IB Diploma Programme Syllabus

IB - Middle Year Programme 11-16 Yrs

Cell Biology

Molecular Biology



Evolution and Biodiversity

Human Physiology

Nucleic Acids ( HL)

opic 8: Metabolism, Cell Respiration, and Photosynthesis ( HL)

Plant Biology ( HL)

Genetics and Evolution ( HL)

Animal Physiology ( HL )

Computer Science

System fundamentals

Computer organization


Computational thinking, problem-solving and programming
The Higher Level extension topics relating to the core are:

~Abstract data structures
~Resource managemen

~Students study one of the following options:

~Option A: Databases
~Option B: Modeling and simulation
~Option C: Web science
~Option D: Object-oriented programming (OOP)

Measurements and Uncertainties


Thermal Physics


Electricity and Magnetism

Circular Motion and Gravitation

Atomic, Nuclear and Particle Physics

Energy Production

Wave Phenomena (HL)

Fields (HL)

Electromagnetic Induction (HL)

Quantum and Nuclear Physics (HL)


Stoichiometric Relationships

Atomic Structure


Chemical Bonding and Structure



Acids and Bases

Redox Processes

Organic Chemistry

Measurement and Data Processing

Atomic Structure ( HL)

The Periodic Table: Transition Metals ( HL)

Chemical Bonding and Structure ( HL)

Energetics/Thermochemistry ( HL)

Chemical Kinetics ( HL)

Equilibrium ( HL)

Acids and Bases ( HL)

Redox Processes ( HL)

Organic Chemistry ( HL)


Are IB and IGCSE students different?

Yes. IB and IGCSE students are different. IGCSE is more concerned with basic-level skills. The content in IGCSE subjects is more country and straightforward based. Meanwhile, in IB The content is more focused on mastering the basic skills for the level of diploma. The IB subjects are designed with an integrated method to enhance practical skills.

Are IB Exams Worth Retaking?

Retaking IB can be suitable alternative, if you are disappointed with your IB results for any reason, including not receiving enough points to get the diploma, receiving lower scores than expected in a particular topic, or any other reason.

Are IGCSE and IB the same?

Yes, IGCSE is a 2-year program and IB is for 15-18 years of age. The IGCSE & IB both are certified by the University of Cambridge.  

Are there external Assessments in the MYP like in the Diploma Programme?

Yes, The optional MYP E-assessment is conducted by the IB. The aim of this assessment is to evaluate student achievement with an age-appropriate strategy. Thus, these are the external Assessments in the MYP like in the Diploma Programme conducted

Can an IGCSE math student cope with an IB Math student?

Yes, an IGCSE Math student copes with an IB Math student. If the basics of mathematics are clear.  

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