Tips to Get the Best from Your IB Tutoring


Why do you need a tutor? What are the key benefits of having a tutor and how do you get the best from tutoring?

An ideal tutor for IB tutoring would ensure that he/she explains the concepts to you well in an easy-to-understand manner and address any questions or doubts you may have. This instills confidence and makes the subject feel a lot easier in the learning process. Learning without the help of a tutor may take more time whereas, with the support and guidance of a tutor, the same concept can be understood at a faster pace. Since an IB student has to handle 6 subjects, at times it can be overwhelming.

Working with an IB tutor also helps boost your score. With the rich experience that the tutor comes with, the tutor should be able to guide you through all the assessments. A good tutor will be able to tell you exactly the question types that can show up for each topic and the best way to solve the question. The tutor can also help you narrow the focus of your studies.

While this would possibly be critical for the science and math subjects, for the language and humanities, essay questions are the most common evaluation tool. An IB tutor can tell you clearly how to structure your essay and how to approach the various types of questions. The IB curriculum is a rigorous one and requires a subject expert to teach. You may not require tutors for all subjects. Each student has some subjects that they are more inclined towards. If you can handle a subject yourself confidently, you can consider tackling the subject on your own. But for a subject that remains a challenge, getting a tutor can go a long mile.

While there are loads of reasons to look forward to the IB, the key is to be prepared. Let’s have a look at the tips on how to get ready for the IB.


Assess your subjects

You need to assess your subjects and understand the challenges in the IB and everyone has different strengths. Importantly no IB student finds everything easy. Predict, your hardest subject, favorite subject, and the subject you spend the most time on.


Understand the new subjects


When you start a new subject, do some research. Find out more about what it involves and what kinds of topics you will be learning about. Reading blogs, paying extra attention to the business section in the newspaper for business studies subjects and a quick browse through Google to understand Global politics would help.


Keeping up with English


If English isn’t your first language, it is important that you do as much as you can to polish up your skills before preparing for IB. Read good books, watch good English movies, and talk to your friends and peers only in English.


Keeping up with Language B

Keeping-up-with-Language B

The secret to improving your language skills is to put in real time and effort. You need to spend time speaking that language regularly. You may not be able to naturally absorb anything unless you commit to it.

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Extra-curricular activities


IB isn’t just about academics. The main focus also lies in doing things beyond the classroom. Try doing things that you wanted to do, but were not able to. These could turn into Fun projects.


Study habits


Think of your study habits. Are they good or bad? Work out what study habits work for you. Observe if you are missing deadlines, because you leave your work to be done at the last minute and then run out of time, force yourself to stick to deadlines and complete your work on the day it is assigned. Try changing the place you do your homework, that could make a difference. The most important habit would be to practice getting organized. Try to change your ways in a day. Begin with the small things. Practice putting your notes or work in chronological order. You can download a to-do app and use it every single day.

Would preparing for the IB not give you time for social life or work on your interests? No. Don’t go by rumors. As long as you stay organized and committed it’s not hard, it just takes a little bit of effort. Learn to begin to enjoy the subjects you learn and reach out for the right support to help you achieve your goals and also make your learning process happier.


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