Should H1B Suspension Impact Your Study in the USA Plan?

The recent headlines about Trump:  “Trump signs order to suspend H-1B, L-1 visas till December” is once again shaking the sentiment of people wanting to go to the US. However, should study abroad aspirants (students) be worried about this?

No, this news is not expected to have any adverse impact on study abroad aspirants.

Let’s understand the facts: –

  1. The order applies only to work-related visas. This doesn’t impact students studying or students planning to go to study in the US
  2. Students targeting Fall 2021 intake and graduating in 2025 (UG) or 2023 (Master’s/MBA) will not be impacted as these restrictions will be lifted by the end of December 2020.
  3. Trump’s administration has always favoured giving work visas to students who have completed their education in the US, advocating Merit-based immigration rather than a lottery.

Do not lose sight of your dreams! The US will continue to remain a popular study destination for students.

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