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Manya Group is organizing a live-online Q&A session to demystify the IGCSE examination and help those pursuing it in multiple ways. On the 11th of November, 2019, 5 pm onwards, a panel of experts will address all the questions you have related to IGCSE. If you are a parent wondering whether IGCSE is right for your child or if you are a student wanting to study abroad, this session will give you all the information you need.

Manya’s IGCSE Experts:

We are happy to introduce our four experienced speakers who will be conducting the session.

  1. Ajay Rawat (B.Sc. Mathematics) with 20+ yrs of teaching experience.
  2. Praveen Khandelwal (Ph.D. Life Sciences) with 10+ yrs of teaching experience.
  3. Shridhar Vannam (M.Sc Analytical Chemistry) with 5+ yrs of teaching experience.
  4. Fahed Shaikh (B.E. Mechanical Engineering) with 5+ yrs of teaching experience.

The speakers will address all questions about IGCSE, helping you understand its need, scope, and impact.

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What is IGCSE?

The International General Certification of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an international English language certificate examination taken at middle school, right before a student moves to an advanced level of studies. Meant for 14-16-year-old students, it is one of the most prestigious examinations accepted by most global universities and has a supreme academic worth.

IGCSE is the most sought-after and 360-degree program that encourages overall skill development and has a curriculum that matches global standards.

Top Five Facts about IGCSE

  • IGCSE is one of the most prominent examinations in the world and accepted by international universities, educational institutions, and employers worldwide
  • Applicable for students studying in class VII, VIII, IX & X; has a highly advanced curriculum with a variety of subjects
  • Develops creative thinking, critical reasoning, and problem-solving skills, giving learners excellent preparation for the next stage in their education
  • There are approx. 497 IGCSE schools in India and there is approx. 30% growth/year in schools adopting IGCSE curriculum in the past two years
  • The curriculum surpasses CBSE & ICSE in Europe and USA

About Manya – The Princeton Review

Manya – The Princeton Review Private Limited offers end-to-end education-related services encompassing test preparation, admissions consulting services, English language training, career assessment and international internship opportunities for study abroad aspirants. Founded in 2002, Manya holds an impeccable track record of enabling more than two lac students to accomplish their study abroad dreams.

Manya’s IGCSE 1:1 Live Online Tutoring

Manya’s 1:1 IGCSE Live Online Tutoring is amongst the best of all, offering quality education at cost-effective pricing. Our highly skilled online tutors aim to help students boost their confidence, enhance their grades as well as let them enjoy learning in virtual classrooms. Students & Parents can record live interactive sessions for future reference and revision.

Why Attend?

This Live Online ‘Meet The Expert’ session will give you information about:

  • IGCSE Core and extended curriculum along with its structures
  • Understanding how IGCSE can help chart a future path & its advantages
  • Value of IGCSE internationally and higher education options
  • Subjects groups and compulsory subjects
  • Preparing for the checkpoint, exam and educational resources to refer
  • Best studying strategies to adopt for the certification
  • Grades thresholds, and much more 

Who Should Attend?

The live Q&A session can be attended by students who wish to pursue it, the parents of students planning for the examination, IGCSE faculty, educators, and all stakeholders. Even if you are just plain curious, you are welcome to attend.

The Meet-the-Expert Session will be a highly interactive session that will provide participants with the opportunity to be updated about the IGCSE board. Each session will consist of informal discussions arising from its question and answer format and is open to all.

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