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Scholarships are the golden ticket for students who want to study abroad but can’t pay their preferred university’s tuition. Scholarships are one of the most effective and convenient ways for students and their families to alleviate financial stress, but they come at a cost, and that cost is in the form of a flawless application that includes all of your academic achievements and background, as well as a well-written essay. Scholarships are awarded to students who write to the scholarship committee and explain why they believe they should be awarded the scholarship, as well as impressing the committee with their essays. It should not just be about why you believe you deserve the scholarship, but also about you in order to offer the scholarship committee an idea of the type of person you are. It should not just be about why you believe you deserve the scholarship, but also about you to offer the scholarship committee an idea of the type of person you are, making the decision-making process a lot easier. A scholarship, if done correctly, can be your ticket to your ideal university. Well, your dream of getting a scholarship on Academic Tutoring might come true with Manya’s new Scholarship opportunity which will take you one more step forward in your study abroad journey.

Now let’s start by discussing what this scholarship is all about,


About the Scholarship Exam

About the Scholarship Exam

Manya IGCSE/IB Scholarship Exam is a national-level scholarship exam that gives Cambridge and IB school students the opportunity to receive price waivers of up to 100% on online academic tutoring fees from Manya – The Princeton Review, India’s largest study abroad and IGCSE/IB online tutoring organization. This program attempts to recognize individuals’ potential and talent in order to help them achieve excellent scores on their IGCSE/IB school exams. It is a two-day online exam for which students must pre-register in order to reserve their spot. The exam will assess aptitude skills across many categories in order to determine students’ strong and weak areas, as well as their potential, so their studies can be planned properly. A solid foundation aids in the development of lifelong education. A high GPA is required for post-secondary education and career training, as well as entrance to prestigious institutions and colleges.


Advantages of Taking the Scholarship Test

Advantages of Taking the Scholarship Test

  • Scholarships worth Rs.12.5 Lakhs to be won
  • Free Career Assessments
  • Free Counseling Sessions
  • Detailed Test Reports
  • 1-on-1 Test Performance Review with Master Trainers
  • Test Registration is Absolutely FREE


Some Key Points to Remember

Some Key Points to Remember

  • Students from classes 6th to 12th can give this scholarship test
  • Students will be provided with additional coaching hours and cash backs if their grade does not improve.
  • Only those students, who enroll with us and satisfy the scholarship criteria, will be eligible for the scholarship by getting a waiver on the tutoring fees.
  • Scholarship will be offered on the tutoring service of 30 hours
  • Results of the scholarship test will be out on 13th January


Manya’s IGCSE & IB Online Tutoring

Manya's IGCSE & IB Online Tutoring

It is the goal of education to impart knowledge to youngsters that will help them become better learners and humans. Children must learn skills that will aid in their positive and effective growth and development.

Manya’s Online Academic Tutoring for IGCSE and IB is all about having the right mix of knowledge, skills, and communication. We use a variety of interactive methods and strategies for effective IGCSE and IB online coaching of young pupils across geographical borders. Our IGCSE online tutoring and IB online tutoring programs are designed by keeping in mind that each student’s learning and comprehension abilities are unique. Our tutors have thoroughly researched and mastered the subject they are teaching. Our live online platform also has a built-in The Princeton Review classroom with a chat interface and an interactive whiteboard, which the teacher and student can use to communicate.


Find your Dream University

If you are planning to study abroad and searching to match your profile with the best suited university, Experts at Manya – The Princeton Review have gathered important information of top Universities from abroad. Surely, this information will help you narrow down your quest for universities.

You can access accurate & authentic information related to rankings, application fees, average tuition fees, cost of living, scholarships, latest updates, and much more from more than 1000+ universities. You may also search for universities by name, country, or courses in common specializations, such as Physics, Finance, Business, Language and Culture, Agriculture, Environmental Science, Computer and IT, Media and Communication Marketing.

Manya – The Princeton Review offers end-to-end study abroad services encompassing admissions consulting services, test preparation, English language training, career assessment, and international internship opportunities to study abroad aspirants.

For more information, call our Study Abroad Helpline 1800 102 4646.

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