Online vs In-Person Academic Tutoring: What to Choose?


Over the last few years, online coaching or tutoring has become a trend. Many educational institutions and coaching centers have begun their journey via the virtual route. Both classroom and online tutoring options of studying are beneficial, however, the choice of choosing the best depends on the learning abilities, capabilities, and needs of the learner.

Choosing a tutor isn’t difficult, but finding the appropriate instructor for you can require a bit more effort. The process can be strange or even intimidating for students who have never had a tutor before. Many kids and adults may be undecided about whether to choose in-person or online instructors.

Let’s look at some benefits of online and in-person tutoring.

Benefits of Online Learning

There are many benefits of online learning like flexibility, cost factor, time management, comfortable learning environment, career advancement while being employed, gaining skills, and learning at the comfort of your home.

  • Develop self-discipline – online learning helps to develop self-discipline and encourages joining study groups from different places to understand different perspectives
  • Ed-Tech – With the evolving Ed-tech space, new apps are being developed to aid in learning. This proves to be highly beneficial for the learner as it explains the concept at any given point in time and at any hour of the day
  • Flexibility – Opting for E-learning provides options to study at your own time without having to travel and visit a classroom where the lectures and time slots are fixed
  • Documentation – All required study materials are saved and the student can focus on learning. Compiling of notes does not become another focus area for the learner
  • Personalized attention – Online teaching increases engagement between learner and teacher, resulting in personalized attention to the learner. For a learner who is shy and who does not open up in a classroom environment, the online learning space provides the opportunity for an inclusive student to feel comfortable to get his or her doubts clarified.
  • Increased network opportunity – This provides the opportunity to connect and interact with students from different countries and cities. Problems are discussed, solved, and learned mutually. This increases the scope of knowledge discovery and also helps to showcase the skills of the learner across boundaries.


Benefits of Classroom Teaching


  • Classroom teaching makes learning motivating, encouraging, and collaborating. This increases students’ self-awareness about how other students learn and helps them learn easily and effectively. They become keen learners inside and beyond the classroom
  • Classroom teaching enhances a student’s critical thinking skills. Enables students to participate in live discussions where they can better utilize their critical thinking skills and voice out their opinions during discussions, debates, or arguments.
  • Social interaction between peers, making friends, and also establishing a rapport with the trainer becomes very easy in a classroom environment. Along with academic growth, it is critical for students to develop their social skills as well
  • Classroom teaching inculcates conflict resolving skills, presentation skills. This helps develop team spirit and learn from people coming from different cultural backgrounds. The student’s overall communication skills improve in this environment
  • The presence of a teacher physically in a classroom ensures students are attentive and makes sure that they are participative in the learning process. The teacher is also able to modify their teaching methods depending on the types of learners in the classroom. Doubt clarification across the counter becomes very easy in a classroom setup.
  • Overall organizational skills of a learner develop better in a classroom environment. Reporting on time, being accountable for the homework or assignments are given, submitting the assignments or presentations on time are basics that cannot be compromised in a classroom setup.

To conclude, many of us associate tutoring with the conventional face-to-face coaching approach, but in recent years, the concept of tutoring has completely shifted. The Education Industry is confronted by what is widely referred to as ‘The Digital Modification of Everyday Lives.’ Today’s tutoring profession has made tremendous strides due to the availability of internet resources. Teaching approaches, technologies, topic selection, and appraisal metrics have all changed. Moreover, online tutoring provides all types of tutoring assistance from a global network of individuals who are trained in a specific subject.

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