All You Need to Know About Cambridge Lower Secondary


Cambridge lower secondary is for learners aged 11 to 14 years and helps students to prepare for the next level of learning and education. The student gets to choose from ten subjects including English, Mathematics, and Science and there are plenty of opportunities for the students to develop their expression, creativity, and wellbeing in a different variety of ways.

The curriculum can be customized to suit the learning pattern of the students. The curriculum and combination of subjects offered are flexible and can be offered alongside the National curriculum.

All You Need to Know About Cambridge Lower Secondary

The subjects covered under Cambridge Lower Secondary are

  • Secondary Art and Design

Art and design is a platform for students to build their creativity, imagination and develop their transferable skills. Students learn to become effective thinkers and also learn to articulate their responses to experiences. Activities are of different types such as investigative, art- making, and reflective. Painting, printmaking, or digital art are some examples of activities undertaken.

  • Digital Literacy

This subject allows students to connect, innovate and collaborate on new information on a broader scale and students learn how to use technology effectively. Students learn to understand the external world and the different places of students across the globe. This helps them to make the right decisions about the information they learn online.

Digital literacy allows students to learn how to make use of technology the right way. Making presentations and documents becomes easier and helps in getting them to make positive contributions to the digital world. Apart from this the most critical aspect of digital literacy is to learn to use technology in a safe way in order to protect their own identity and also their emotional and physical wellbeing.

  • English

Lower secondary curriculum under English covers reading, writing, and spoken communication. English skills are developed for the student to be able to work with different audiences for different purposes. This is primarily for students whose first language is English.

The basic skills and understanding of reading, speaking, and listening and developed and students learn to communicate effectively. They become confident readers and engage themselves with a wide range of texts and also get to read texts across different cultures and times. They learn to apply basic communication skills in everyday situations. Emphasis is also given to make students good writers and build their creativity in writing as well.

  • English as a second language

Lower secondary English as a second language helps the youngest of learners to communicate with confidence. This promotes active thinking and encouraged intellectual thinking. This is primarily for students who first language is not English or they do not speak English at home. The urge to develop an interest and curiosity in other cultures and languages is built. Students are able to see themselves as good language learners.

  • Global Perspectives

Lower Secondary Global Perspectives is a program that develops the skills of research, analysis, reflection, collaboration, and communication.  This strengthens the link between subjects such as English, Science, and Mathematics. This subject develops and embeds cross-curricular skills at a very early age.

  • ICT Starters

Lower Cambridge Information and Communications Technology is now regarded as a new literacy along with reading, writing, and numerical learning.

This primarily deals with modules that assess the student’s ability to use a range of software to communicate, handle information and arrive at solutions. They learn to develop a wide range of applications like spreadsheets, documents, programming, graphics, animation, the internet, and the web.

  • Mathematics

Lower Secondary mathematics works around having better analytical and reasoning abilities. Students focus on principles, patterns, functions, relationships, and systems. The focus areas would be Numbers, Geometry and Measure, & Statistics and Probability

  • Music

Lower Secondary Music helps build confidence and creativity. Students learn to express themselves and they explore musicians, performers, and composers across different cultures, times and places. It makes music a meaningful and enjoyable experience, develops the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute as a musician, nurtures creativity.

  • Physical Education

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. To build and improve the overall mental and physical health of a student Lower Secondary Physical Education establishes a good pattern of exercise with the foundation to an active and healthy lifestyle.

A wide variety of activities like games, team sports, gymnastics, and dance which increase confidence, help understand concepts, rules, and tactics, learn to be participative, engaging, and responsible, and finally promote physical, cognitive, and social developmental skills to become independent, critical and reflective thinkers.

  • Science

Lower Secondary Science helps students develop curiosity about the natural world around themselves and correlate the scientific explanations and phenomena behind them. The key areas covered are

Biology – Living things and how they interact

Chemistry – The study of matter

Physics – Interaction of matter and energy

Earth and space – Planet Earth and the Solar System

Thinking and working scientifically – understanding the models and practical work

Science in context – Demonstrate the relevance of science to learners

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