Kingdom Plantae

Some interesting facts about the plant kingdom: Half of the world’s oxygen requirement is meted out by the rainforests.  Carrots were originally purple in color.  Light... Read More >

Mammalian Facts

Mammals are a diverse group of animals. There are around 4000 species of mammals and they are terrestrial, aquatic, and even arboreal. The mammals live in both hot and cold... Read More >

Amazing Marine Life

The oceans cover nearly 71% of the Earth’s surface and contain 97% of the total water content. They also are home to some of the interesting living organisms. Let ... Read More >

Mysteries of the invisible black ice

Black ice is the thin sheet of transparent ice that forms on roads. The name “Black ice” comes from the colour of the road underneath the transparent ice. Driving durin... Read More >

Interesting Facts in Biology

A women’s heart beats faster than men’s.  The brain cannot feel pain  The small intestine is 20 feet long The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue The si... Read More >

Calculations with 5 made easy

How to easily multiply a number by 5 Let us multiply 476 by 5. Step 1: Divide 476 by 2. 476/ 2 = 238. 2. Add a zero at the end. So, 476 x 5 = 2380. And what if the n... Read More >

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