requirements of the National Merit Scholarship Program.
6.  Finally, the score report includes a percentile that allows you to see how you did in relation to other students in your grade. If your percentile is 60%, that means you scored higher than 60% of students in your grade.

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