Benefits of Acquiring an IB Diploma


IB – International Baccalaureate is a two year program for students in the age group of 16 to 19 years of age. The IB diploma is a significant credential for college applications abroad and other purposes as well. There are two levels of subjects that students can choose across subjects, the Higher Level and Standard Level. Students take up courses in 6 subjects and need to pass to secure this certificate.

Apart from the subjects chosen, there are 3 major requirements to be eligible for the IB Diploma.  Students need to write essays based on independent research, Take up a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course which covers critical thinking and epistemology, and thirdly participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Getting an IB Diploma certificate means that the student is well equipped to analyze and understand the information within the school and beyond.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of receiving an IB Diploma


  • High Acceptance Rate in colleges abroad

Students holding an IB diploma have a high acceptance rate in colleges abroad when compared to students applying from other boards.

  • Increases chances of obtaining a scholarship

Grant of aid or scholarship becomes easier on receiving an IB Diploma with high grades

  • Interdisciplinary teaching

The curriculum and training methodology ensures that students develop into individuals who possess the skills to adapt to an international environment and makes it easier for them to work with students from different countries across the globe.

  • Lifelong learning

IB curriculum ensures that learning is not static but helps develop a habit of lifelong learning

  • Focus on trainer development

It’s just not students who are trained and moulded but in an International Baccalaureate organization, teachers are trained to meet the demands of the students using different strategies.

  • Ready to take risks

Students trained and certified under the IB Diploma do not get perturbed by uncertainties. They are taught how to be independent, explore new strategies, and express ideas, and to be able to defend their thoughts and ideas.

  • Knowledge is Key

The IB Diploma program enables students to explore concepts from a local and global perspective. By this, they acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of various disciplines.

  • Learning to appreciate

IB Diploma program nurtures and inculcates the value of understanding and appreciating different cultures, values, and traditions of other people. This helps students to grow with an experience that they gain along the way.

  • Being Principled

Students passing out with an IB Diploma certificate grow up to be principled individuals and growing up with integrity and honesty. This is further augmented by a series of fairness and respect for individuals around them.

  • Inventiveness

ID Diploma holders tend to be more creative and imaginative while dealing with day to day challenges or problems and work out effective and positive solutions.

From a broader perspective, IB Diploma opens up a lot of opportunities for students with the above mentioned advantages and this program definitely shows a better path ahead towards a successful future for students.

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