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We at Manya provide employees opportunities for learning and evolving as individuals which is aligned to our work ethic emphasizing Saraswati (The goddess of knowledge) is more valued than Lakshmi (The goddess of wealth). To create an integrated and sustainable learning environment, multiple social events are arranged. The objective is to have a forum which besides fostering learning also facilitates positive interaction between teams both cross-functional and pan-India.

Manya actively promotes ‘We not I’ culture. To create supportive structure numerous ways are practiced. Employees have the option of choosing flexible work hours to suit their individual lifestyle to accomplish a work-life balance.

We strongly believe in nurturing individual talent ensuring our employees grow personally and professionally. Our emphasis on employees as valuable resources is showcased through several initiatives such as Insta recognition - appreciation card, awards on a quarterly and annual basis.

In recognition of shifting workplace demographics, we are committed to diversity. To create a synergistic environment 50% of our employees are female. This reflects our dedication to business values, fair play practices and appreciation of different perspective.

Our policies aim to strengthen team dynamics by creating a more compelling work environment and capitalizing on the spectrum of women employees in various leadership roles.

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