6 Preparation Tips for IB Diploma Exam


Is there anything special that needs to be done to get an excellent grade in the IB exams? What is it that needs to be done to make this exercise of preparing for IB exams be a lot more stress-free and at the same time gets you the goal or target score you would want to achieve? Let’s have a look at some of the critical tips to follow while preparing for the IB exams:

  • Being organized – How important is being organized for an IB student? Being organized help you to put things in the right perspective and helps in meeting critical deadlines effectively. Planning a schedule would be the first thing to keep in mind while preparing for the exams. Not all subjects would require the same time to prepare, so making a schedule on the subjects you would need to focus on more, would be the best thing to do. Some students prepare for exams that come in first and then move to the others while some are vice versa. Depending on which category you fall under, you would have to make your schedule.


  • Practice, Practice, Practice – If you are closer to your exam date, that would definitely not be the time to study for every subject as if you are studying for the first time. Make a schedule, to learn the topics that would need more focus and then revise the topics that you have learned earlier. Remember to obtain feedback for all the tests taken earlier and work on the areas of improvement as suggested by the teacher. Remember to plan more time for working out the mock question papers with the time constraints and resources available. This would help in understanding the format of the questions better and also helps in pacing and solving questions within the given time limit.


  • Always schedule breaks between your study, as your mind cannot focus the whole time and you would definitely need time to de-stress. Clearing your time, on and off would help regain focus and recall information well. The break time should be used to reenergize yourself and should not be used to procrastinate or waste your time.


  • Breaks would mean switching off from online mode and move on to something like a short walk or exercise. This does not mean that you should move off the online mode completely but would recommend not to get into the online mode during your study time. This would definitely prove to be a distraction and could digress from the actual goal and target set. Once the study plan is complete, it would be a better option to login.


  • Give every subject the required focus. There could be a subject where you have not performed well but spending time worrying over what did not go well will ruin the study plan ahead. Rather than worrying over what has happened, it would be advisable to give full attention to the other exams ahead. Nevertheless, your overall grade depends both on internal and external assessments.


  • Trust and faith in yourself are key to success. While the entire exam period is time consuming, exhausting, and stressful, it’s extremely important to take this stage positively and enjoy the learning experience. The goal of an IB program is not just the exam grades but also includes the skills you need to learn for your life ahead.

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