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Whether you like to study in a group (GRE Classroom-very popular), or prefer studying 1-on-1 at your own pace at one of our nearest centers (GRE 1-on-1), or want to study 1-on-1 at your home at your own pace (GRE 1-on-1 Premium Tutoring), we have a course to suit your need!

To build a strong structure you need a strong foundation and same is the case with GRE.

Manya GRE Foundation course helps you to strengthen GRE Math and Verbal basics so that you are able to grasp the concepts and techniques that are fundamental to a good GRE preparation.

GRE Foundation course has the following three variants:

  • GRE Foundation: 12 hours course with 6 hours each of Verbal and Math
  • GRE Foundation Verbal: 6 hours Verbal
  • GRE Foundation Math: 6 hours of Math

*Note: GRE Foundation course variants are also available in GRE Online


Here are three versions of our GRE Classroom Courses each unique in its own way!


   GRE Classroom Courses Available


  GRE Classroom GRE 1-on-1 GRE 1-on-1 Premium Tutoring
@ Home
The Princeton Review GRE Manual v8.0
ETS GRE Official Guide – 2nd edition
Manya GRE Supplement with 750+ questions
The Princeton Review GRE Dashboard provides
184 hours of online resources including:
          -450+ drills in 3 different difficulty levels
          -3500+ practice questions
          -24 hours of strategy videos
          -8 full-length adaptive by section practice tests
          -Interactive score reports for focused test review
          Calibration using drill smart.. Know more
Essay-grading at no extra cost
Unique Satisfaction Guarantee*
Unlimited Extra Help
  Know more Know more Know more

* Conditions Apply

        -  Minimum 85% attendance is mandatory
        -  Take all your practice tests
        -  Do your homework
        -  Take the actual test


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