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Steps To Build A Distinguished Student Profile

  • Psychometric Test

    To identify the right subject, courses & career basis a student’s true motivations

    Check a Sample Psychometric Test Report

  • Immersive Career Counselling Session

    Selection of subject combinations,
    career options
    basis the report
    keeping in mind the recent career trends

  • Admission Strategy Discussion

    Program review and stream/major selection

    Finalization of Destination (popular countries)

    and possible range of universities the student can target

    Testing strategy to build a timeline for SAT/ACT, TOEFL/IELTS & APs

  • Profile Building Session

    Identificationn of extra curricular skills

    Recommendations of profile
    building programs

    Guided Programs
    Internships/Summer Schools
    Extra Curricular Activities

    to lay a strong foundation for college applications

Begin Your Journey Now

Cultivate A Range Of Skills With Subsequent Guided Programs

Leadership Programs

  • Develop & display Leadership- The most sought after skill in all top colleges
  • Learn core leadership skills by creating social change projects
  • 1 year mentorship from Harvard trainers

Social Work Impact Programs

  • Work with ‘Change Makers’ to scale up your passion project
  • Build a community & form connections all over India from different schools
  • Receive Letter of Recommendation & an opportunity to get nominated for International Awards

Entrepreneurship Programs

  • Enables teenagers to “experience” various corporate roles, unlock industry certifications
  • Gives early mover advantage in test driving the Entrepreneurship journey.
  • Equips business program aspirants to prove their mettle in college admissions & careers

Technology Programs

  • Build robots with use cases that align to UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Create functional prototypes of solutions with residency programs
  • Combine a makers mindset with product presentation skills to excel as entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneurship Programs

  • Design thinking around inception & successful launch of an idea
  • Application of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) & Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) investing practices
  • Access to world-class learning From Top university mentors

Technopreneurship Programs

  • Create a community makerspace that works at the intersection of education & innovation
  • Learn entrepreneurship from acomplished entrepreneurs who are alumni of the Ivy League
  • Opportunity to gain internship & a certificate of participation


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