Best Ways to Write a Speech in IGCSE English

Best Ways to Write a Speech in IGCSE English

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) offers up to 70 subjects to its students, including more than 30 languages. Students can take them in any combination. The groups under which the subjects are ordered are

  • Group 1 – Languages
  • Group 2 – Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Group 3 – Sciences
  • Group 4 – Mathematics and Business
  • Group 5 – Creative and Professional and Vocational

Students have to choose 2 languages, one subject each from groups 2 to 5. The 7th subject can be chosen from any group 2 to 5. Apart from giving an international education certificate, high scores on the IGCSE have other benefits too.

  • High job opportunities and expertise
  • Higher education in countries abroad
  • Work skills to adapt to social life

There are two options for the language English – English as the first language (EFL) and English as the second language (ESL)

Cambridge IGCSE First Language English (EFL) is curated for students whose first language is English. The course enables the students to

  • Enhance their speaking and writing skills
  • Expand their vocabulary, and use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Develop a personal style
  • Develop an awareness of the audience being addressed

Cambridge IGCSE Second Language English (ESL) is curated for students whose native language is not English but have a working knowledge. The course enables the students to

  • Understand and use English in a range of situations
  • Enhance the awareness of the four language-learning skills – reading, writing,
  • listening, and speaking
  • Focus on the use of the language in everyday communication
  • Learn to complement the other areas of the curriculum by developing the transferable skills

Thus, the students improve their communication abilities in this language, increasing their opportunities for further studies or for a planned career.

To choose the right option, consider two major parameters

  • How comfortable and fluent are you in the English language
  • What your future goals – either academic or career are


Assessments of EFL and ESL – Writing

Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the EFL require the students respond to texts provided in the examination

Paper 1 – Extended Response to Reading

  • Requires the students to respond in 250–350 words to one of the following text types – speech, letter, report, journal, interview, and article

Paper 2 – Directed Writing – Two Questions

  • Evaluate the information in the text to write a 250-350 worded
  • discursive/argumentative/persuasive speech, letter, or article
  • Descriptive or Narrative 350-450 worded composition


ESL Require the Students to Attempt the Following

  • Make brief notes related to a text printed in the paper
  • Write 80-word summary related to a text printed in the paper
  • Write 100-150 words of continuous prose in response to a picture and/or short prompts printed in the paper
  • Write a 100-150 review, report, or an article in response to a picture and/or shore prompts printed in the paper

Let us dig deeper into the component – Speech writing – which is one of the tasks in the paper. Speech is the expression of or the ability to express thoughts, ideas, and feelings by articulate sounds.

If you have not written any speech, then surely writing one will be intimidating. But with the right techniques, anyone can write a speech. The main purpose of giving/writing a speech is making the audience buy your idea or pay attention to your thoughts and ideas.


Features of a Good Speech Writing Task

  • The student will be given a reading booklet insert containing the passage for the speech writing. Questions related to the passage also will be provided. The student needs to read the passage carefully.
  • After thoroughly understanding the question, he needs to select the relevant points from the passage.
  • He then needs to convert the selected points into his own words.
  • Finally, he needs to put the points and put them together to create an effective speech


Picking The Relevant Points of The Passage

The large variety of plants in Hawaii must have spread over considerable distances because the Hawaiian Islands have never been connected to other land masses. This necessitates a method of transportation as well as ecological parity between the source area and the recipient area.There is some debate around the involved transit technique. Some biologists claim that air and ocean currents transport plant seeds to Hawaii.

The results of flotation experiments and the brisk air currents, however, call into doubt these presumptions. Transport by birds is more likely to happen, either externally through unintentional feather attachment of the seeds or inside through fruit digestion and subsequent seed release. Even though it’s likely that fewer kinds of plant seeds have traveled to Hawaii externally than internally, more plant species are known to be suited to external than to internal travel.

The passage talks about the plantation in Hawaii islands. Since it is an island, the author emphasizes the long-distance dispersal of seeds for the growth of the plants.

He then talks about the dispute in the methods of seeds dispersal – ocean and air currents, and birds. He also discusses the reasons causing doubts on the hypotheses.


Paraphrasing The Points

Let us consider a few examples for paraphrasing the chosen relevant points:

  • My business partners and I are currently working to secure funding for a brand-new firm we are launching.
  • I’m currently looking for capital for my new company with my business partners.
  • This brand is preferred by most plumbers.
  • Many plumbers favor this brand.
  • The still waters of the Caribbean were teal in color.
  • The turquoise Caribbean waters were beautifully calm.
  • In the first season of the program, Mary’s brother and sister banded together to oppose her.
  • Earlier on in the show, Mary’s sister and brother struck a bargain. logically putting everything together


Putting The Points Together in a Cohesive Manner

The speech should be well planned out and smooth. The essence of your idea that you want to share with the audience should be strong and firm and use words that are simple yet impactful.

1. Always write the speech in the first-person point of view, as you are the person delivering your idea in front of the audience. Use of personal pronouns is a strong way to connect. For example

“I am sure that you would agree with me…”
“I believe that you would have come across…’
“We all follow the same…”

2. Use anecdotes – philosophical, inspirational, or humorous. These can be used to – convey messages or for motivational purposes or deter the audience from doing something rather than handing over a list of rules.

3. Use Rhetorical questions – By bringing out the questions, you are not expecting any answers rather sets your audience thinking on your idea.

4. Clear Paragraphs – Have clear topic sentences with separate ideas for each paragraph though they are not mentioned. Each paragraph has to have the path indicators depending on whether it is in line with the previous paragraph or contradicting the previous idea. For example, ‘Another’, ‘In addition to’,

5. ‘Furthermore’, ‘Additionally’ – all these are indicators that you are conveying the same idea present in the previous paragraph. And ‘Yet’, ‘But’ ‘In contrast’,

6. ‘Contrary to’ – all these indicate that you are deviating or giving the other version of the idea presented in the previous paragraph. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, supporting details, colorful vocabulary, and a concluding sentence.

7. Range of vocabulary – Sometimes a range of vocabulary included in your speech can take care of repetitive words and make your sentences stand out. Also building vocabulary helps in the paraphrasing task.

Keep the sentences short to avoid deviating from the topic. This makes sure that the reader/listener is on the same page as you are.

8. Appropriate closing – A good speech as it should have a strong opening should have an appropriate closing too with a small reiteration of your idea and a thanks to the audience.


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Are students allowed to bring dictionaries to the IGCSE english exam?

No, dictionaries are not allowed to bring in the IGCSE english exam.

Can a student use the British language English rather than American and Australian language English?

Yes. Students can use the British language, American and Australian languages in the IGCSE English exam.

How to write a speech for the IGCSE English exam?

To write a speech one needs to point out the relevant information from the passage. The student needs to put and complete the sentence in a logical manner. There must be a flow in the passage. And with the appropriate closing to end the speech.

What is Speech Writing?

Speech writing is the art and process to write a summary in a logical manner. In order to describe a topic for 5-10 mins of duration. Thus, This is called speech writing.

What is the format of speech writing?

First, start with the introduction. Second, followed by the body (main content). Last, End with a conclusion. Thus this is the format of speech writing.

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