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  • Profile Evaluation Session

    Creating a Foundation Session
    To create profile buiding strategy
    around program specific activities,
    honors & distinctions

    Personal Brand Building Session
    For guidance on projects, activities,
    internships, volunteering and testing
    with activity trackers

  • Testing Strategy

    Identification of Required Tests
    To identify what tests to take including
    IELTS, GRE, GMAT etc or Oxford,
    Cambridge program specific tests

    Test Preparation Plan
    To incorporate test preparation plan &
    actual test dates a in the comprehensive
    profile building timeline

  • University Shortlisting & Admissions Plan

    Iterative University Shortlist Research
    To provide a comprehensive shortlist with
    Dream, Reach, Safe categorization with
    restricted aplications to only 5 UCAS choices

    Demystifying Application Portals
    To simplify complex application portals
    like UCAS application in detail

  • Financial Aid/Scholarships Discussion

    Financial Aid Session
    To apply for scholarships in
    top universities as per expert guidance
    & help in scholarship essays

  • Admissions Support Management

    Documentation Process Sessions
    To clarify the entire documentation
    process enabling a strong presentaton
    of the student's profile

    Applications Review
    To ensure error free & impactful
    application submissions

  • Personal Narrative Review

    Life Stories Session
    To create compelling personal essays
    by enabling the student to identify
    relevant anecdotes

    SOP Prompt Sessions
    To ensure each SOP qualifies the 6
    golden guiding principles - response,
    relevance, depth, originality,
    personalization and justice to the SOP drafts

  • Visa Guidance

    Interview Preparation
    Our interview mentors prepare students
    based on their communication skills,
    problem solving skills, adaptability &
    engagement for the most important
    part of the UK application process

    Visa SOP Preparation
    To ensure you join our pool
    of 90% visa success

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5 Dream University Applications

UCLA certified advisor with 13+years experience

Track record of admits in top 50 UK universities


  • Personalised Counselling Sessions
  • 15 Parameter research based university shortlist
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Guidance
  • Personal Narrative Review Editing Guidance with brainstorming sessions
  • Post Admit Support
  • Final University Selection, waitlisting strategy & VISA Assistance


8 Dream & Reach University Applications

Certified advisor with 10+years experience

Track record of admits in top 100 UK universities


  • Extensive Counselling Sessions
  • Research based university shortlist
  • Financial Aid Guidance
  • Personal Narrative Review Editing Guidance with brainstorming sessions
  • Post Admit Support
  • Final University Selection & VISA Assistance


7 Safe University Applications

Certified advisor with 7+years experience

Track record of admits in top 500 UK universities


  • In-depth Counselling Sessions
  • University shortlist & applications support
  • Financial Aid Guidance
  • Editing reviews
  • Post Admit Support
  • Final University Selection & VISA Assistance



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How much does it cost to study in UK?

Tuition fees in UK vary from £14,000 to £36,000 for entire course. Living expense however may vary from £10,000 to £12,000


Is GMAT mandatory to apply to any university in UK?

If you want to apply to top MBAs programs in UK, GMAT is strongly recommended. However, there are options wherein you can apply to an MBA without taking GMAT.

What are the common requirements to get into any UK University?

For Masters, you need to have at least 60% in your bachelor’s (in UK terms 2.1 for top universities and 2.2 for average universities). For an undergrad, you should have at least scored 70% and above to get into UK University.

For any profile with low CGPA, please connect with our counsellors/advisors at manyagroup.

Do I need Health insurance if I want to study in UK?

All International students planning for study permit in UK for longer than six months are required to pay a ‘health surcharge’ in order to gain access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). The health surcharge is £150 per year (or £75 for 6 months or less) for students and is payable when you submit your visa application on-line. Visa applicants need to pay up-front for the total period of their UK visa.

When should I start applying to UK Universities?

You’ll need to start preparing the applications 10-12 months in advance with respect to the intake in which you are applying. For e.g. for September 2021, start the application by Oct-Nov 2020. However, don’t wait until the last moment to apply – you’ll also need time to sort out your finances, travel arrangements, accommodation, and possibly your visa.

Are there financial aids available to study in UK?

Yes, students’ loans are available for higher studies in the UK. Based on merit, international students can avail grants, scholarships, and bursaries in the UK. The amount will vary basis the course and its level.