How to Make The Best Out of Your Child’s Study Leave


Role of Parents in IGCSE Study Leave

Study leave before the IGCSE exam is probably one of the crucial times a parent needs to stay proactive and think ahead. Parents should avoid being monarchs and always include children in the planning and processes. Continuous scrutiny or test series may work with some students but not with all. So, it becomes key to personalize and customize your methods based on the needs of your child.


Tips to Utilize Study Leave

Here are a few tips to read before you plan your ward’s study leave.


Gadgets and Screen-Time

Gadgets have become unavoidable in today’s world. Restricting the usage of gadgets. During the study, left is the greatest challenge faced by parents. Young children are more inclined towards forbidden things.

It is nearly impossible to completely confiscate their gadgets without tantrums in return. Therefore, parents should skillfully work on a schedule that restricts the usage of gadgets.

It is very important to include the child while designing the schedule because it makes them feel included and responsible. Rather than giving them 1-2 hours of screen time at a stretch, it might be wise to give them small breaks between their study sessions where they are allowed to use their gadgets.

One can also advise and encourage the use of these gadgets in order to make the studying process is more effective than any other non-educational purpose.



Scheduling helps you structure your entire learning process.

  • An Elaborate schedule for a day or the entire duration of the study leave with breaks gives you a clear picture of your goals and targets.
  • Completion of those goods short-term or long-term cultivates a sense of motivation in the children.
  • It is also important to get input from the child while planning the schedule and setting realistic expectations.
  • Feel free to use stickers, color coding, illustrations, or whatever it takes to make your schedule stands out so much that your child can’t ignore it.


Sleep Cycle

Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle during the study leave is another substantial criterion. Children tend to pressurize themselves by studying till midnight and then early morning which doesn’t give them sufficient rest time. It is important to educate children about the vitality of rest and sleep in the studying process.

Rest and sleep will help you retain and recollect information that you have learned. In the long run, it also helps prevent tiredness and fatigue.


A Healthy Diet

Parents have the responsibility to monitor the diet of their children. Some children are so habituated to eating outside. Cutting down on outside food and substituting them with healthier homemade options might prove effective.


Strategizing and Optimizing

Strategizing and optimizing the studying process involves both the parents and the student. It is mandatory to make a list of your strengths and weaknesses in order to identify your focus areas. Priority should be given to the weak areas so that the student may work on different methods and strategies to improve and excel in the same. Parents should also clarify to the children that the identification of weak areas is not to belittle them but to optimize the process of scheduling and learning.


External Guidance

There are parents, who do not seek external help in preparation and there are parents who completely give control of their child’s preparation to an external trainer or a tutor. Both of these are not ideal because parents should definitely be involved in the child’s progress and there are certain areas where they might be needing external help and, in those cases, they should not refrain from seeking it. Expert guidance doesn’t mean the nonchalance of the parents. Both parties must participate and be aware of the student’s learning process.


Focus on “How”

Approaches and methodologies over particular question types. Ensure that the child is familiar with the methodology and is not focusing on solving or memorizing any particular problem. Once they get a hang of the methodology, they will be able to solve any question with different values. However, if your child is focused on In particular problem, he might not really grasp the techniques or methodologies. Spend time clarifying doubts on approaches and then make them solve a few problems on the same.



Positive Reinforcement is crucial as children often seek validation from their parents. Motivating words or stickers or tiny food treats will keep their spirits high. Always sandwich feedback, talk about a few positives before you go on to point out their mistakes, and finish your feedback with a few more positives. Evening walks are highly recommended, during which you reflect on the happenings of the day, recollect concepts and also remember to encourage them.


Encourage Group Learning

The more the merrier, encourage group learning whenever possible. Children are excited to work with their friends and they can help each other out. Parents can coordinate friendly competitions like flashcard-based games or hot seat quizzes.


Tests and Reviews

Chapter-wise tests and full-length mocks at regular intervals can help boost the confidence of the student. It helps them get acquainted with the format of the questions and the IGCSE & IB exam. Self-evaluation will help them identify their strengths and areas where they can improve.



Understand your child’s moods and energy and be flexible with respect to any changes or lags in the schedule. Remember to put yourselves in their shoes before you reach any conclusion. These tips will help you plan a schedule for your child’s study leave that takes into account both factors: your wisdom and your child’s requirements.


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How can one make study interesting?

Use games as methods and techniques to study. Make flashcards. Use notepad creatively. It is found in studies that using methods with creativity can enhance concentration levels. Learn from YouTube. Make digital flashcards or notes. Thus, one can make studying interesting.

How can parents play an important role in your child’s study?

Parents are the first teachers of their children. They can make a schedule. Maintaining extra activities like food, snacks, etc. Also, as a revision teacher for the children. They can also give guidance on any subject. Thus, having parents will play an important role in a child’s studies.

How long should you study if your child is studying?

On an average a child should study for not more than 4-5 hrs. Hence, it depends on the child’s level of education. Thus, a child must study on an average of not more than 600 minutes.

What to do on a study leave?

During the study leave period, a student can opt to stay home and plan ahead for the exam schedule. Thus, one can practice and perform mock tests on study leave.

Is there any method to study effectively and efficiently?

Plan routine, and schedule the calendar of what is necessary and what is the priority basis. Do a SWOT analysis. Learn time management. Add rest or game time if necessary. Do regular exercise to stay disciplined. Etc. Thus, one should do these practices to study effectively and efficiently.

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