Handling Stress During School Exams

What Causes Stress in Children?

We are living in the times of increased stress in the world. Not only the adults, but the children equally are stressed. So, what is stress? It is nothing but a feeling when we are pushed to the corner. For example, our target/deadlines in office, balancing the office and home in a tight schedule, month end money shortages. As mentioned, children are equally stressed for various reasons

  • Submission deadlines for the projects, assignments, presentations and other extracurricular activities
  • The expectations of the parents, teachers and society to excel in the exams and be ahead in the class.
  • The problem of socializing and mingling with classmates
  • Physical changes in the bodies as they age
  • Coping up with the class pace
  • Adapting to a new home/school ambience
  • Tensions at home


How Does it Affect the Children?

All the above trigger stress in children. In short something new or unexpected can cause stress. And when in stress, the children are affected physically and mentally


  • Headaches, dizziness and difficulty in sleeping
  • Weight gain or weight loss due to overeating or poor eating
  • Falling sick more often
  • Digestive problems
  • Excessive sweating



  • Irritability and anger
  • Withdrawing from family and friends
  • Lower efficiency tasks
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Continuously feeling sad or being tearful

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The Exam Stress

There was a survey conducted by the Children’s Commissioner, public body in England responsible for promoting and protecting the rights of children. The survey was conducted for around 2000 children in the ages between 8 and 17 years, asking what was worrying them the most. And almost two-thirds (66%) told that they were most worried about homework and/or examinations.

Undoubtedly homework/exams are the challenging part of being a student. Usually, the teachers and parents use fear as the motivating factor to compel the students to study more. It was Henry Fischel, an American-German Professor who invented the concept of exams. The idea behind the invention was excellent-to identify and test the general understanding of the students and their ability to implement the information that they have studied. But exams in today’s world are intimidating for the children and their parents equally. It is turning the children into rote machines.

The situation is best described as the “Rat Race”. The parents are stressed out because they want their respective children to be ahead in the group and get the best grades and ultimately the best university or a career. The children are stressed firstly with the vast curriculum to study for the exams and secondly the fear of failure and how parents, teachers and society would react in case of a failure.

According to a talk in Webinar, “Children who are mentally healthy meet the life’s challenges better. They are better learners and have better relationships.”

When the children are feeling stressed, the parents need to identify the stress points and find ways and help the children cope up soon.


How Does Manya Help to Beat the Stress?

To fight this anxiety and stress in your child, look nowhere else, Manya – The Princeton Review strives hard in pursuit of guiding your child in the best possible way to fight the stress monster and help him perform better in his exams and achieve the desired goals.


How Does Manya Work to Destress Your Child and help him to be a Happy Student?

  1. Classes are fun: Learning is s process where age is no bar and with continuous learning we evolve into better beings. Considering this, Manya constantly works on making the 0ne-to-one online classes engaging, interactive and appealing. The child is made comfortable to open and come up with his questions. The modern technology along side the teaching methodologies works the best to make the classes interesting and fun.
  2. Also, the tutor gauges the child’s abilities and works on an apt teaching strategy to introduce the new concepts. The strategy varies from child to child depending on his comprehensive and grasping abilities. Whatever be the strategies, finally, every child is able to implement the right concept at the right place with ease. This builds confidence and boosts up the morale for the child, thus making his learning journey comfortable and assuages his stress levels.
  3. Every child has his own ideas, knowledge and past experiences. All these can be used to make them learn new ideas and information. Instead of inventing new problems for the child to solve, the past ideas and experiences can be used as catalysts for learning. Learning is more concrete and real. And the child becomes engrossed and involved as this is his idea, his creation and his innovation to solve real life problems.
  4. We at Manya help the child by advising and encouraging wherever necessary in this role play process. The child is thus in a better situation to handle real life challenges and does not stress when faced with a real challenge.
  5. We spoke about the survey in which children are more worried about the exams. They are more stressed out during the exam time. Parents, teachers and society all set benchmark for the child and keeping up to this expectation is the worst fear for him. What will happen if I fail? is his constant worry.
  6. We at Manya would help the child cope up with exam stress by first identifying the anxiety and stress factors and then providing him with various mechanisms to cope stress. Getting the parents to understand what to expect from their kids and set the levels accordingly. Manya works with the child and his parents accordingly in building best framework connecting the study, time management and exam stress, that enables to boost the wellbeing of the child.
  7. We at Manya have the best set of tutors who are dedicated, qualified, experienced and with necessary certifications and skills. We provide first rate solutions considering the need of the students by striking a balance between choosing the right kind of teaching methodologies and strategies coupled with technology and ensuring that child learns the necessary skills to achieve the dream success.
  8. We equally involve the parents, and they are aware what to expect from their children and set the benchmark accordingly. And most importantly, to handle the exam stress and ensure that the child achieves his goals and meets his parents’ expectations without a trade-off in the learning, we hold discussions with the parents as well.


Manya – The Princeton Review Advantage

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What does exam stress look like?

Tense muscles or headaches. Clammy hands or feeling butterflies in your stomach. A racing heartbeat or feeling sick. Fidgeting, nail-biting, or teeth-grinding. Thus, exam stress looks like this.

How do you help someone who is stressed about exams?

Time management: Eat, sleep, exercise, keep distractions away, take sufficient breaks, & Keep your desk and workplace clean. Thus, one can help someone relieve stress about exams.

What happens when you feel stressed during an exam?

Nausea is what happens when you feel so stressed during an exam. A sense of depression and having trouble making decisions. But other than this, feeling confused, Losing Touch with friends, moody feelings, having trouble making a decision, feeling overwhelmed, depressed, lack of sleep, and Upset gut feeling. Thus, exam stress looks like this.

How can a student manage stress and anxiety in an exam?

Do a lot of breathing exercises, find a quiet place and focus on studying, know more about the exam, be smart with your preparation, use the help of YouTube or other social media platforms, remember to take short breaks, make a short plan, and use a method called mind maps which help to memorize. Thus, a student can manage stress and anxiety in an exam.


How do you deal with time pressure in exams?

It’s about controlling the anxiety, one should do daily meditation to control the breath. One needs to know about time management skills. Be consistent and cover your weakness, Thus one can deal with time pressure in exams.

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