7 Elements of IGCSE Academic Tutoring


The role of an Academic tutor is to help students learn the process for problem solving, build their confidence and content knowledge. While a lot of tutors have the ability to influence a group of students, there are some key points to be kept in mind while taking up personalized one on one tutoring.

7 Elements of IGCSE Academic Tutoring

  • Communicate

Communication is one of the keys to success. Non-verbal communication is as important as verbal communication. Nodding and smiling appropriately to make sure that the student understands that you support him or her. Be aware of body posture, expressions, doodling, fidgeting, and zoning out. In an online academic tutoring set up the behavior of the tutor is a model for the student. Be sure to make the right eye contact.

  • Be sincere

More than the subject knowledge that you have, students care if you are real with them. In an online session learn to relate to the student, be confident and comfortable. This helps to understand the most effective ways to teach them.

  • Share experiences

Sharing experiences helps students to know that they are not alone. They begin to understand that the trouble they have at school is a part of the learning process.

  • Be transparent

Work with the student as a team and communicate clearly and be transparent. Set clear boundaries and make sure a plan is made so that expectations at both ends are met. Communicate openly and often.

  • Tutor-Student Relationship

Make students do their work. Never give them the answer. Ensure students prioritize their work well. Ask questions? Do the hard homework first. Acknowledge students’ hard work and accomplishments.

  • Structure and routine

The goal of academic tutoring is to teach students an effective routine to complete homework on their own and learn how to effectively seek answers. Make sure to structure time and establish routines. Set goals and establish specific and measurable objectives. State the objectives before you begin. Have a time based outline plan for each session. Be consistent and make it a point to be patient, encouraging, and flexible.

  • Working towards confidence and independence

Reinforce progress and aim for student confidence and independence. Begin with I do, We do and then you do. Be open to adjust the plan if the student is frustrated.

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