Do I get scratch paper on the Computer-Based GRE?

Yes, the scratch paper will be provided on the computer-based GRE. You are allowed to get as many papers as you need but you are not allowed to take the scratch paper out of the testing center. In Manya, we teach effective use of the scratch paper for better score improvement.

Can I use a calculator while taking the GRE?

Yes, you can, but you are not allowed to bring your own calculator to the testing center. There is an onscreen calculator available for all the GRE Quant questions. This calculator is a simple model with basic four operations and square root available to use.

How is the GRE delivered?

In India, the GRE General Test is a computer-delivered test, which means the entire test is administered via a computer in Prometric test centers.

What is a Section-Adaptive test?

The first section of Verbal and the first section of Math will have a mixed bag of easy, medium and hard questions. The difficulty level of the second section depends on your performance in the first section. Second Verbal section depends on the first verbal section and the second math section depends on the first math section. If you have many right answers in the first section then the second section will have more harder questions. If you have preferred poorly in the first section then the second section will have easier questions. To get a top score, you have to get into a harder second section.

How long is the GRE?

GRE 3 hours 40 minutes test excluding the breaks. If the experimental section in Math then the testing time will be 5 minutes longer than the mentioned time. Including breaks, optional research sections, selecting the schools, etc the duration will be around 4.5 hours.

What is the format of GRE?

Let us find out the format below:

GRE Test has three sections: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning.
Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) is always the first section. In this section, students will have to write two essays each with a duration of 30 minutes.
Verbal Reasoning: In this section, students have to answer two sections, each section will have 20 questions with 30 minutes duration.
Quantitative Reasoning: In this section, students have to answer two sections, each section will have 20 questions with 35 minutes duration.
Experimental section (unscored): One full section either Verbal reasoning or Quantitative reasoning.
After the AWA section, 2 Quant sections, 2 Verbal sections, and 1 experimental section can appear in any order. Students will not know which section is an experimental section.

How should I prepare for the GRE?

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the GRE:

1. Know the rules of the game – Get thorough with the structure, format, and scoring of the test.
2. Review the essentials (basic concepts) required for the test. For verbal, learn vocabulary and for math, learn the basics of the math topics tested.
3. Learn techniques, strategies and pacing tips to boost your score.
4. Practice questions from standard GRE materials.
5. Take GRE Full-length practice tests at regular intervals and review the test to learn from the mistakes.

For more on GRE prep, see our guide for making a GRE study plan.

What material is tested on the GRE?

There is no specific material being tested on the GRE.  Let us see what’s tested on each section of the test:
Analytical Writing: Two essays to ‘analyze an issue’ and ‘analyze an argument’ in which Reasoning, argumentative and writing skills are tested.
Verbal Reasoning: Comprehending and Vocabulary skills are tested in Reading comprehension, Text Completion, and Sentence equivalence questions.
Quantitative Reasoning: Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Data Analysis.


Can I retake the GRE? How many times can I take the test?

You can retake the GRE once in every 21 days, up to 5 times in a rolling year (which means if you take your attempt in March 2020, then you can take 5 attempts before March 2021).

Can I change the date or location of my test?

You must change your GRE® General Test registration no later than four days before your test date or your test fee will be forfeited.

  • The fee to reschedule your test registration is US$50.
  • The fee to change your test center is US$50.

Rescheduling and changing the test center can be done online through your ETS account

Can I take the GRE for Business School?

Most of the business schools accept the GRE in place of the GMAT. However, it is suggested to cross-check the policies and preferences of the program and the college you’re interested in.

What do I need to bring with me to the testing center?

Items that you have to bring to the computer-delivered GRE test center are:

  • Original Valid ID Proof (which is used while registering the test)
  • Confirmation email print out or Authorization Voucher.
  • Jacket – optional (test centers are often cold)

Items that can be bought to the test center but have to be kept in the locker outside the test center and can be accessed during the breaks.

  • Water
  • Snacks

How often can I take the GRE?

You can take the computer-delivered GRE General Test once every 21 days, up to five times within any continuous rolling 12-month period (365 days). This applies even if you canceled your scores on a test taken previously.

Is there any difference between SAT Subject tests and Advanced Placement classes?

“Yes definitely, both of them are quite different. Let us first understand both better. The SAT subject tests are high school-level tests and reflect the high school curricula. These tests indicate a student’s readiness to take college-level courses in specific subject areas. AP Exams, however, assess a student’s college-level knowledge, skills and abilities, learned in the corresponding AP courses. As a result, the topics covered on SAT Subject Tests may differ from those covered on AP Exams.”

Can I cancel my SAT scores?

“Yes. If you feel you didn’t do well on the SAT you can cancel the test. In the test center, you can ask the test co-ordinator for a request to cancel the test scores form, complete it, sign and return the form to the test coordinator. If you want to cancel the test after leaving the test center, download the request to cancel the test scores form from the college board site. The completed form should be sent to the address given on the college board site. The form should not be submitted through phone or e-mail. Refer the link for more details, https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/scores/canceling-scores”

Do I need an educational consultant?

“The need for an educational consultant can vary as per the students; as every student is different and therefore demands to be approached differently. Some are good to prepare themselves and some need professional assistance. However, it is recommended to go for a formal SAT coaching as this will help you guide you better as your counselors will give you information as a starting point for your research.”

How much high school math do I need before I can start preparing for the SAT?

“Most of the topics in the SAT Math are covered in class 9 or 10. A few topics would be new for the student which can be learnt in our SAT course.”

Where can I get a sample SAT to practice on?

“you can download practice tests from college board site. You can also walk into one of our centers to take a full-length SAT paper-pencil test. You can also get a comprehensive score report and feedback from our expert trainers.”

What is the right time to prepare for the SAT?

For Indian students, the ideal time to start the SAT preparation would be after 10th-grade board exams. Students will be a little free for at least the next three months after completing the 10th exams before they get packed with 11th and 12th-grade school tasks. Most of the topics tested in the SAT are covered in the 10th class, so it is neither too early nor too late. Students will also get time for 2nd or 3rd attempt if required.

Can I take the SAT as many times as I want? or is there a limit?

Students can take the SAT as many times as they want, however, recommended is twice or thrice.

What is Score Choice and how does it helps?

Let us find out what is score choice and how does it helps:

1. Score Choice is applicable for students who have taken the SAT multiple times.
2. With Score Choice, you put your best foot forward by choosing which score you send to colleges.
3. Some colleges let you to send the best composite score you have taken in all your SATs. Some colleges allow you to choose the best section score from the SAT tests you have taken. Some colleges and scholarship programs require you to send all your scores.
4. Score Choice is Optional. If you don’t use it, all of your SAT test results will automatically sent to the colleges on your list.
5. Score Choice is a free service.

When can I expect to get my SAT scores?

“SAT scores for any test date are almost always available 2–4 weeks after you take the test. If you take the SAT on a Saturday, your multiple-choice scores will be ready about two weeks later. And if you take the SAT with Essay, your essay score will be ready a few days after your scores for the multiple-choice portion of the SAT are posted.”

How much does it cost to take the SAT exam?

The fee for attempting the SAT in India is $96.50 for without the optional Essay and $113.50 with the Essay – both inclusive of International Fee of $49. If you change your SAT date or Center, an additional $29 is charged.


What is the procedure to register for the SAT?

Steps to register for the SAT:

1. Sign in to your free College Board account. If you do not have an account on the College Board, create a new account.
2. Provide your full, legal name and other identifying information. Make sure it’s the exact same name and information shown on your photo ID.
3. Decide if you want to answer other questions about yourself. This takes time, but it’s worth it if you want colleges and scholarship organizations to find you. Learn why you should opt in to Student Search Service®.
4. Upload a photo that meets very specific photo requirements.
5. Check out by making the payment and print your Admission Ticket.

Who are the creators of SAT?

The College Board, a not-for-profit organization in the United States owns and administers the SAT.

What is the SAT?

“The SAT  is a standardized test administered by the College Board, widely used for Undergrad college admissions in the United States and many other countries to test student’s college and career readiness.”

When will my TOEFL test scores be mailed? Can I receive them early?

How can I order Additional Score Report for TOEFL?

One can order an Additional Score Report just after receiving the test scores approximately 6 days after taking the test. Candidates are charged US$20 for ordering each Additional Score Report. Candidates can order the Additional Score Report through phone, mail or online.

Can I cancel my TOEFL test scores?

Candidates receive the option of canceling the test scores at the end of the exam. However, the candidates cannot cancel the score of any one section of the test. You can reinstate your cancelled scores if your request is received at ETS within 60 days of your test date, for a fee of US$20

How can I prepare for the TOEFL test?

By practicing more and more one can achieve a perfect score. There are numerous practice tests provided by different institutions available online. Apart from this, with the official practice test, candidates gain the experience of taking the real test. With this, the candidates can review and answer questions and also obtain the scores within 24 hours.

When should I register for the TOEFL test?

As seats are filled quickly, it is always advisable to register 3 to 4 months before you plan to take the test. Also, the test date should be at least 2-3 months before your nearest application deadline.

What are the late fee charges for TOEFL?

Registration for the TOEFL exam closes 7 days prior to the test date. The candidate has to pay a late fee of US $40 if they fail to register before this deadline. Late registration is closed 2 days prior to the test date.

What is a TOEFL iBT® Resource Center?

Resources Center provides general in-language information about the TOEFL test and test preparation.

What is the fee refund policy for this exam?

If Cancellation is done 4-days before the deadline half of the test fee will be repaid. Refunds are paid only in US dollars and cash refunds are also not available.

What is the eligibility criteria for TOEFL 2020?

According to the ETS, the conducting body of TOEFL, as it is an English language proficiency test, so, there will not be any specific eligibility criteria for giving the TOEFL exam. Anyone who wishes to work or study abroad can give this exam in order to prove his/her English language proficiency for getting admissions in the universities or organizations based in English speaking countries. Apart from this, there is also no set age limit for giving the TOEFL exam, generally, those who have completed their high school or equivalent can give this exam.

How can I cancel my scores?

“You can reschedule or cancel your registration up to 4 days before your test date. The reschedule fee is US$60 and it must be paid before you can register for another date. If your request is not received at least 4 days in advance, your test fee will not be refunded. Test center staff cannot make schedule changes. You can reschedule through your ETS account either online or via the TOEFL official app, or contact us by phone:
United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada — +1-443-751-4862 or 1-800-GO-TOEFL (1-800-468-6335)
All other locations — contact your Regional Registration Center
Note: You cannot reschedule or cancel your registration via mail or email.”

When will my TOEFL test scores be mailed? Can I receive them early?

Official score reports will be sent to your designated recipients within 11 days after you take the test. You may view your scores online or via the TOEFL official app, approximately 6 days after you take the test.

Will my TWE score be part of my TOEFL score?

No. Your score report will show the scores separately.

Do I have to take the Test of Written English (TWE)?

Yes, you will also be required to take the test of Written English. There is no additional charge for the TWE test.

What will I need to be admitted to the TOEFL test center?

To be admitted to the test center, you will need an admission ticket or official authorization, your official identification document, and a completed photo file record with a recent photo of yourself attached.

Can I change my TOEFL test date?

You can reschedule or cancel your registration up to 4 days before your test date. The reschedule fee is US$60 and it must be paid before you can register for another date. If your request is not received at least 4 days in advance, your test fee will not be refunded. Test center staff cannot make schedule changes.

Once I have registered for TOEFL, can I change my test center assignment?

If you cannot take the test at your assigned center, you may go to another test center on the date printed on your admission ticket, but there is no guarantee that space or test materials will be available for you.

When can I expect to receive my admission ticket(s)?

If you have not received your ticket(s) two weeks before the test, contact TOEFL Services.

How many questions are there on the TOEFL test?

Reading – 30 to 40 Questions/ Listening – 28 to 39 Questions/ Speaking – 4 Tasks/ Writing- 2 Tasks . The number of test questions and the amount of time needed to take the TOEFL test may vary from one test administration to another. Reading and listening sections might contain extra questions that are unscored.

How do I prepare for the TOEFL test?

ETS provides official test preparation materials free of charge to anyone who registers for the TOEFL exam worldwide.

Can I cancel or postpone my IELTS test?

For the Paper based

Yes, request for cancellation or postponement should be given upto 5 weeks prior to the scheduled date with valid documents.

For the Computer delivered IELTS

Request for cancellation MORE than 1 weeks ahead of the test date

Will my IELTS fees be refunded if I fail to appear for the exam on the scheduled date?

If you fail to appear for the test on the scheduled date without prior intimation, the candidate will be marked as ‘no show’ and the fees will not be refunded. In exceptional cases, the fees will be refunded (less 25% of administrative fees), if a candidate can provide evidence within 5 days that his ability to sit for the test has been affected by serious illness or cause.

If I have appeared for IELTS test twice, which result can I use?

You can use the test in which you have scored highest as long as the result is still valid.

How much break time I will get in-between the IELTS tests?

There are no breaks between three tests such as the IELTS Listening test , IELTS Reading and Writing. However, please note that the order in which these tests are taken may vary.

Can I take up part of the IELTS test in different days?

For the Paper-based Test 

Candidate has to complete the listening, reading and writing section on the same day. The speaking test can be taken upto 7 days before or after the other three modules.

For the Computer delivered Test 

You can opt while booking the test, to take the speaking module on the same day or different day from the other modules.

Which version of IELTS is for me?

IELTS Academic is for candidates wishing to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level and for those seeking professional registration. IELTS General Training is for candidates wishing to migrate to an English speaking country and for those wishing to train or study at below degree level. The version should be chosen depending on the organization the candidate is applying to and future plans. Confirm with the organization before registering for the exam.

Who can apply for IELTS test?

Any person who wishes to pursue education or work opportunities or for immigration in English speaking countries can apply for the IELTS Test. There are two versions in the IELTS exam – Academic and General Training. Check out the IELTS syllabus for more details.

How can I choose date for IELTS exam?

For the Paper based Test 

The IELTS has about 48 fixed dates in a year – 4 test dates in a month. Tests are held on Saturdays and Thursdays.

For the Computer delivered Test 

Up to 7 days a week, 3 times a day. To find out test dates in your area, visit IELTS official website or contact your nearest test centre.

How to register for the IELTS test?

In order to register for the IELTS exam, you can visit the IELTS official website and can start your registration. It is recommended to register as soon as you have decided to take the IELTS as you will be able to choose your preferred location and test date to take the exam.

What are the major countries accepting IELTS score?

The IELTS score is widely accepted in the countries namely, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA and many other places around the world where English is a language in the workplace or classroom.

Who manages the IELTS exam?

IELTS test is jointly managed by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English language assessment.

What skills are tested on the IELTS test?

The IELTS exam tests you on the four skills namely, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. That is if you wish to score well on the IELTS then scoring well on all these sections is important.

What is the purpose of IELTS Test?

The purpose of the IELTS test is to assess the reading, writing, listening and speaking ability of the English language of a person who wants to study, work or migrate to an English speaking country. So, if you are looking to study or work abroad then IELTS is for you.

Where IELTS score is accepted?

IELTS score is accepted over 9,000 organizations worldwide, including schools, universities, employers, immigration authorities and professional bodies.

How soon can I re-take the IELTS test?

There is no time limit on re-taking the test, it totally depends on you. However, we strongly recommend you do additional preparation before taking the IELTS test again. Some test centres offer preparatory courses and language classes, so you can go for a test prep institute.

How are the IELTS tests marked?

IELTS uses a 9-band scoring system to report test scores in a consistent manner. You receive individual band scores for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking and an Overall Band Score on a band scale from one to nine.

When will I receive my IELTS test results?

Paper based Test – Your Test Report Form will be available to you 13 calendar days after your test date. The Computer-delivered test – 5 to 7 days. You will only receive one copy of your Test Report Form unless you are applying to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), or the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) – in this case, you can receive two. Proof of application to CIC and UKBA must be provided.


Who sets the ‘pass mark’ for the IELTS test?

There is no pass or fail in the IELTS test. The IELTS Scores are graded on the 9-band system. Each educational institution or organization sets its own minimum IELTS scores to meet its individual requirements.

Can I write in pencil on my IELTS exam?

You must write in pencil for the Listening and Reading components in the IELTS exam. However, for the Writing test, you can use a pen or a pencil as per your convenience.

Can I write in capital letters for my IELTS test?

Yes, you can use all capital letters in the IELTS Reading and Listening components and also in the Writing component.

What accents can be heard in IELTS Listening and Speaking tests?

As you know that the IELTS is an international test, a variety of English accents, such as Australian, New Zealand, British, or North American accents are used in both in IELTS Listening and Speaking tests.

What do I need to take the IELTS Speaking test?

You must bring the same passport or the national identity card you submitted on your IELTS Application Form and continue to use the same identity documents for each part of the test. Your identity will be checked before you enter the interview room for your IELTS Speaking Test.

What is the IELTS Speaking test?

The IELTS Speaking test is a discussion over 11-14 minutes with a certified and highly qualified IELTS Examiner. The Speaking test is made up of three sections. It is recorded on an audiocassette or a digital recorder.

What can I take into the IELTS examination room?

Into the IELTS examination room, you are allowed to take only pens, pencils and erasers with you. You must bring the passport/national identity card you used on the IELTS Application Form to the test. You must leave everything else outside the examination room. Mobile phones and pagers must be switched off and placed with personal belongings in the area designated by the supervisor. If you do not switch off your phone/pager or if you keep it with you, you will be disqualified.

What are the rules for taking the IELTS exam?

The Test rules for taking the IELTS exam and guidelines can be found on the notice to candidates provided in the IELTS application form. You are also advised to read the information for candidates booklet carefully so that you understand the test format and know what to expect on your test day.

Should I attempt all parts of IELTS test on the same day? And Which part should I take first?

The Listening, Reading and Writing components of the test are always completed immediately after each other and with no break. You will take the Speaking test up to 7 days either before or after the test date, depending on the test centre. Many of our test centers will allow you to choose if you wish to complete all four components of the test on test day or if you wish to complete the Speaking component on a different day, depending on what suits you best. You will do the Listening component first followed by the Reading and Writing components of the test.

How can I postpone or cancel my IELTS test?

In order to cancel or postpone your IELTS test please contact the test centre where you booked your IELTS test. If you postpone or cancel your application more than 5 weeks before the test date, you will receive a refund minus an administration charge. If you postpone or cancel within 5 weeks of the test date, you will be charged the full fee unless you have a medical reason. If you are unable to attend due to a serious medical condition and provide a medical certificate within 5 days of the test date, you will receive a refund minus the local administrative cost. If you are delayed by circumstances beyond your control (e.g. a transport strike) the test centre may offer you a test on the next available test date.

How much does it cost to study IELTS?

How much it will cost you to study IELTS vary from country to country. Your counselor will advise the test fee for your country in your local currency, or you can contact your nearest test centre. The IELTS test fee is the same for both versions of the test (Academic and General Training).

Where can I take the IELTS exam?

IELTS can be taken at Test Centres worldwide on fixed days throughout the year. It is jointly managed by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL), the British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia.

What is IELTS exam?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a test to assess the English language skills of candidates who want to study, work or migrate to a country where English is the official language of communication.

Do business schools have a minimum GMAT score requirement?

Most schools will not set a minimum requirement for GMAT scores, although most will publish the average GMAT score of their students. This information is usually readily available on schools’ websites. So, do your research and find out the average scores for the schools you want to apply to.

How long are GMAT scores valid for?

Your GMAT scores will be valid for 5 years. Every time you take the test and send your score to a school, the school will be able to see every GMAT score you have attained in the previous 5 years.

How many times can I take the GMAT?

You can retake the GMAT up to 5 times in a rolling 12-month period and not more than 8 times in a lifetime. However, if you want to take it more than that then you can submit an application to GMAC. You must also understand that you should give a concrete reason; otherwise, your request will be cancelled. Also, if you score an 800 on the exam, you will not be allowed to retake the test for another 5 years!

What if I need my cellular (mobile) phone at the test center?

“You may not bring your cellular (mobile) phone into the testing room, nor may you check or use your phone during breaks. You may store your phone in a locker during your test, but the test administrator is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If you do access your cell phone at any time during your exam time, your exam will be cancelled and your exam fee will be forfeited.

If there is an emergency, you may ask the test administrator to use the test center’s telephone during breaks.”

“What if I need more break time than I am given? “

Breaks are timed and any extra time taken will be deducted from the time you are given to complete the next section. Testing accommodations are available for test takers who meet certain eligibility criteria and properly document their requests.

How will cancelling and reinstating my scores impact any Additional Score Reports (ASR) I purchase?

“If you purchase an Additional Score Report (ASR) within the 72 hour cancellation period, you will not be able to cancel your score.

If you recently reinstated a score, you may be temporarily unable to purchase an ASR until the reinstatement is fully processed. This is to ensure that the ASR you purchased includes all your GMAT scores, including the one you recently reinstated.”

Can I cancel and reinstate my GMAT™ score multiple times within the 72-hour cancellation period?

“Yes, you will be able to cancel and reinstate your GMAT score multiple times. However, the fees will apply to each cancellation and each reinstatement requested. We recommend that candidates carefully consider their strategy and decisions for cancelling their scores before taking the actual GMAT.”

Will I get scratch paper on the GMAT?

Yes, you will get a double-sided, laminated scratch pad the size of a standard legal pad to use during the GMAT. You can write on the scratch pad with non-permanent markers that will be provided to you on the day of the test. You can ask the proctor for a new scratch pad at any time during the exam.

How can I prepare to take the GMAT™ exam?

“You should prepare until you are comfortable with the test question formats and timing. It is critical that you understand what types of items to expect and how to pace yourself. Preparation time differs from individual to individual but may take seven weeks or more.

We at Manya Education offer various GMAT courses (online as well as classroom) to cater to all segments of students. You may choose from what suits you best.”

Am I allowed to use a calculator during my exam?

You are not allowed to bring your own calculator for the exam. You will see an option for using an online calculator during the Integrated Reasoning section only. Calculators are not permitted during the Quantitative section. You will be provided with note boards and markers to work out your calculations on the Quantitative section. In addition, no personal items are allowed in the exam room. You will be provided with a locker for your personal belongings.


What Math is on the GMAT?

“The concepts tested on the GMAT are the same as in high school. However, it does not cover any Trigonometry or Calculus. The GMAT quant section has two types of Questions — Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency. Data sufficiency questions will ask you if the information in the two statements is ‘sufficient’ for answering the question.

Since you won’t have a calculator on the quant section, it’s also important to be number savvy. You should be able to do calculations in time-efficient ways.”

How should I prepare for the GMAT?

Enroll in a reputed test prep such as Manyagroup and start your right preparation. And to improve your score, target your weaknesses. Devote study time to every section, but you should spend the highest number of prep hours on the areas which you find challenging to deal with.

Can I reschedule a GMAT appointment?

One can reschedule even 1 day before the test date. No appointment changes can be made or modified within 24 hours of the exam appointment time. The reschedule fees is structured in three tiers based on your scheduled appointment day. It varies from $50 to $150. Check mba.com to know the latest fee structure.

What if I’m not happy with my GMAT score? Can I retake the test and when?

One can reschedule even 1 day before the test date. No appointment changes can be made or modified within 24 hours of the exam appointment time. The reschedule fees is structured in three tiers based on your scheduled appointment day. It varies from $50 to $150. Check mba.com to know the latest fee structure.

Can I cancel my GMAT score if I feel I have not done good?

If you feel that you have not performed well on your GMAT test and feel like cancelling your scores, then you can cancel your GMAT scores right after taking the test. Once you decide on canceling your scores at the center you still have an option to reinstate your scores within 60 days from the date of taking the exam along with a fee of USD$100. However, in case you accepted your scores at the test center, you can cancel your scores online within 72 hours of completing the test.

What are the different scores on the GMAT?

In your GMAT score, you will have an overall score, a sub score in your Verbal section, a sub score in your Quantitative section, and scores in your Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning sections. The overall GMAT score will vary from 200 to 800 and your sub scores will be measured on a scale of 0 to 60.

Is calculator allowed on the GMAT?

The calculator is allowed only in the IR section. You may use an online calculator which is available on the screen.

Can I take my personal belongings into the exam room?

You should note that you will not be allowed to take any belongings into the exam room. This includes pens, paper, or your water bottle. You will be given a small locker outside the testing room where you can store your personal belongings.

How long should I study for the GMAT?

It is recommended to start studying at least three months before you take the exam. The soon you start the better are your chances of scoring well on the GMAT. Rest depends on the student as each student is different and thus, requires different time and approach.





What is the right time to take the GMAT?

Well, to know when you should be taking the GMAT, you need to research what is the application deadline for the course you are planning to take. Each course will have its own deadline and it will vary from course to course. Also, many schools accept applications in “rounds” that end in September for many competitive programs and others have application rounds in April or May. Be sure that you have enough time before taking the GMAT, this will help you to send your scores to the universities as per their application deadline.

What if I have to cancel my test date?

One can cancel the test appointment even 1 day before the test date. You can’t make changes within 24 hours of the exam appointment time. The cancellation fees is structured in three tiers based on your scheduled appointment day. It varies from $150 to $200. Check mba.com to know the latest fee structure.

Do I need to reschedule my test date?

Well, it totally depends on your preparation. If you do not feel prepared, you can reschedule the test date. You can do this by logging in to your account on mba.com. You can reschedule even 1 day before the test date. No appointment changes can be made or modified within 24 hours of the exam appointment time. The reschedule fees is structured in three tiers based on your scheduled appointment day. It varies from $50 to $150. Check mba.com to know the latest fee structure.

When is the GMAT available?

GMAT is a computer-based test that is available throughout the year in all countries.  However, it is suggested that you must book your test well in advance as this will give you an option to choose your preferred test center. Please note that the Testing centres operate on individual schedules with some open on weekends. Usually, a majority of these centers have morning and afternoon slots available.

Can I take the GMAT exam in the UK?

Yes, you can. A number of GMAT test centers are available in major cities and towns in the UK. Check the list of centers available online and choose as per the location convenient to you. Also, in order to see the centers, you need to first register on www.mba.com

When should a student apply for US F-1 Visa?

You can apply for a US F-1 VISA 120 days before the actual commencement date. You need to have I-20 issued by the university before you start with the VISA process. For more details, please connect with Manya advisors.