GMAT Blend

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh graduate, an undergrad, or even a working professional. Yes, it’s possible to score high on the GMAT even with a hectic day job. HOW? Well, if you have the dedication, great coaching institute, proper study plan, and sincere study environment, you are 100% headed in the right direction. With Manya Education, you are not alone! Our various GMAT preparation programs are the most suitable option for students to clear their doubts related to the GMAT exam, complex topics, and course curriculum.

Do you wish to score high on the GMAT but your professional career leaves you with no time to breathe? If yes, then you must stick to your self-study skills and just seek help for the clarification of doubts. With our GMAT Blend program, we aim to provide students with all the planning and study material required for them to come out with flying colors. The hallmark of our GMAT Blend program is the doubt clarification sessions students get from an experienced instructor – imagine an instructor closely addressing all your GMAT doubts, providing useful guidance, and keeping you focused on your GMAT self-study… Well, that is what the GMAT Blend program is all about. Now discard all your worries and start GMAT preparation at home.

GMAT Blend Offerings:

Tutoring Study Material Student Portal
8 hours of instructor-led doubt clarification sessions TPR GMAT Manual to learn techniques and strategies for both Quant and Verbal 10 full-length computer-adaptive simulated tests with detailed score reports and answers with explanation. Essay grading at no extra cost
Additional Practice Material 100 adaptive videos based lesson by our experienced, engaging instructors
GMAT Quantitative& Verbal Review Book 10 IR full section practice drills


12 months GMAT course validity with 6-month access to the Student Portal GMAT Official Guide (Latest Version) – to learn basics and practice from the test writers 83 adaptive drills (3,000 questions), 91 quick review lessons

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Focussed Preparation

Focussed and structured prep. Well defined Pre and Post class learning areas

Engaging Trainers

Master trainers with subject expertise and classroom management skills

Advanced Learning Portal

Built using advanced technology; our portal has everything you need for a great score