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Every child from a very young age till their schooling would always need a little nudge or prod to be motivated enough to achieve his or her goals. Would every school or tutor be able to provide this encouragement to the child? May be not. Do we have anyone to help? Manya’s Academic tutoring program not just complements the content taught at school but also works around building confidence in the child and help in improving their academic performance.

Manya’s Tutoring Approach 

Manya’s Academic tutoring is a 1:1 teaching initiative which revolves around catering to the individual areas of support required for a student. The course begins with interacting and understanding the needs of the child, the classes are then tailor made in such a way that by the end of the course, the student will learn not just the concepts but also how to apply them and arrive at the right solutions. The classes are delivered using appropriate illustrations, worksheets and tests that help the student in strengthening his/her learning.

Manya’s academic tutoring program ensures that the student comes out of his shell and finds himself in a comfortable environment where he can share all his doubts, even the smallest ones, and gets them clarified. This may not be possible in every school set up, as the fear of being ridiculed by peers would restrict the child from doing so.

Manya’s Tutors 

So as per a very old saying, a student is as good as his or her teacher. Our tutors at Manya who takes the classes for Academic Tutoring program, concur with this and are the best hands to train students. Our subject experts come from various backgrounds and are armed with technical/post graduate degrees in their field of expertise ranging from 4 to 25 years of experience in the relevant field of study. They focus not only on delivering the concept but to create the love for the subject as the course progresses.

Manya’s Academic tutoring Delivery Platform 

Our classes are delivered through The Princeton Review (TPR) online platform. The student gets access to the portal once he/she enrolls for the course. The invite for the classes are scheduled by the trainer on the portal and sessions are delivered on the whiteboard application. Session notes after completion of each class would be updated through the TPR platform and an automatic email notification is triggered to the student. In case the student has to refresh the contents of the previous sessions, he/she can get back to the recordings of the session available, which are shared as links to be viewed later.

What do we have to offer?

Manya’s Academic tutoring program caters to the IB and IGCSE boards. The courses for IGCSE include are Cambridge Primary, Lower Secondary, and the Upper Secondary levels. At the Primary and Lower Secondary levels, English, Maths, and Science are offered. For the Upper Secondary levels, Maths, Physics, English, Social Sciences, and Languages are offered.

Courses like Science, Math, Arts Literature and Language are offered for the Middle Year Programmes while Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science are offered for the Diploma Programme.

Why Manya – The Princeton Review?

Manya has been an undisputed leader in study abroad programs including, SAT, GRE, GMAT & English Language Programs. Our strategy has always been to work with a student-centric approach that begins with training, mentoring, hand holding, guidance after course completion and does not end there. The outcome as required by the student needs to be met and Manya has delivered the same over the last 15+ Years. We would strive to bring the same legacy into our Academic tutoring program as well. As always, our Moto has been “SARASWATI BEFORE LAKSHMI”.

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