Tips to Ace IGCSE Grade 9


Is getting a distinction on the IGCSE that challenging? The IGCSE subjects you choose at school would depend on the field you would be interested to pursue your career in and hence a clear understanding of the combination of subjects to choose in grade 9 is extremely important. This exercise is not as easy as it is thought to be. Ideally would be good not to choose an IGCSE subject that comes easily to your mind. Pick subjects that you would show an enthusiasm to learn and excel.

How much of Self-study would be required under the IGCSE syllabus? Each subject would require an average of 130 hours of self-study. The following tips for IGCSE self-study for grade 9 would be helpful to better grades.

  • Prepare a weekly calendar for each subject
  • Understand the objectives and assessments on which the examination is assessed and plan accordingly
  • Learn from various sources apart from the textbook. Youtube videos would help to understand the concept better.
  • Know what the examiner wants to see in your answers. Review examiner reports of the past papers.
  • Practice past papers
  • Mark your doubts and reach out to your trainer for guidance

Tips to Ace IGCSE Grade 9

IGCSE Grade 9 Math Study tips

  • More practice – more happier and thoughtful you become
  • Attempt practice tests honestly
  • Extra Math is typically a feared subject because individuals don’t practice it well and it becomes a major bounce from Grade 9 to Additional Math.

IGCSE Grade 9 Physics, Chemistry and Biology Study Tips

  • Learn the concepts thoroughly
  • Formulae, names, bond type, constants, etc need to be memorized
  • Work out past papers
  • Do not take MCQs for granted as they contribute a lot towards a higher grade

IGCSE Grade 9 Commerce Study Tips

  • Reviewing and working out past papers is key
  • This is one subject where scoring a grade A is not that tough

IGCSE Grade 9 English Language Study Tips

  • Read up regularly. Reading the newspaper, economical problems, medical issues helps improve grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.
  • Work towards scoring high on the comprehension questions.
  • Write eloquently and make sure you are grammatically right
  • Prepare a practical time table for yourself

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