What is Manya’s 1:1 Live Online Tutoring?

It is a student-friendly and trustworthy online tutoring service that enables students to study from the comfort of their home. Our tutoring is a personalized and one-on-one coaching service based on the Socratic Method of teaching where the tutor takes into consideration all the learning needs of a student and helps them reach their end goal by giving them the individual attention they are unable to get at school or in group learning classes.

How does enrolling with Manya benefit the student?

Manya has a 20+ years of expertise in the education sector. Manya’s academic tutoring is exclusively for IB and Cambridge international education/IGCSE/A and AS level. Our tutors are well experienced and professional in handling these boards. We offer 1 on 1 tutoring in a Socratic way of teaching. By this way, students get an interactive learning experience. Before starting the sessions, we understand the student needs and goals to prepare an individualised study plan to guide them to achieve their targets.

How do I enroll for a demo?

Please register yourself for a free demo and our counsellors will be in touch with you to take it further. You can get a 1 hour free demo in any subject and topic of your choice.

What subjects and boards are covered?

Manya Education offers 1:1 Live Online Personalized Tutoring for IGCSE and IB for Grades 6-12 across all subjects. Our online tutoring enables middle and high school students to crack the board exams with the use of virtual study rooms, anywhere and anytime. To see our detailed list of subjects and topics plz go to grade page.

What is Manya’s tutor selection criteria?

Our enthusiastic and well-qualified online tutors are the backbone of Manya’s 1:1 Live Online Tutoring. All our tutors have 1000+ hours of teaching experience. Our competitive screening process, interviews, and mock lessons have enabled us to form an experienced team of world-class academic tutors. Our professional and experienced panel of online teachers will periodically guide students and regularly monitor their overall progress.

What is Manya’s Teaching Pedagogy for tutoring?

We follow an oldest and still the most powerful, teaching tactic called the Socratic way of teaching. This method of teaching relies on continually probing into the subject with questions until the student understands the subject instead of lecturing the lesson.

Our tutoring classes begin with an expectation setting, introduction session by setting a goal and agenda after a brief discussion with the student on his/her current learning need. This approach involves identifying the style of learning that works best for the student and in-turn adjusting the tutor’s style accordingly. This is followed by an understanding where they are at the current level and working with them to get to the level of conceptual understanding that they need vs. mere superficial engagement. Each session is monitored for the highest standard of professionalism and respect for the student.

How do I make payment for a session?

You can pay via payumoney, paytm, or online transfer using your credit or debit card, gpay and net-banking. For certain cities, cash or cheque pickup is also available. Alternatively you can pay at any of our 40+ centers across the country. To know about the center nearest to your location, please click https://www.manyagroup.com/contact/

How long is a tutoring session?

When you Book (Schedule) a class you choose the length of that session. Our experience shows that the traditional one hour time works best. Please feel free to get in touch with your tutoring manager for longer or shorter sessions as per your convenience and study needs

How does Online Tutoring work?

For online tutoring, the student and tutor are connected over the internet. Online Tutoring takes place using our virtual classroom, which includes a whiteboard, text chat, and voice communication. At the time of session, the student and tutor click a button to join each other in the virtual classroom. For online tutoring all you need is a high speed (broadband) internet connect, a computer with microphone, and speakers, or a tablet on iOS/Android. We recommend a computer headset with a microphone for the best experience.

What minimum systems requirements do I need to make the most of my online classes?

Ideally a desktop or laptop with at least 4 GB RAM, a broadband line, mic and cam. We discourage using a dongle because bandwidth speeds can be erratic.

Can I access classes on a tablet or mobile phone?

Yes, you can access classes on a mobile phone or tablet as well. Just change site settings to the desktop version. However, we feel to enjoy the best experience of our classes, you should access sessions on a laptop or desktop.

What if I miss the class, or cannot attend?

You can reschedule your class. Please inform the tutor before hand.

How to track the progress of the sessions?

Each student gets access to a student portal which offers a three-way collaboration between Tutor, Student, and Parents. Session notes, feedback, assignment is updated on the portal within 24 hours of each tutoring session. Parents, Student and Tutor can login to portal anytime to track the progress of the sessions.

How can I share the assignment or homework for which I require help?

You can share the assginments or homework through mail or take a picture and share through whatsapp.

Will I have access to the recorded session of my classes?

Yes, you can get access to the recordings of your classes for your revision.

Will the tutor who takes the demo would be taking the entire sessions?

Yes, if you’re comfortable with the tutor who takes the demo, the same tutor will take the remaining sessions also.

How can i share my concern or feedback about the session, if I have any?

You can write to Operations Manager about your concern. The operations manager will contact you and provide a solution.

What should I do if I want to buy more number of hours?

You can write to or reach out to operations manager. You can buy additional hours as per your requirement.

What if I’m not satisfied with the tutor or classes, will the fees be refunded?

Our customer satisfaction average rating is 2.9 out of 3. We have a great pool of teachers who are experienced and have undergone a rigorous selection process, so this scenario is unlikely to happen. Still, in such a case, we understand the student need and do the needful accordingly. Fees once paid is not refunded. We also offer a free demo session with the same tutor before the enrollment.

What are the other services offered by Manya

Manya Education, the largest partner of The Princeton Review (TPR) globally, offers end-to-end guidance and solutions for all the overseas education requirements. With an ever-growing network spanning 40+ centers in India, Manya Education has established itself as one of the leading organisations in admissions to the world’s top universities, study abroad test preparation (GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT) and language & communication training (IELTS, TOEFL).