Exam tips for the IGCSE Physics


Let’s have a look at the common mistakes made by students during the exams. Mistakes have been categorized for better focus and clarity.



  • Read all questions carefully and fully
  • Look for details and understand the depth of the answer required
  • If the question is “Describe” and is allocated 2 marks on the paper then you need to present 2 valid points that cover the core aspect of the question
  • You need to be confident in using your calculator, specially with the powers of 10
  • Remember to show the workings for any calculation clearly and systematically so that you gain marks for the working even if the final answer may not be right
  • Don’t forget the units wherever appropriate
  • Use the right physics terminology
  • Graphs need to be drawn with the best instruments – sharp pencil, clear plotting and thin best fit line

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Questions that Test Your Knowledge and Understanding of Physics Theory and Application of Knowledge to Situations

Questions that Test Your Knowledge and Understanding of Physics Theory and Application of Knowledge to Situations

  • Reading questions – when the question has a diagram the best way to answer the question is to understand the diagram well and work on the question
  • If there are any introductory sentences before the diagram, read and understand them well. These sentences have the clue to the answer
  • Be careful of how you answer the question – Any explanation that does not answer the question will not get you the required score.
  • For any calculation that is awarded 3 marks, remember that marks are awarded for the working
  • If the question has the word “accurately mark’ or accurately draw then the expectation would be that the marking or drawing is done correctly
  • Do not write about radioactivity just because the word radiation is there in the question.
  • If you have to draw a convection circuit diagram, do not draw a circuit diagram because the word current is in the question.
  • Remember substances freeze and melt at the same temperature
  • Remember the circuit symbols used in describing electrical circuits
  • Remember the symbol for fuse
  • You need to know that when a magnet is moved in or out of a solenoid a current is induced
  • Know the difference between mass and weight
  • Understand the characteristics of the 3 types of emission
  • Know the difference between nuclear fission and fusion


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