5 Benefits of Individualized Tutoring for IGCSE and IB



1.What is Individualized Tutoring?
2.Top 5 Benefits of Individualized Tutoring for IGCSE and IB

What is Individualized Tutoring?

Individualized instruction is fundamentally concerned with one-to-one teaching and self-paced learning. Under this method of instruction, certain progressive goals are laid out that lead up to the broader curriculum objectives.

With individualized tutoring, students are provided an opportunity to find the learning process that caters to their individual needs. No student gets left behind because each follows his/her own personalized road to learning.

While the traditional classroom and the regular education system are not built to facilitate self-paced learning, the 1:1 ratio of individualized coaching ensures that the student’s interests are at the core of every decision made towards his or her goal— a classroom where the student takes ownership of his or her studies.


Top 5 Benefits of Individualized Tutoring for IGCSE and IB

Critical and analytical thinking is part and parcel of the IB and IGCSE curriculum. Moreover, their focus on in-depth studies and research in specific topics rather than surface-level knowledge of various topics necessitates an effective synthesis of content, methodology, learning environment, and outcome. Each student is expected to pursue activities and projects tailored to suit his or her own personal goals.

However, a rudimentary understanding of students will tell you that there are marked differences between time and energy invested and learning outcomes between each student, and what’s more, each student’s ability to engage productively and understand the material at hand also differs. One size rarely ever fits all. With tens of chairs facing the teacher who is working towards a set goal for the day, the conventional classroom does not leave much space for such nuances and often ends up leaving numerous children behind. There is an alternative.


1. Deeply Personalized

Consider a visual learner who comprehends the world around her through colors, pictures, and graphics. Would a conventional classroom course that relies almost entirely on textual resources bring out her potential? Absolutely not! On the other hand, the individualized teaching method, the teacher effectively shifts between texts, visuals, and real-life examples, whichever best suits the student’s ideas, tweaking and improving strategies wherever needed.

Learning is a complex, interconnected web. Particularly early on in their education, students need to be provided the opportunity to progress at their own pace—the right lesson at the right time.

Individualized tutoring for IB and IGCSE ensures that students learn at their own optimal pace of learning, irrespective of whether they are considered above or below “average.” The teacher meets the student where he or she is, not where he or she is meant to be.

While the standard goals based on curriculum design remain the same, the learning plan for each student will be customized. The instructor can adjust and modify the course schedule and method of
instruction based on the student’s learning ability.


2. Higher Engagement

Unlike other boards, the IB and IGCSE curriculum do not push students into an atmosphere where theoretical knowledge and academics are their sole concerns.

The key to the success of IB and IGCSE tutoring methods is their emphasis on a more holistic knowledge—functional, cultural, and critical knowledge.

The idea of individualized tutoring caters to this very aspect of education where the learning experience of each student is customized based on his or her own unique background, experiences, abilities, skills, and preferences.

Engagement with the curriculum as well as engagement with the teacher is a crucial pillar of individualized coaching. Individualized attention ensures that the student gets an active response from the teacher and asks questions whenever they feel the need to.


3. Secure Learning Environment Conducive for Personal Growth

A student’s willingness and interest to learn is a major part of his or her success. Due to its leniency regarding pacing, the student that undertakes individualized tutoring never feels rushed. There are no distractions, anxiety, or fear of embarrassment that affect the student’s participation in the learning environment.

Empowering students with making the decision as to how they learn and what they learn bolsters their confidence. They become informed decision-makers who feel valued and motivated enough to voice their problems. They become better learners with better self-concepts, interpersonal skills, and a sense of belonging.

Moreover, the student learns in an environment where his or her own learning needs, and not that of the organization, drive critical decisions. When the students become an active participants in their own education, a positive desire for knowledge and an eagerness to learn follows.


4. Deeper and Wider Learning

For a child used to the conventional classroom, an individualized coaching experience can feel like a breath of fresh air—especially in a flexible curriculum such as IB, which is personalized to maximize the learning outcome of the student and follows a practical approach to learning that encompasses skill development, application, and understanding of the subject.

By understanding the structure of the subject that the student is dealing with, he or she moves towards a more in-depth rather than surface-level study of various aspects of the content. An innovative method of learning requires an innovative method of teaching; more specifically, It requires an interest-based teaching methodology.

This is exactly what individualized tutoring for IB and IGCSE offers. Personalized teaching techniques that are more suitable for these curriculums encourage more natural learning, one that moves away from the rot-learning that has characterized our educational goals for so long.


5. One-on-One Feedback

For a student who opts for individualized coaching, the possibility and freedom of interaction that he or she has with the tutor is nothing short of a boon. The opportunities that the student gets for one-on-one feedback from an instructor that is dedicated entirely to him or her is a refreshing shift from that of a traditional learning setup.

Moreover, the instructor is equipped to pinpoint any difficulties that the student might face without fail because of the familiarity that the instructor shares with the student. Here, students can count on their trainers because they thoroughly understand each student’s needs and goals and are committed to it. Problems are meticulously addressed and timely solutions are implemented to resolve them adeptly.


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What is the basic advantage of individualized training?

One can learn at an individualized learning pace. A student can learn at an optimal speed. This is the basic advantage of individualized training.

What should be the basic goal for individualized training?

The basic goal should be the enhancement of basic skills to mastery. Thus, this should be a basic goal in individual training.

Who is eligible for the intensive individualized training?

Those who are lacking in understanding the basic concepts and methods at their own pace. Thus schools make them eligible for intensive individual training.

What is an Individual Learning profile?

The individual learning profile is a platform where one can search for profiles, schools, colleges for different programs, etc.

What is the individual study method?

Self-teaching is the process of individual learning. In self-study, a student tends to learn more methods on his/her own power. It gives one a chance to the student to utilize their cognitive ability and helps to enhance brain functions better. Thus, this is the individual study method.

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