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English Programs

This needs no introduction! Proficiency in English is an absolutely must in today’s era. It is the official language of 53 countries and spoken by around 400 million people around the world. Also, it is the second most common language in the world.

Possessing a sound English Language proficiency opens up a huge plethora of unparalleled  opportunities for you, adds to your repertoire, provides you access to the most lucrative job opportunities, not only in your country, but abroad as well. English language proficiency is essential for your academic success, career advancement and social networking, and most importantly for your personal enrichment as well.

As study abroad aspirants, it gives you access to the some of the world’s best universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and MIT.

Did you know?

55% of the world’s web pages are written in English!

About Empower

As one of the leading study abroad organizations, Manya-The Princeton Review deeply understands the value of English language proficiency for aspirants intending to migrate or study abroad. In fact, it is most critical during the visa stage as well. We are happy to offer you the English Empower course which enables you to up your English skills – both spoken, written, listening and reading.

The English Empower course is a general English course which caters to the general skill development for learners. It is a blended course comprising physical book and digital content hosted on an online portal. The course adopts an extremely scientific approach and is backed by a good amount of research. It combines course content from Cambridge University Press (CUP) with validated assessment from the experts at Cambridge English Language Assessment.

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