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SAT Private Tutoring

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Experience the Real Test & the Testing Environment

Practice with 5 mock tests that simulate the real Digital Exam to Get Test Ready!

Last Mile Sessions 30 Days before the Actual Test (Group)

20 Hours of Learning & Practice with Newer Questions & Practice Tests.

6 Months course Validity





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Digital SAT FAQ's

What is SAT Digital?

The new digital SAT exam will include some significant changes that will affect how students prepare for and take the test. The digital SAT will be computer-adaptive, which means that the difficulty level of questions in subsequent sections will be determined by your performance in the first section. If you do well in the first section, the second section’s questions will be more difficult.

When is the College Board launching the Digital SAT?

The College Board will transition into the digital SAT at international test centers in March of 2023 and at U.S. schools and test centers in spring of 2024.

The Digital PSAT for international students will begin in the fall of 2023.

Will the paper and pencil SAT still be available alongside the digital version?

No, the College Board is making a clean shift from the pencil and paper-based SAT to the digital. Hence, once the Digital SAT gets launched, it will discontinue the pencil and paper-based test except for the student who tests with accommodations that need the pencil and paper-based test.

Can I now take the SAT Online?

The College Board announced on January 25, 2022, that the SAT would undergo significant changes, including becoming a computer-based test rather than a pencil-and-paper test.

What happens if I have problems with my device or internet connectivity on the test day?

The Digital SAT application created by the College Board is designed to overcome the internet outages. If you lose connectivity during the test, you will still be able to progress through the test without any interruption as your work will get saved. Thus, you do not lose any testing time at all!

How or on what will I take the digital SAT?

You can use a laptop or a tablet to take the SAT exam. You can even borrow a device from the College Board to take the SAT. Before the exam, you have to download and install the custom-built digital exam application that would facilitate the test.