All You Need to Know About IGCSE Past Papers

IGCSE, elaborately known as International General Certificate of Secondary Education happens to be one of the most sought-after curriculum for the most obvious reasons. First of all, what needs to be understood is that IGCSE qualified candidates are considered to be fully prepared to enter the higher level of education with a competent grasp on the fundamentals.

So, if you have chosen IGCSE Curriculum for yourselves, you have made a very strategic choice!

But, what about the IGCSE examinations?

Do you also find yourselves to be at lost about how to get the veritable resources in order to attempt your IGCSE examinations confident?

Let us break the spell for you: IGCSE Past Year question papers are all you need to ace your exams be it IGCSE Math or IGCSE English, IGCSE Physical or IGCSE Chemistry! The past year question papers of all the subjects are regularly uploaded as well as updated on the Cambridge official website and once you have mastered the art of suing these question papers effectively, there is no stopping you!

Before we talk about HOW to use IGCSE English paper, let us first know why to use them at all!


Reasons Why Practicing from the Past Papers Could be Your Wisest Decision Before Your Examinations!

  • The papers are ALWAYS similar as far as the format of the papers are concerned. So the more you practice, the better prepared will you be on the BIG day!
  • It gives you an overview of what to expect or, anticipate, if you will on the day of your IGCSE paper.
  • Time management is the key! If you duly attempt your IGCSE papers by timing yourselves honestly), you will get a fair idea about the areas to work on.
  • In case you have some weak areas in any subject, say IGCSE Math, attempting IGCSE Math paper by singularly focusing on the question types you find difficult might pump your confidence manifold.
  • Knowing how to understand the pattern of paper will give you the much-required confidence too!

Other ways in which the portal of Cambridge can effectively used by you is reviewing the marking scheme. There are multiple ways in which you can use the marking scheme while you practice IGCSE past year question papers.

  • It can help you understand how the teachers actually grade your paper.
  • If you are attempting IGCSE English or IGCSE Biology paper, for instance, you well also get an idea about the length of the answers expected as per the corresponding marks.
  • Marking scheme can also help you get insights into sample answers. This will help you improve or modify your answers in a better manner.
  • The mark scheme can give students and candidates an insight into how examiners mark and grade them. For instance, there are specific keywords and terms candidates should mention in order to score marks and can spot them in the mark scheme.Most of the times, students who are extremely hard working still are not able to figure out the ways in which they can improve their overall grade. The reason for the same could be lack of evaluation and assessment of their answers. IGCSE’s official website can help you here as well by addressing and resolving this very issue as well.

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Examiners’ Notes are What we are Precisely Talking About!


Examiners’ Notes

  • Examiner’s notes can be in the form of rubric or general comments.
  • They can give you explanations as to where have you lost marks and why
  • They help you understanding the key points that are going to fetch you marks in your IGCSE English paper
  • Examiner’s notes are helpful for students of varying bandwidth: for the topper as well as a below average student. If a student knows what the examiners are looking for, there is no better pathway to outline one’s practice.

Now that you know enough about IGCSE past year question papers as per the yardstick employed by Cambridge, you must ask yourselves these questions:

  • In what way is the test paper divided?
  • How much time should you assign to each topic?
  • Is your writing speed in alignment with the length of the paper?
  • Can you meet the timeline allotted?
  • Are you prepared well enough for the questions that carry the maximum marks?

We hope you have quickly done the mental calculations about these concepts already!

Let us now finally acquaint you with the concepts of Formula Sheets that can help you ace IGCSE Physics and IGCSE Math most concretely.


Formula Sheets?

Wondering what are these?

Let us take you through them.

Especially for mathematics and physics, there are certain formulas one has to adhere to. Once you have learned all the formulas well and have practice enough from IGCSE Past year question papers of Mathematics and physics sufficiently, you can be confident about doing well in your paper as well. You can download the formulas sheet from any of the authenticated Cambridge or IGCSE portal wherein all the formulas are mentioned chapter wise as well as topic wise.

Yea, it is a bit of work from your end but it will eventually help you build your muscle memory for the long term. Once you get the IGCSE Math or IGCSE Physics question paper to attempt, you will be able to quickly come up with the formulas and can write them down in your answer sheet with full conviction.

So, now we have an absolute recipe to crack IGCSE exams by referring to IGCSE Past Year Question Papers, Marking Scheme, Formula Sheets.

Here are some of the links to download the IGCSE past year question papers:

For English as First Language:


For English as Second Language:


For IGCSE Mathematics:


For IGCSE Chemistry:


For IGCSE Physics:


For IGCSE Biology:


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Happy Learning!


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Can I self-study IGCSE?

Yes, you can take the IGCSE exam even without attending Cambridge school. You need to find a Cambridge school in your city that accepts private candidates and register in that school to be able to take up the IGCSE examination. You will be solely responsible for making arrangements with the school and the school will provide all assistance for exam related queries. There are certain requirements that a student needs to fulfill to be eligible to get themselves registered as a private candidate in a school. 

Private candidates need to meet the full requirements of any assessment that they would be taking. If their submission of coursework, students must submit them and the coursework should be marked and authenticated by the school. 

Entry for assessments can be made only through the school and the responsibility lies on the student to ensure all requirements are complied with. 

The school has to remit the fee for any private candidate and students should reimburse the same to the school. The cost would include cost of supervision, marking of coursework or other internally assessed work by the staff of the school. 

Students registered as private candidates are identified separately in the summary of the school result and the name of the school will not appear in the certificate issued to the student.

Can a CBSE student apply for IGCSE ?

A CBSE student can move to the Cambridge curriculum in any grade (preferably on or before moving to grade 8) and can take the IGCSE exam in grade 10. However, the student/parent has to understand the major difference between the two while making this decision. The CBSE curriculum is more aligned to a theoretical based system of education and IGCSE is based on critical thinking and application based learning. There is more application based learning in the IGCSE.

Can you retake IGCSE ?

Yes, a student can retake the IGCSE if the results he/she got is not satisfactory or if the grade noted on the score card is ‘U’. Regardless of age or previous scores, a student can retake the IGCSE exams any number of times.

How can I take the IGCSE course online?

IGCSE courses can be taken online by registering with any online tutoring education company. Classes can either be as groups or as 1 on 1 session. In an online classroom setup, the class may comprise 35 students who are given access to the course content through an online learning platform. The content may be broken down into weekly lessons and each week objectives will be introduced to help students stay on track. These online tutoring programs help students to gain practical experience of digital technologies and also have the flexibility to take up an online course between their other commitments. 

The other mode of delivery would be individual 1 on 1 tutoring where the students get personalized attention from a tutor for the subject chosen. This helps the tutor identify the specific needs of the child, his learning abilities and skills as well. The child is able to overcome the challenges he or she would probably encounter in a classroom set up. The helps build confidence in the child and makes learning enjoyable.

How many years is IGCSE?

IGCSE is a two year course. IGCSE exams are conducted at the end of the second year. Exams are conducted in June and November; The March administration is applicable only for India. In terms of the Indian education system, IGCSE is grade 9 and grade 10.

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