7 Considerations When Looking for IB Tutoring


The uproar in India over the unbalanced student-to-teacher ratio is not new. In reality, in an effort to avoid having to increase the money in public education systems, class sizes have increased over the last decade. You may be aware that one-on-one tutoring is more successful than classroom instruction, but have you ever wondered why small batch sizes are so impressive? IB tutoring, a premier tutoring programme, is proof that having individualised IB online tuition can improve a student’s abilities. There are a number of reasons why IB online tuition can help a youngster have a better understanding of a variety of courses.

With the pandemic forcing the closure of many educational institutions around the world, the private tutoring industry has exploded. Choosing the best IB online tutoring for their child can be a difficult task for parents. When considering hiring an expert IB maths tutor, IB physics tutor, IB English tutor, IB psychology tutor, IB chemistry tutor, IB biology tutor, or IB economics tutor, must consider these 7 points.


1. Qualification & Experience

1. Qualification & Experience

A skilled tutor can work with children of various ages. It makes no difference to an expert teacher where a learner comes from or how much they have accomplished during their years of formal learning. IB online tutoring is a difficult task, and only competent teachers are selected. Before you hire a tutor, double-check their credentials (a higher degree certificate, experience certificate, and teaching certificate).

Tutoring is similar to any other craft in that the more you perform it, the better you become. Use hours rather than years to calculate experience. The great majority of tutors work part-time, and part-time tutors may find it difficult to fill their days with students. Over the course of five years, working with a few of students each semester may only amount to a few hundred hours of expertise.


2. Adept Patience

2. Adept Patience

There is no doubt that IB tuition is the ideal answer for students with attention challenges. Even when all of the students are on their best behaviour, you can hear them shifting in their seats, shuffling papers, sniffling, chittering, and so on. For someone with ADHD, these seemingly insignificant distractions can make or break a lesson.

A tutor must be able to view things through the eyes of your students, not just your own, in order to be a great teacher. The second thing you should look for in a IB tutor is a genuine interest in other people’s viewpoints.


3. Background Check

3. Background Check

To ensure that teaching is not jeopardised, you must conduct thorough background checks. We give all IB tutoring candidates a test in arithmetic and reading comprehension subjects that we feel every teacher should know off by heart as one of the first steps in the recruiting process. And those who pass screening tutor are accepted. You could definitely find a similar question online, and it’s not unreasonable to demand a tutor to pass it as part of the recruiting process. In addition, we keep track of our IB tutors’ progress, provide them with useful feedback, and help them improve their tutoring techniques. We work together to ensure that each child who studies from our institution has a bright future ahead of them.

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4. Enthusiasm Towards Subject

4. Enthusiasm Towards Subject

According to research, a tutor’s enthusiasm can have a good impact on a child’s intrinsic motivation to improve by leaps and bounds in their academic career. It’s commonly remarked that enthusiastic tutors have contagious enthusiasm. Because for them, the child is not just another face in a crowd, these IB tutors are more likely to form lasting relationships with their students. IB online tutors should devote their time and effort to helping the child improve their strengths and overcome their flaws. While giving IB tuitions, tutor should try to know the student as an individual.

The best students and teachers are passionate about what they do. As part of tutor hiring process, you should ask for a video in which they teach us about something they love. This enthusiasm spreads to their students and it helps students connect the material to something they themselves are passionate about.


5. Easy Accessibility

5. Easy Accessibility

Without fear of being criticised or mocked, the student should feel free to ask the tutor for clarification at any time during the day. This dread often prevents kids from voicing their doubts in front of a classroom full of children who may be snickering behind their backs. During high times, like as exam season, an expert IB tutor will maintain class continuity. Our IB online tutors are all qualified and vetted, so you can count on consistent instruction. Reliability, quality, consistency, and stability are all things for that you will pay.


6. Good Communication Skills

6. Good Communication Skills

It’s only natural that instructors follow in the footsteps of 21st-century parents who are dedicated to instilling effective communication skills in their children. A tutor is a person who walks a student through principles that they will subsequently use in real life. IB online tutors should use the most up-to-date tutoring techniques to ensure that they are contributing to the development of the child’s communication abilities. We’ve learned over the years that subject matter expertise isn’t enough; how you portray yourself, your thoughts, opinions, ideas, and arguments to the rest of the world is as important.

A good tutor can also assist their students in visualising challenges. Many tutors, for example, will be able to master the fundamentals of 3D geometry. How many of the tutors are capable of assisting a student in visualising the three planes? This is where you can tell the difference between an excellent teacher and the rest.


7. Your Compatibility with the Tutor

7. Your Compatibility with the tutor

A trial class might help you decide whether or not you want to commit to a multi-month plan. IB tutors who can tailor their teaching technique to the child’s specific needs and desires are the best. Our IB online tutors leave no stone unturned when it comes to imparting concepts to the learner in a way that they can understand. A Tutor should tailor topic knowledge to each student’s learning capacities since every child is unique. Demo classes are also an excellent way for students to assess their compatibility with the teacher. If a student is aware of current events, there is a good probability that they will learn more.

Additionally, we believe that a growth mindset should pervade each IB tutoring session and that it must come from both the tutor and the student. Fixed mindsets, on the other hand, are contagious, can promote bad behaviour, and are detrimental to long-term academic and career success. Fortunately, both your student and any instructor you choose can learn and encourage this trait.
We understand how difficult it is to find instructors, both in our profession and for any family trying to provide their children with good resources.

We may not always be able to choose our children’s schoolteachers, but we may be picky about their IB tutors. We hope that these traits will be useful to you as you consider alternative IB tutoring options for your child.


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