Advanced Placement (AP) Home Testing Guide 2020

As we are aware, the College Board is supporting the AP students who have been preparing all year, with an option, test at home.

Now, the College Board has released AP Home testing Guide – 2020 which covers comprehensively the home testing process. Some of the key points are listed here,

  • Students will receive a confirmation email to the registered mail id on 4th May 2020. The confirmation mail will also have a list of the exams they have registered for.
  • An online AP Exam demo will be available on 4th May which can be accessed at cb.org/apdemo. Using this, students can practice the different ways to submit the responses. If they couldn’t connect to this demo from the planned testing device, they will not be able to access the actual test on the same device.
  • Students will receive an e-ticket by email two days before each test. Students need this e-ticket to check in to their exams.
  • The AP Exam will only open in the latest versions of Chrome (preferred), Firefox, Safari, or Edge.
  • Students can type or write their responses outside that browser. They then choose from three options to submit responses
  1. Type the response in a file (word doc, notepad, or similar one) copy and paste the typed response in the space indicated in the browser
  2. Type the response in a file, save and attach the file.
  3. Write the response in a white paper, take photos and attach.
  • If students find any issues during the test and couldn’t complete the test, then they will be directed to an online AP Make up testing request form where they can describe the issue and request e-ticket for a June make up exam. Students will receive approval for issues like sickness, significant interruptions from family members, battery failures, power outage, and technical disruptions. Make up exam request form is only for students who test in May.
  • Subject wise what is required, recommended and permitted on the test day is given in the guide.
  • At any case, students should remember to submit the responses on time, even if they couldn’t answer a few parts of the question.
  • Students have to indicate the college or university to get their scores before 20th June 2020 through student’s AP account. After June 20, there is a $15 fee for each score report that needs to be sent.

Source: College Board


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