Role of a Tutor in a Child’s Education Journey


Learning is a tutor for students working in tandem. The tutor makes the student comfortable and confident and the student works under the guidance of the tutor and achieves his goals and success. The tutor goes beyond the scope of helping with homework by tailoring the teaching styles as per the student’s needs.

There are various reasons which make the hiring of a tutor important for a student’s education. Let us look at a few

The students in their early school years are challenged with understanding the mathematical building blocks and acquiring reading comprehension. While they are at it, introducing newer concepts will make the situation worse. The school will not be able to give added support on a one-on-one basis.

Higher strength of a class makes it difficult for the teacher to speed up the pace for quick learners or slow it down for the slow learners. She must balance it out. And in the process, at least the slow learners would struggle to keep up the pace. And they would be embarrassed too to ask questions.

Students often want to please their parents and teachers and would not share their struggles openly.

At times, when the parents have a frequent relocation, adapting to a new ambience and a new school often is challenging for the students.

Caught between the work time and the house time, parents find it challenging to sit with the children for school homework.

All the reasons above lead to the children struggling with their work, showing lack of interest, getting lower grades, not doing homework, requiring more than what is taught at school and poor understanding of the concepts. This is where a tutor’s role is pivotal. Getting a tutor who understands the children’s needs and works with them accordingly.


Role of a Tutor in a Child’s Education Journey

Benefits of a One-To-One Tutor

When it becomes a one-to-one tutoring, the tutor can give full attention to the child’s needs unlike in a crowd, the teacher may not be able to address each child individually. The child too finds it difficult to open up to the teacher in class, but can freely open up to the tutor.

Challenges are different in different children. A child may not be strong in understanding the concepts. And even if he understands the concepts, he might struggle when it comes to the applications. Or when there are multiple concepts to be applied in a particular scenario, the child may not be able to synthesize and process them. Other situations, like the child may not be able to comprehend the question or the size of the question may be intimidating. All these struggles, the tutor would be able to gauge and work on the child accordingly. The child quickly grasps things that are of this interest. Thus, the one-to-one tutoring helps the tutor to understand the interests of the child and utilize them to work on the child’s weaknesses.


Personalized One-One-Attention

The tutoring classes are tailored to the child’s individual needs and goals. Tutors are available to help the student to refine his learning abilities by identifying and eliminating weaknesses and focusing on his strengths. Instead of learning in groups, the child gets personalized one-to-one attention.



Understanding the basic concepts is the key to the child’s interest in the subject. Also, the learning styles are different for each child. The child may be any of the following types of learners – Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetics or Reading/Writing. As a tutor, he/she would have various teaching styles to introduce the concept depending upon what kind of a learner the child is and thus would use the appropriate one that suits the child’s ability to comprehend. In fact, the tutor emphasizes difficult concepts and breaks them down into simple understandable formats.


Freedom to Interact

Very often we find that certain children are not comfortable approaching their class teachers for any help – be it clarifying their doubts or concepts or getting homework help. Moreover, for various reasons they are shy to ask questions in a classroom environment. But the one-to-one tutoring sessions provide those children with a convenient and flexible opportunity to communicate with the tutors and gain confidence and the same can be carried to the classrooms too. This allows the them to fully comprehend each topic before they move to the next one.


Tracking Academic Progress

One of the most effective strategies to enhance the grades is to track the child’s performance. This way the tutor can

  • Address his specific needs
  • Tailor the teaching as per the needs
  • Make better use of the classroom time
  • Plan lessons efficiently
  • Due to enhanced effectiveness, important instructional time can be saved.


Excel Academically

Efficient surveys show that students who participate in tutoring show an overall improvement in academic performance. Tutoring definitely helps to increase grades and scores while at the same time boosting the test scores.


Encourage Self-Guided Learning

Guiding a student to be self-motivated, life-long learner is the best gift we can offer him. Whether it is academics or learning a new hobby, a tutor can be an excellent source to enhance the skills the student needs to successfully study and learn independently to reach his goals inside and outside the classroom.


Useful Breaks

Breaks are an excellent way to retire from the monotonous and strenuous study routine. But on the other hand, breaks make the child lose track of his study. And the summer and winter breaks are appropriate times to take up a few sessions with the tutor and help the child be on track.

In this understanding and working together process, the tutor studies the child’s abilities and potential and makes the child realize them himself and encourages him to dream bigger.

It is the tutor’s responsibility and priority to help the child achieve his/her goals and excel.


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What is the most effective role of having a tutor for a child’s education?

All students are not born with a smart brain. Thus having a tutor plays the most essential role in a child’s education. Tutor teaches the smartest methods and rules to solve problems. It increases the efficiency of the child’s understanding and overall development.

What are the responsibilities of the tutor?

The responsibilities of a tutor are to provide easy solutions to the child. Make sure of the discipline regarding the studies for the student. Take regular tests on an interval basis. Report at the end of the month of overall progress and performance of the child to the parents. And good advice for lifepath to the students.

What are the benefits of parent tutoring?

Every child needs a relatively special way of learning for each student. But in the house the first tutors of a child were the parents, especially mothers. Children feel much more safe and close to their parents. The benefits are flexible in front of parents. Personal caretaking of the child. Personal grooming of the child. More control on examining feedback and performance of the child.

How can a tutor increase the efficiency of time management of a child?

The Tutor stays disciplined in the routine and study. Always make proper explanations to the students to stay on the right track. Taking proper care and time to-time exercises which put an impact on the student’s character and attitude. Thus a tutor increases the efficiency of the time management of a child.

Which one best online or Offline tuition?

Both have their strengths and weaknesses. But it totally depends on the student’s ability. If the student is smart then he/she may be suitable for online tuition. But a student needs time to understand the concept. Thus offline tuition is recommended. Some students even may require both online and offline tuition. But the majority of the students prefer offline traditional tuition.

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